Turkish Meatballs, With Cheese & A Restaurant Review In Istanbul With Mom&Dad

“Kaşarlı Köfte” Cheese Filled Turkish Kofte Hi, this is Aysenur Altan. Today I’m gonna show you a different kofte very popular in stake restaurants throughout Türkiye. With a technique, it is very easy to fill the beautiful kofte with as much as cheese you want. First I’m gonna share my story behind making this recipe. It was a busy morning. I was planning to edit as well as clean the house. Then I gotta call my mom, asking how to go to Emirgan Park. I traveled for 2 + 1/2 hours to make a surprise to my mom & dad.

I did something crazy. Something beautiful from myself today. I was going to sit down for the computer to finish my next video. Then my mom called: “We are going to Emirgan Park, taking a ferry.” I said “Oh without me!” They said, “Ok come.” While they are going is more than 2 hours away. I said, “I can not come.” Then my mind just this could be the last time I said, I should be with them. It took about 2 and a half hours for me to come. But I’m very close to them. I just called. I

didn’t say anything that I’m here. Now it’s time to meet. Let’s see. Where they are? I want to go from behind. I can see them. They can

not see me. You know, they wanted to come to the park. But it’s kind of uphill. They are sitting here. They are old but still want to come. Okay here we are. -Without me. -Hugging here:) -Really how did you come? -God send me. -How he shouts, I got scared. -Where were you? -On the road. -I came here when you came. -Really! -I swear I came from home. -Woow -I

left the mop and came. -I said I should come! -From all way, Mashallah. She is saying “Hi” to everyone from Bosphorus Istanbul. She said would be nice to fish here. -I wouldn’t believe if I would see it in dreams. -We are together! -May Allah by pleased with you. Happy me. Mercimek Çorbası ( Lentil Soup ) -Might be hot, be careful. -No it’s normal, nice. -No need to add lemon, it has it tastes like. Oregano Pul biber ( chili flakes ) Tavuklu Şehriye Çorbası ( Chicken Vermicelli Pasta Soup ) My dad says mine is better than

her. -It is really nice. I ordered Kofte with Kashar. I thought maybe I can try and give you the recipe. That’s why I choose this. So let’s try. The inside was a bit red, undercooked. At first thought I it was ok, but later I wish ordered to change it with fully cook one. For 2 soups, one kofte, and tea I paid 220 TL= 11.80 dollars. We got up quickly to catch the ferry. -So you say in Heybeliada in 1957. -Yes. -I was working with a tile master. -In which building you were working? -The military high

school building. We gonna return with a 4 pm ferry from Emirgan to Eminönü. -How was the food? -It was great. -Yes it was. -Being together was even better. -Surely! -May Allah bless you. -All of us… I’m so happy that I came, leaving all the work behind. This days are not gonna come back again. Kaşarlı Köfte Cheese Filled Turkish Kofte Now back home. I’m gonna try to make the Cheese Filling Kofte that I tasted in the restaurant. In total, I have 700 grams of meat. 400 grams is beef and 300 grams is lamb. I’m gonna grate

1 onion. It was very big. So I keep third of it. 2 tsp salt 2 tsp black pepper 1 tsp cumin And 1 tsp paprika 1 egg I’m adding about half a tsp or little less baking soda. And 3 tbsp first I’m gonna add bread crumbles. And then if it needs, I’m gonna add more. Just going to knead everything until it is smooth and everything is well combined. I’m gonna add 3 it is in total a clove of garlic. Very small. While kneading the kofte, you can dip your hand into water to prevent sticking. It

will also help you to shape. I knead the kofte for about 5-7 minutes. Add it in total 6 tbsp a bit heaped bread crumbles. And know going to let it rest in the fridge in hour. It is better to rest at least 2 hours or overnight. Meanwhile as a side dish, I made bulgur pilav with peppers and tomato paste. If you want me to share the recipe, please write down in the comments. Ok, my kofte is rested. I have freezer bag that cut to open it and here are the shredded kashar. And now I’m gonna

shape it. Just going to get a ball. And I knead some water. Here it is. Just going to dip my hands to the water. So it doesn’t stick. Shape a ball. It is like a small mandarine size. And wet a little bit here too. And either with hand or just rolling pin roll up thinly. Just a quick reminder you can support my channel, just by giving thumbs up, leaving your comments, and share my videos. And don’t forget to subscribe if you are new to my channel. We can help to make it round with the back

of the knife. Add some kashar. Again with the back, I’m gonna seal it. And dip your hands. And here it is. Big one, you can make it smaller. It’s ready. It’s very thin as you can see. Easy to shape too. My cast-iron grilling pan is heated. Just lightly brushing with olive oil and place the Kaşarlı Köfte. I’m also gonna serve some grilled green peppers and tomato slices. And the important hint is to wait at least 2-3 minutes to release the kofte before turning it over. So it doesn’t stick. To be able to fully cook, after

cooking the sides, I also turned it out to get a nice color on the size as well. As a side dish I made bulgur pilav with tomato paste and peppers. I have similar recipes. But if you want specifically this one, just write in the comments. For the salad, I chopped lettuce and cooked beans, shredded carrots, chopped cucumber and tomatoes and thinly sliced and waxed onions. Drizzled some olive oil and lots of lemon juice. Some salt, sumac powder and it’s ready. We were as a whole family very pleased with the result. I got nice big Cheese

Filled Kofte, grilled well. So give it a try. And I have many other kofte recipes on the channel. You can check. All the details I’m gonna add to the description box. Thank for watching. And see you next time. Bye.

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