TWILIGHT (2008) MOVIE REACTION!! FIRST TIME WATCHING!! Robert Pattinson | Kristen Stewart | Review

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video reject Nation Bella where the hell have you been Loca I don’t know what that means but I’ve heard a million people say it oh good excellent this will be the opportunity for us to take all the random cultural osmosis that we’ve absorbed and then put some context

to them exactly cuz it’s Ron Jo baby we’re back we’re watching Twilight getting drippy moist we’re getting drippy moist and we’re sparkling I think they sparkle I don’t know I’ve heard so many Twilight references over the years and I have no idea what they mean how did you

and I not see this franchise I well I mean I would have been at that age in my life where I would have had my nose thoroughly turned up at teen romances so that’s my excuse what’s my excuse yeah what is your excuse this is your thing it’s

a bunch of hot vampires that are all sparkling and doing weird vampire stuff I don’t know cuz I haven’t seen it but I’m so excited

this the most excited ever reaction ever ever ever ever I’m not even kidding you I’m not either I’m so excited to give these

an actual chance as movie so please if you are watching this like comment subscribe let us know that you want us to cover Twilight 2 three four four and four part two is that what it is they do that thing they split them in half like Harry Potter

style are these based off books these are B these are yeah this is based off of History I knew nothing I know nothing oh this is going to be beautiful and thank you so much to prepper for helping us edit this if you want to be a sparkling

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and that’s the sex people they are they are that’s the team you really want to be on team ever team J you want you want team sexy rejects we’re going to know do you think you are Team Ed or Team Jacob I don’t know man I mean I

got to meet them you know I got to let them woo me judging by the fact that Robert P has the bigger career now probably Team Edward but I don’t know what’s the other guy’s name Taylor l l yeah yeah okay we got there you ready for this

I’m not ready and I’m so ready me neither let’s go I’ve never given much thought to how I would die okay I mean that’s that’s healthy a dark intro but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go damn it’s the beginning

of Jackie Chan’s The Tuxedo where are you I’m everywhere man whoa oh oh damn damn that absolutely seems like a real deer I’m goingon to go on a limb and say that this is a real deer yeah otherwise it’s the best CG model I’ve ever seen in my

life wow these shots who but what was that part so I can’t bring myself to regret the decision to leave home wa I would miss Phoenix would you I’d miss the heat maybe I would miss my loving erratic hairbrain mother hair brain and her new husband is that

an expression guys come on I love you we got our plane to catch Jan Tatum over here so I’m going to spend some time with my dad this will be a good thing I think okay wait you know I’m blind as a bat that wasn’t actually chaining Tatum

was it no God okay I maybe he’ll become a big character coming in immediately Southwest that’s what I fly baby get that extra leg room really I never check in in time I don’t know and a summit over the summon Entertainment logo very meta nice title card with

the snow all the time right now there’s a small town named Forks population 3,120 people I knew that every talks about Forks is it real comment below do you live in Forks yeah people go to do they really you take a Twilight tour my dad’s Charlie he’s the

chief of police oh I should have known from his mustache actually hair’s longer cut it since the last time I saw you oh so it’s not longer dad guess it GRE out again or it is and she just wants them to feel bad it’s okay it’s here to

show their distance I used to spend 2 weeks here almost every summer but it’s been years she looks so young here I know it’s wild is this like the first thing she was in at all it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of her get some shelves off

in the bathroom all right one bathroom it’s a cool painting wolf painting pretty big house for one bathroom sales lady picked up the you like you like purple right purple’s cool purple is cool oh boy you got to get like a stud guide for you Dad okay people

forget to talk to people like a human one of the best things about Charlie yeah he doesn’t hover she calls her dad Charlie you guys Oh that’s oh L damn l b you remember Billy Black yeah oh he’s in everything oh him yeah he’s a character actor I’m

glad you’re finally here Charlie here hasn’t shut up about it since you told him you were coming keep exaggerating he’s got wolf teeth or vampire teeth hi I’m I’m Jacob we used to make mud pies when we were little right I’m on his team I’m on his team

am I always like this it’s getting worse just old age they do look cute he smiles a lot your homecoming prison just bought it off Billy here for how much I totally rebuilt the engine for come on this is perfect you joking oh yeah why didn’t you say

sorry you know you got to double pump the clutch when it shift but besides that you should be good that’s this one I’ve never driven a manual before do you want to ride to school or something I go to school on the reservation oh damn res dogs that’s

too bad it would have been nice to know one person changing schools when you are a teenager but she must be 17 16 if she can drive yeah tough first day at a new school it’s March middle of the semester great it’s okay you’re going to do fine

nice ride thanks the Washington kids are real snobby like it doesn’t feel Washington ask I’ve never been Isabelle Swan the new girl hi I’m Eric the eyes and ears of this place okay anything you need tour guy lunch date shoulder cryon he’s also the Gossip Girl I’m really

kind of the more suffer in silence type good headline for your future I’m on the paper and your news baby front page please don’t have chill no feature chillax they really do a front page spread for every new kid I don’t know that would be kind of smart

but Savage yeah oh boy oh oh oh oh I’m sorry I told them not to let me play who is that you’re uh is Bella just Bella uh I’m Mike Newton Newton I’m from there got a great hey whoa Anna Kendrick Anna Kendrick hey you’re from Arizona right

what aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be like really tan maybe that’s why they kicked me out I would love it if that’s really what happened you’re good HOA was like you’re not the right shade sorry oh is Anna Kendrick a mean girl she’s trying to FLIR with

this guy just trying to make her look bad okay yeah come on subtle negging I get you I get you it’s like first grade all over again you’re the shiny new toy uh okay I do believe she is jealous now for the future Future’s dead Angela don’t bring

it up again whoa guess we’ll just run another editorial on teen drinking you know you could always go for eating disorders teen drinking is very bad Speedo padding on the swim team actually that’s a good one did this swim team be Speedo padding there’s no way he’s so

skinny doesn’t make sense totally oh have you seen revenge of the being skinny means you can’t have a big schlong times means the exact opposite according to most ‘ 80s comedies Dr and Mrs Collins foster kids they moved down here from Alaska like a few years ago she’s

warming up to her kind of keep to themselves yeah cuz they’re all together together together whoa what they got matching uniforms I recognize everybody that’s Rosalie the big darkhaired guy EMT they’re like a thing she oh he’s the special the little darkhaired girl is Alice she’s really weird

okay she’s with Jasper the blonde one who looks like he’s in pain whoa so they together they’re so pale who’s he oh that’s Edward Cen totally gorgeous obviously that’s Batman nobody here is good enough for him oh he heard you his ears Sonic hearing whoa got the stair

going already yeah but he looked like pissed Miss Swan okay fan fan whoa why does he feel sick why did he what was that reaction I have no idea okay sunlight must not be a thing for them it does look like he’s smelling something awful no smells herself

no you’re fine is he going to puke what are these faces what is happening what what was what are we supposed to be taking from this what staring so intensely I would be so uncomfortable if for an entire okay if for an entire class some guy was just

like I would say something to him like what was that that was such a strange moment I’m afraid you’ll have to stay in biology trying to uhoh just have to endure it where there like frogs they were dissecting and he could smell them and there’s something about her

maybe it’s like the witches and children smell of dogs droppings hey Bella you remember me do I want to I played Santa one year oh golly way she hasn’t had a Christmas here since she was four I bet I made an impression though didn’t I thanks for bursting

that bubble Bud as soon as you’re done I will bring you your your favorite ber coder remember your dad still has it you make quite an impression as a child on these people as a 4-year-old or whatever you didn’t just put any ketchup on do you did you

see ketchup come out I couldn’t tell if she put any more there was like a dollop but it looked like he was there already I don’t know Mom where’s your cell okay don’t laugh I didn’t lose my power C and ran away she’s from 24 oh but tell

me more about your school know what are the kids like okay hell yeah mechanic mom are they being nice to you well they’re all very welcoming uh-oh uh-oh doesn’t even matter yes it does oh I’ll talk to you later oh the lip bite Kristen Stewart lip bite why

did I think she had a big gap in her teeth I don’t know I thought that was part of like the Twilight look I planned to confront him and demand to know what his problem was all right I like this has like a little bit of a Noir

narration going him just standing out of the TRU yeah cuz he’s cool but he never show people he never showed he didn’t care about physics or safety or anything imagine driving a mercedesbenz convertible that was red in high school I knew people who could imagine that but I

I cannot imagine that I had a twodo Honda Civic with a spoiler with silver baby I did not brother Drive in High School another no show days passed things were getting a little strange oh so he he must have been wanting to eat her blood suck her blood

because he was just turning could be could be I don’t know the vampire roles in this but that’s maybe he’s got to be the main Vamp right what are we seeing I don’t know whoa who who oh damn cool shot yeah the the brief like action bits we’ve

seen have been pretty Punchy yeah this movie feels like it knows it was going to be massive it’s very confident in itself it’s raining on that one step though oh oh no ouch yeah I’m good ice doesn’t really help the uncoordinated sure that’s why I had some new

tires put on the truck every one of her lines is high school poetry I got to head down to Mason County security guard at the gishan Mill got killed by some kind of animal uhoh werewolf not yet you’re not in Phoenix anymore bills people die around here be

careful always am and thanks for the tires dude I just got a new set of tires that is not a cheap gift I was wondering did you have a a a date to up AR H how you liking the rain girl what oh calm down bud I’ve been

that guy back oh yeah he gotes ask him what’s up is he PUK when she walks over he’s wearing a diaper today hello I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself last week I’m Edward Cullen oh you’re Bella yes Edward he’s been drinking blood Ed word

color maybe he killed the person last night that’s why he’s feeling better Could Be Blood that’s not a bad call ladies first it’s kind of oldfashioned of you isn’t it Edward you were gone um I was out of town for a couple of days personal reasons Pro face

do you mind if I look it’s crazy when you build somebody up in your head that they’re like a jerk and then they’re not yeah I bet that happens more than you think especially in high school so you enjoying the rain I don’t really like the rain oh

poor you any cold wet thing I don’t really it’s co and it gets everywhere it’s a anif face if I check sure he knows his biology yeah cuz he’s probably 5,000 years old that’s why he wanted to train he just wanted a more challenging class to be in

if you hate the cold and the rain so much why’ you move to the wetest place in the Continental us cuz she’s a kid it’s complicated parent stuff I’m sure I can keep up oh they’re both actually very good and engaging yeah I like their awkward tension back

and forth my mom remarried and um so you don’t like the guy no I that’s not feels really nice Phil not chanting Tatum is Phil it’ be interesting to watch this from a point in time where these are both respected actors Now versus back when like their entire

you know body of work to most people really I think they’re doing a great job Phil’s a minor league baseball player okay he travels a lot the guy that we saw yeah I see it that one beat I see it I figured I’d stay with my dad for

a while and now you unhappy no I’m just trying to figure you out you’re very difficult for me to read did you get contacts no no your eyes were black the last time I saw you in golden brown yeah I know it’s the uh weather it’s the fluoresence

um it’s the fact that I’m a vampire n who God damn what is happening ah oh no not a bad stunt uhoh that’s what Superman should have done to save his dad Mana steel I just don’t even want to talk about it anymore uh oh uhoh comments are

firing off right now wait you just could peace out after that I I’m so sorry I panic what what Happ what I’m still just like what did you panic what did you do you just like gunned it around the corner into the lot you all right I’m fine

dad calm down sorry Bella I triy to stop it’s like all’s well that ends well but oh my God but what happened yeah Chief’s daughter was here oh Dr Cen whoa Dr Colin Albert Wesker Dr he did so he’s related to Edward look here you might experience some

post-traumatic stress you know it would have been a whole lot worse if Edward wasn’t there I mean he got to me so fast he was nowhere near me uhoh sounds like you were very lucky oh no don’t out him oh yeah he going to get in trouble tonight

she probably call your mom you tell her probably just freaking out I mean fair enough what was I supposed to do let her die o it’s about all of us I think we should take this to my office yeah I think we should Jesus can I talk to

you for a minute that blonde girl who is that she’s very famous yeah what how did you get over to me so fast I was standing right next to you Bella you were next to your car I was watching you I moved I was standing right under the

gas moment you stopped the van you pushed it away with your hand well nobody’s going to believe you oh weird weird you’re not going to let this go are you no well then I hope you enjoyed his appointment she’s so into him I know I mean she was

in him and then he saved her life and this like back and forth tension they keep having what is she doing right now what oh whoa nice nice with the zooms he’s he not really there yeah but he was but he’s not but he was cuz she was

kind of thrusting up like she was having a hot dream that was the first night I dreamed of Edward cullin oh boy look at you huh you’re alive you’re alive he’s such like a regular high schooler yeah now I wanted to ask you you know if you know

it’s like a month away but uh go to go to PR prom that look he’s throwing so much shade over there so what what do you think about what oh oh the problem me oh I prom buddy oh buddy oh buddy I’m I’m going to Jacksonville that weekend

you can’t go another weekend non-refundable ticket you should ask Jessica oh I know she wants to go with you all right oh but he doesn’t want to go with her green is what good let’s go I know that guy too yeah he’s a character every person in this

is somebody what’s in Jacksonville an excuse not to go to prom how did you know about that I didn’t you didn’t ask my question well you don’t answer any of mine so I mean you don’t even say hi to me hi are you going to tell me how

you sto the band I had an adrenaline rush it’s very common you can Google it mothers do it to say their babies all the time like I did Google it that’s how I know that answer guess who just asked me to prom nope I actually totally thought that

Mike was going to ask you uhhuh it’s not going to be weird though right zero weirdness you guys are great together I know right a I like Bella that she didn’t tell her that he did ask her yeah in high school I don’t know that I would had

that restraint we we shouldn’t be friends you just ran after her to tell her that really should have figure that out a little earlier you should have let me die don’t you just let the van crush me and save yourself all this regret there you go what do

you think I regret saving you I can see that you do just how am I you don’t know anything his voice yeah so different are you going to be riding with us no I bus his phone we are the first people on the bus Edward I wonder are

they all the empires there’s got to be sum them up with all of them maybe some of them are familiars your mom called again thank you Nestle Pure Life she seems different she seems happy a Phil sounds like an all right guy yeah he is you don’t follow

this thread man you’re not going to like it yeah drink your beer breakfast you think these vampires have familiars maybe I’m curious to see what the actual lore is going to be yeah cuz clearly Sun like maybe that’s why cloudy I mean like this a smart place to

be maybe it was sunny for days is that why he didn’t come out the push baby you in the push Beach down in the qu we’re all going tomorrow La Push baby La Push La Push whoa Aladdin okay it’s like Spider-Man in here you know your mood swings

are kind of giving me a whiplash Fair Queen yeah I only said it’ be better if we weren’t friends now that I didn’t want to be what does that mean we could be lovers it means if you were smart you’d stay away from me okay well let’s say

for argument sake that I’m not smart did you tell me the truth no probably not o o I’m so into this it hurts I have considered radioactive spiders and Kryptonite yes it’s all superhero stuff right um I want to find the bad guy I want to know how

much he knows about that stuff I can see what you’re trying to put off but I can see that it’s just to keep people away from you it’s a mask a you’re like every other High School tough guy why don’t we just hang out everybody’s going to the

beach come that’s not a good place for vampire I want to see vampire at the beach which beach the push I don’t know is there something wrong with that beach it’s a nude beach it’s just a little crowded that is beautiful totally taken for granted that there would

be like coasts and beaches up here so I keep thinking that Eric’s going to ask me to the prom and he just doesn’t I like how this little friend group developed me too I thought Anna Kendrick was going to be mean she wasn’t you should ask him take

control you’re a strong independent woman I am yep sing it Queen man throw down that invite Bella Jacob guys this is Jacob you like stalking me you’re on my remember oh are we on reservation right now must be you guys should keep Bella company her date failed dat

she invited Edward yeah cuz C’s a freak she got that right why they don’t yeah he’s out there in a tree listening right the cullins don’t come here oh we got we got beef no he means they don’t just never come here maybe he knows about the Sun

what did you friends mean about I don’t know cins don’t come here well we’re going to find out you caught that huh this movie you caught that huh yeah we all caught that we there was a whole closeup on that man this must be wolf territory and that’s

Vamp territory did you know Kut are supposedly descended from wol oh oh that’s a legend of our tribe cool so what’s the story about the Collins well they’re supposedly descended from this like enemy Clan bats my great grandfather the chief hunting on our land they’re old as crap

but they claimed to be something different so we made a treaty with them if they promised to stay off quu lands then we wouldn’t expose what they really were to the pale faces the Quil a real tribe I thought they just moved here or just moved back right

God everyone’s coming back to Washington what are they really it’s just a story though I do buy like The Outsider sort of like confusion that she’s constantly sort of having to live in here me too I’m just curious why Jacob just told her that story that would make

me think he’s not a wolf May that’s good very Vampire Diaries to me okay like that’s where I’m pulling everything from which I loved but that must have come after this oh no this isn’t a Santa Claus guy is it yes it is okay you just can’t tell

cuz the Hat yeah yeah get going oh wow oh I dressed up as this girl for a party once cuz I own the coat I don’t know what she is someone like assigned you the character yeah nice jacket my best friend for her whoa party what is that

who are you it’s always the same name question who are you what do you want why are you doing this James what what’s happening damn let’s not play with our food wait that guy from 902 and0 really let’s not play with our food was a interview with a

vampire looking guy over there which is another movie I haven’t seen I didn’t see it either I did watch the first episode of the TV show oh yes let’s get an internet search Montage Thunderbird and whale is that a real bookstore I would love like Independent Business product

placement in movies that would be amazing yeah give them a big disc company really needs it I’m really impressed with her cuz I feel like we heard so much crap talked about her after this movie and I think she’s really good he’s not here whenever the weather is

nice the colins disappear well there you go I’m going to the prom with Eric I just asked him I took control hey I asked him I said yes for him I took control okay we should go shopping in Port Angeles before all the good dresses get cleaned out

I can’t believe Anna Kendrick’s in this movie why does nobody talk about that I know you mind if I come yeah I need your opinion oh they’re cute yeah I like this one yeah I like the beating and you wouldn’t need jewelry just what do you think lavender

and this stuff like things like this when it just feels like you’re a fly on the wall for M kids being kids okay sure why would there be a window where they’re changing oh that’s disgusting no this is good getting the trial run see how the dress plays

in public that looks great you said that about like the last five dresses Bella is such a girls girl I love her you’re not really into this are you I actually really just want to go to this bookstore but you’re riding for the Chas me CH at the

restaurant yeah oh now she’s about to ditch when I call her girls girl she’s going to go see a guy she’s trying she’s trying for somebody completely preoccupied here you go have a good night that does look like a cool bookstore thought dark quick he’s watching her creepy

sure looks like a real store please don’t jump out spooky Alleyway it’s like jacked a ripper right now oh no wait he’s watching her so I think he’s going to protect her but that’s weird saw you at the dress hey what you to oh je who oh my

God what’s the problem like that manett don’t okay whoa ow I was about to say that was a kind of a jarring scene actually the way they shot that like so close POV get in the car oh come with me if you want to live that was very

dangerous oh boy you have no idea oh oh who whoa wow but why is he doing it like that damn oh maybe don’t drive like a maniac I should go back there and rip those guys heads off you don’t know the vile repulsive things they’re thinking oh oh

can you do it’s not hard to guess can you talk about something else distract me so I won’t turn around you put your seat Bel on you put your seat Bel on that was a good response it’s the way he played that Edward wasn’t pulled out for camping

he was pulled out to go do like a stunt race on some Hollywood set we waited but we were like starving I’m sorry I kept Bella from dinner we just sort of ran into each other and got talked wow no that happens right um okay Queens loving this

now I think I should make sure Bella gets something to eat is sure if you like I’ll drive you home myself what did you have in mind that’s so thoughtful it’s really thoughtful yeah oh my God the dialogue of this is amazing right now though that was so

great see you okay I love it oh that was a great scene that was a great scene yeah that was so high school what a great moment high school stuff in general gets a bad rap and I think that probably played a part in this there are times

when it’s taking itself a little too seriously but I do like the high school Dynamic I don’t see that at all well even when it even when it comes across that way to me it still feels in the vein of what a high school person feeling these emotions

would Express you’re really not going to eat no I’m on a special diet you got to give me some answers biggest contrarian how did you know where I was follow me I feel very protective of you okay that’s bad though cuz that’s some stalker creepy stuff n man

you say you heard what they were thinking choose your words wisely man you read mines I can read little punch every mind in this room apart from yours yeah why not her oh money money cat a Jonathan Davis from corn loves his cat and then you nothing it’s

very frustrating you are simple there’s something wrong with me see I tell you I can read minds and you think there’s something wrong with you I don’t have the strength stay away from you anymore then don’t and that Focus I’m it’s not good to love them cuz he’s

literally stalking her but holy crap make out please but I feel like therein lies the true charm of these stories it’s a little dangerous but you can’t deny it okay I think I’m warming up now oh oh your hand is so cold barely even touched it at what

point would you think he was a vampire well what is going on at the point he confesses to telepathy I guess I have to start wondering my dad’s still here can you pull in yeah but you maybe you would think he’s a it’s my father’s car on the

end mind reader I guess I wouldn’t have jumped to vampire yet way Forge found a boat out near his place Christmas is canceled he died how animal attack oh boy oh look at that reaction he gave him a look Paton is having a whole other conversation with his

face right there I’m Going on 30 years yesh I like this guy too me too it feels really Earnest and we’re going to find this thing meantime I want you to carry this with you oo it’ll give your old man some peace of mind a bear spray pepper

spray some kind yeah and I want you to sign up for self-defense courses at the Y my pepper spray is pink and sparkly yeah even the stream when it comes out I I haven’t had to uh spray this one so I feel like they should include the glitter

and the color in the spray itself so that when you get spray yeah you’re not only in sufferable pain but also you’re covered in glitter what the zoom again can’t hide you see the contact on that closeup too she’s figuring out she knows what he is yeah oh

here we go and she thinks he might have done it done it yeah uhoh love this Shadows he said I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore and it hit something inside of me hey man we should all be so lucky c one what you

going to type into Google baby the cold one APPA tkin chud appat O Okay Egypt The Immortal drink that sure look like blood wof wow look his leg Undead speed that word speed looked like the same font as Twilight for a second strength cold skinned put the pieces

together Immortal just zoom in on the word garlic oh damn it drank blood whoa ah fun fun fun nice little fantasy is he thereo she said for argument sake let’s just say I’m not smart but you are smart baby girl yeah too smart for your own good I

wonder if he can read her thoughts now oh cold soda damn but why cuz she thinks he did it then you need to talk to him oh no she’s hoping he follows her yeah there we go and neither of them is going to be written up for True

iny for what for a skipping class you’re impossibly fast and strong your skin is pale white and ice cold and sometimes you speak like like you’re from a different time from the mid 2000s you never eat drink anything you don’t go out in the sunlight how old are

you 17 how long have you been 17 that’s a great response a while oh that was them trying to show to us that this isn’t creepy but it is cuz he’s old I know what you are say it out loud that oh out loud out loud out loud

out loud everybody always says that say it out loud that’s what that’s from say it out loud he’s drifting angles too out loud vampire a don’t use the Zed word are you afraid if she was afraid she wouldn’t have taken you into the woods yeah no then ask

me the most basic question what do we eat you won’t hurt me oh no where are we going up the mountain up the mountain you need to see what I look like in the sunlight oh my god oh no oh wo wao wao we are doing this oh

it looks like an escalator oh he’s like flying but he’s just he’s on a wire I assume they have on on like a zip line yeah but this is where the sparkle thing must come through we don’t show ourselves in Sun like people would know we’re different people

would know I ad y that line yeah couldn’t care less stick with it John oh this is what I am sparkly bab wow Diamond skin boy it’s like diamonds hey diamonds are forever fascinating you’re beautiful you’re too beautiful beautiful this is the skin of a killer Bell that’s

another famous line I’ve heard forgive this is the skin of a killer Bella it’s not funny but it is I’m a killer I don’t believe that it’s because you believe the lie camouflage I’m the world’s most dangerous predator that doesn’t seem like very effective cat camouflage everything about

me invites you in my face even my smell as if I wouldn’t need any here there oh you’re thirsty for me anyway if you can out run me o as if you could fight me off he is acting like a 17-year-old boy right now yes I’m designed to

kill I don’t care oh well maybe you should I’ve killed people before it does not matter oh well I wanted to kill you I’ve never wanton a human’s blood so much in my life I trust you damn my family we’re different from others of our kind we only

hunt animals we learn to control our thirst but it’s you your s who it’s like a drug to me your love is like a drug like my own personal brand of heroin these are the greatest lines I’ve ever heard in my life my personal brand heroin the heroine

of the story why did you hate me so much when we met I did only for making me want you so badly I still don’t know if I can control myself I know you can God man go up into the trees Bella I am the captain now go

get him you’re strong independent woman go get him go get your man take your own advice I can’t reach your mind you have to tell me what you’re thinking I feel like she has you have to tell the audience what you’re thinking I’m not afraid of you I’m

afraid of Love afraid of what they’ll do to you I don’t know how long I’ve waited for you you passed every test so the lion fell in love with the lamb another amazing line bars budoir bars what a stupid L sick man masochistic line stupid lamb and the

m k no that that would be too adult what he’s like 400 years old and she’s you know 17 or whatever but he’s 17 we just have to go with that he is 17 it’s fine she does look like a vampire I wonder if one of her parents

was or something like cuz you can’t read her mind she’s so pale oh maybe she’s like a M something something but she ain’t sparkling though no she’s clearly not a vampire but there’s something up like she is partial something I just want to know what course of nature

decided that this camouflage was going to be effective anywhere but like in the snow no it’s the opposite of camouflage but is to make him appear not ferocious and horrible I know I think it’s makes him stand out so you know about three things I was absolutely positive

first what is it first Edward was a vampire yep but second baby in case you just started watching the movie a second mhm hit me there was a part of him that thirsted for my blood that’s hot we all know some Billy Bob th Billy Bob thoron action

and third I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him yeah I get it or I guess it would be MGK and Megan Fox now dude the way she just looked at him I mean I get it he was waiting outside yeah his age is super problematic I

have to just stop thinking about it or I won’t be able to be in so just going to let that go by the wayside that’s what you want you want a 17-year-old who’s your age but who has infinite amounts of experience and knowledge yeah he’s the perfect high

school boyfriend does a person have to be dying to become like you that’s just Carlo you’d never do this to someone who had another Choice damn so how long have you been like this and how bad does it have to be to make the choice since 1918 it’s

when car found me dying a Spanish influen so carlile’s actually a decent guy yeah what was it like the Venom was excruciating the Carlile did was much harder not many of us have the restraint to do that not to drain when we taste human blood sort of frenzy

begins it’s almost impossible to stop why is he soaked and she’s dry it’s a metaphor so is carile the real reason that you don’t kill people that grain no it’s not the only reason you Bella who Banks the reason is the reason I don’t want to be a

monster my family we think of ourselves as vegetarians so we only survive on the blood of animals yes that makes you’re a vegetarian it’s like a human only living on tofu keeps you strong but you’re never fully satisfied maybe you’re seeing the wrong tofu wouldn’t be like drinking

your blood for instance your blood would be like a a fully loaded cheeseburg I feel like what we’re going to get to is he’s going to try was it other vampires that killed whan and he’s not even able to stop himself but he does there are others out

there and we run into them from time to time and have wacky Misadventures can the rest of your family read people’s minds like you can um no that’s just me really but house and Alice can see the future oh Alice’s Visions is subjective I mean the future can

always change interesting okay visions of what might be should the current course not be altered back wow nice transition I’m going to take you to my place tomorrow okay wait like with your family yeah what if they don’t like me so you’re worried not because you’ll be in

a house full of vampires but because you think they want to prove you I’m glad I need you am I a clown to you were they dating real life at this point I don’t know I mean probably starting at least or getting the warm and fuzzies going I

mean their chemistry is off the chart oh oh we got bad blood yeah that’s some wolf vampire stuff I’m telling you they signed a treaty come to visit your truck actually we came to visit your flat screen first Mariners game of the season hey plus Jacob here keeps

me about seeing you again did great dad keeping it real son keeping it real goes wrong vitamin R well done Chief what is that beer called Reserve oh maybe I don’t think it was an animal that killed him never thought it was to spread the word out of

the res huh keep the kids out of the woods we’ll do don’t want no one else getting hurt do we reindeer like that new Netflix show R the little reindeer on the beer it said reindeer oh reindeer ale or logger or whatever else kind of beer it could

be that’s what it looked like to me it’s also cool that they have like a prominent character who who is in a wheelchair not that that actor actually is I don’t know I do think that handicap actors would this is a twofold cuz it’s like it’s also cool

to have like some actual Native American actors going exactly and he is so good I see him in everything now this is incredible yeah this is incredible I mean this is unbelievable so light and open you know so that they can all just Sparkle all the time it’s

just like living in a house full of disco balls I mean is everybody in his going to be so pissed he brought her I don’t know she’s the police officer’s daughter like it’s the one place we don’t have to hide our taste in art you had this you

had a little bit of olive oil oh my oh they’re happy she’s coming oh they’re making her actual food that’s a real gesture is she even Italian her name is Bella I’m sure she’ll love it no matter what they none of them eat Bella we’re making Italiano for

you oh she’s on Hill House right maybe yeah Haunting of yeah given us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time I hope you’re hungry yeah absolutely she already ate wow Jesus Christ it’s just because I know you I know that you guys don’t eat so

of course it’s very considerate of you let’s just keep pretending like this is end dangerous for all of us I would never tell anybody anything yeah well the problem is you two have got public now people are trading your stock now so the entire family will be implicated

if this send badly badly as in I I would become the meal edgy hi Bella oh I’m Alice okay she’s familiar too Alice what are you it’s okay Bella and I are going to be great friends no she’s evil sorry our newest vegetarian it’s a little difficult for

me whoa boy pleasure to meet you it’s okay Jess you won’t hurt her I’ve seen it uh I’m going to take you on tour of the rest of the house I’ll see you soon God the look on his Alice has been killing the people I don’t know she

gives me killer Vibes they’re trying to make her innocent clean this up wait that guy he’s in everything too we oh my God who are all these actors film that launched a thousand careers graduation CS it’s a private joke we matriculate a lot it’s kind of miserable we

repeating high school over and over true the younger we start out in a new place the longer we can stay there yeah what’s your range at least till your mid 20s right yeah this is my room what do we got damn homie loves his records and his jukebox

and his books no bed uh no I I don’t I don’t sleep ever no not at all not like upside down in the closet hanging by your toes I never thought about vampire slept please kiss what is wrong with you guys it’s romantic tension they got to dance

for theying kids I can’t dance let’s go with it well I could always make you what what’s that mean I’m not scared of you going pull two Sam guns out and shoot at her feet well you really shouldn’t have said that oh wow you better hold on tight

spider monkey that’s another line that’s another line spider monkey spider monkey chip alag like a spider monkey close your eyes oh yeah what’s that to do dancing this is a kind of Tango I suppose wow this have been a crane or a drone did we have drones at

the time I don’t think so when is this 2000 mid 2000s yeah this isn’t real this kind of stuff just doesn’t exist trees doesn’t my world called the natural world oh my God I do enjoy these like floating but why won’t they kiss romantic tension I’m telling you

you got to draw it out man look at that that’s a cool shot yeah there is some real Beauty when they’re just going for visual and tone and and just watching them together body language wise yeah I guess if you have all the time in the world learn

to play piano it’s diagetic sound now what a shot why isn’t he sparkling I feel like the light’s coming in enough she’s just obscuring him whoa oh she took his T-shirt took the kiss me on myish t-shirt who hold up Bigfoot was here it’s human no that’s a

dog dude I ordered you the spanch salad I hope that’s okay you should order one for yourself next time cut back on the steak hey D he’s a horse that a very raw salad it’s okay you want to go join him I’m just going to turn in early

anyway me too Bella it’s Friday night go out looks like the Newton boy’s got a big smile for you yeah he’s a good buddy oh that’s what you want to hear what about any of these other yahoos in town anybody interest you yahoos you haven’t told them about

Callin Dad we going talk about boys I guess not I just feel like I leave you alone too much you should be around people why don’t you guys do something on a Friday night I I guess I’m kind of like my dad in that way does he not

mind being alone I’m really liking folks what uhoh could a guy have anything to do with that yeah very flustered right now is he smart wa can I talk to you later come on we got to talk boys are you being safe we got to have a boundary

about this when you show up my window how did you get in here the window do you do that a lot just the past couple of months wow this should be creepy as hell it should be I like watching you sleep it’s kind of fascinating to me is

reminding me of you what the stalker show oh the oh it’s like what did I do watching you sleep stay very still oh my God stay very still what are you going to do what are you going to do what are you going to do oh please please

please oh don’t move don’t move don’t move don’t speak even whisper attention oh no can he handle this he’s going to explode he said don’t move I don’t know that’s too much movement I think yeah oh my god I’ve never been this happy in my whole life oh

oh oh he zooms whoa what happened did you do that or did he I don’t know I can’t ever lose control with you did he throw himself back he must have he don’t go stay don’t go oh my God emo teenage boy’s actually 100 I’m nothing but trouble

but he doesn’t sleep yeah surprisingly like the actual nuts and bolts of the romance are are surprisingly like chased and kind of wholesome aside from the creepy aspects he removed the stalker part and the weird age differential I have a date with Edward cin you a little old

for you and you I thought you liked the Collins I thought you didn’t like any of the boys in town Edward doesn’t live in town I’m having a gun in this conversations that is is a line I would use yeah for sure he do technically live in town

yeah he wanted to meet you officially and read your mind your gun tell him to think good thoughts dude could you be nice he’s important let him have this let Dad have that one moment of all Edward won’t be out too late tonight she just going to play

baseball with my family baseball yes sir that’s the plan I’ll take good care of her I promise oh boy still got that pepper spray what happens if you use pepper spray on a vampire makes them more powerful since one of vampires like baseball it’s the American Pastime there’s

a thunderstorm coming it’s the only time we can play people wear this as a costume all the time it’s like an old Charlie Brown baseball hat you’ll see why because it looks that much more badass playing baseball in a thunderstorm I’m sure glad you’re here we need an

Umpire she thinks we cheat I know you cheat calm as you see Bella C for cullin see oh isn’t this what I saying to before or was it not it’s same band different song but yeah okay okay yeah yeah supermed black oh I feel bad that I made

fun of Alice she might be or not made fun of her I thought she was evil maybe she’s not evil that that leg okay now I see why you need the Thunder yeah let’s go oh my God a fo you they’ve cut this up a little bit oh

you’re out damn what is her name is it Esme or Rosalie I caught those names at some point see shots man this is so cool I love this scene this is what a funny scene this is this is the exact right cross point between silly and kind of

cool guy the other guy kind of looks like Taylor lner it’s weird woo there you go awkward Guy Jasper whatever they called you wow that guy if if Edward Colin and Taylor lner had a baby look like that guy sure my monkey man don’t let Dev Patell who

you say that they must have really thrown down for like the big wind effects too oh no oh no nice place to cut out of the song though I’m nervous about this because they are going to see Bella yeah and they don’t care probably they got no code

let’s go it’s too late get your hair like that’ll help like smell it from across the field get your hair down you’re helping why would coming through the smoke just be quiet and stand behind me oh no God this music they like Glide are they on like some

kind of treadmill they know about Bella I am luron and this is Victoria and James okay I’m afraid your hunting activities have caused something of a mess for us our apologies uh I’m sure we didn’t realize the territory had been claimed we maintain a permanent residence nearby oh

them red eyes we won’t be a problem anymore we were just passing through the humans were tracking us but we let them East you should be safe excellent could you use three more players yes let’s do that come on just one game settle it on the diamond few

of us were leaving you could take their place we’re about first I’m the one with the wicked curve ball oh well I think we can handle that my man got a line no oh the wind no God damn it no smells her yeah you brought a snack oh

oh my God oh my God everyone Nash their teeth the girl is with us I think it best if you leave the poses the poses man I can see the game is over we’ll go now yeah you’re outnumbered right now get Bella out of here go damn baseball

season’s cancelled uh-oh I feel like they’re going to cut her out the pass okay I’ve got it I’ve got it I’m all right oh my god oh jeez man what now he’s coming after me oh my James is a Tracker The Hunt is his possession my reaction to

field set him off I’ve just made this his most exciting game ever oh no we have to kill him rip him apart and burn the pieces wow he just to take me home he can’t go home he’s just going to trace your scent there it’s the first place

he’s going to look my dad is there doesn’t matter no yes it doesn’t he can get killed because of us yeah damn it don’t don’t we’ll figure out a way to leave tracker away somehow I don’t know but we have to do something yeah man don’t leave mustach

dad flailing it’s over get out whoa I just got to get out of here I’m leaving now are they putting on a show oh yeah Edward was in there oh smart okay what am I going to say to him I can’t hurt him what’s going on I just

have to be down the truck say she wants to go to her mom’s let him down easy did he hurt you no I hurt him thought you liked him yeah that’s that’s why I have to leave I don’t want this I have to go home Jesus Christ I

know I’m not that much fun to be around but I can change that we can we can do more stuff together oh she’s going to break his heart oh my God no no no no she’s trying to protect you like watch baseball on the flat screen eat at

the diner every night staking cobbler dad that’s you that’s not me oh no Bella come on I just I just got you back ouch yeah and you know if I don’t get out now and I’m just going to be stuck here like Mom oh my God oh my

God oh my God that was so hard to watch but I get she had to do it but I’m just like devastated and just that was hard he bought you that truck what is she going to do to make this right yeah like can he find out like

I hope he gets some Redemption want to forgive you is that your hypothesis or did you ask your sister you won’t you should in his face I told him the same thing that my mom told him when she was leaving him it’s the only way to let you

go just don’t worry about him now he’s safe Jack’s following us yeah about that it’s just in it Alice car behind us you guys got to have a better warning okay so Alice is a good girl and I was wrong never know a leaving your old life behind

or your new old life why did I make this choice for love Yeah came War us about James this isn’t my fight but he’s got unparalleled senses absolutely lethal I’ve never seen anything like him in my 300 years really and the woman Victoria don’t underestimate her why should

we believe you oh my God I can’t believe I dressed as the villain from my party yeah what does it say about you that I owned that coat think about that I’m going to run Bella South can you leave the tracker away from here no Edward James knows

you would never leave Bella I’ll follow you I’ll go with Bella Jasper now will drive her South oh can you give your thoughts to yourself yes yesh her hair is cool really is there me could you put these on so the tracker will pick up fell set yesh

why what is she to me B is with Edward she’s part of this family now damn rosley is mad annoying bro yeah I guess I get it in the sense that she is just like just joined this family like now but also she has been stick in the

mud this whole time she’s realistic she is just annoying cuz I like Bella fair fair fair if anything happens I swear to God nothing’s going to happen I swear to God what B you are my life now oh my God Dam so intense she’s like what about college

I’m going to grow old do I have a future Beyond just like vampire baseball from now on and being on the run I mean the truth is they should obviously turn her right I mean if they get serious enough I feel like that would have to be inevitable

hey Mom it’s me again um everything’s okay and I’ll explain it maybe he went to her mom’s oh God that would suck went all the way to Florida what uh just just sniff it no Mark the tree with the scent of Bella because she’s wearing Bella’s sweatshirt that

makes sense keep up John this is very important for Bella’s protection think she could have done a more obvious you know like I’m going to rub this coat sleeve on here or something that’s all I’m saying subtle Queen subtle Queen hash it Scottdale we’re already in Arizona damn

it’s not that far I guess so no that’s not true it’s super far uh he knows trigged it out the tracker he just changed course keep your thoughts to yourself we heard where with take mirrors a room full of mirrors Edward said the Visions weren’t always certain she

uses the course people that were on while they’re on it if they change their minds the vision changes the course that the tracker’s on now is going to lead him to a ballet studio that’s a good drawing the school I went to had an arch just like that

was your school here in Phoenix yeah my man’s is doing okay over here we’ve lost the track the woman’s still in the area I’m coming to get you then you and I going to go somewhere alone we’ll go to the Fortress of Solitude oh God hey Mom I’m

glad you got my message it’s him where are you I I’ll explain everything later Mom are you there Forks High School doesn’t protect its students privacy very well I was prepared to wait for you then mom came home after she received a very worried call from your dad

damn that makes sense don’t touch her don’t just you can still save her but you’re going to have to get away from your friends you handle that how about your old ballet studio and I’ll know if you bring anyone along poor Mommy would pay the price for that

mistake as if she’s not going to already you think he’s going to kill her I don’t know if that will actually come to pass I just don’t think that he would have any reason not to I don’t think this movie would do that but I don’t believe him

I’ve never given much thought to how I would die oh we’re at the but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go in the place of at the beginning thought she meant like in the place at their she means instead of

instead yeah and that it would be her mom pepper spray you’re going to pepper spray them you know it’s a start for sure where you I know was it a recording what are you doing here everyone makes fun of me uh H you’re a wonderful dancer mom a

you do not sh to kill her but I do suck blood she’s not even here to make things more entertaining and make a little film of our time together I borrow this from your house I hope you don’t mind did you kill her mom that’ll break Edward’s little

heart Ed has nothing to do with do oh oh his rage will make for more interesting sport than his oh his fee will attempt to protect you and let’s continue most dangerous game over here PE spray interesting yeah I don’t have allergic reactions who ow it’s too bad

he didn’t have the strength to turn you instead he kept you this fragile little human it’s cruel really ah he wanted to preserve your pure PR ow tell him to avenge it tell you do him there we go you’re alone cuz you’re faster than the others but not

stronger and not better at baseball I’m strong enough to kill you right through the mirror one of the mirrors whoa whoa did he just like freeze him in midair there oh not all the glass some stunts in this movie is she going to try to cut him oh

yeah take the glass yeah cut his head off oh he’s going to try to turn her ah wa very cool shot nice some horror movie Focus racking how does it work here you think because she’s been bit do you think think if she dies now she’ll turn that’s

a good question I don’t know we don’t know how the Turning rules work exactly didn’t seem like he got much blood in there oh what yeah but I think once you’ve been bit if you die yeah does it work just like a snake bite or something where it’s

like a Venom infection or is it like they got to drain half of you or some like that remember who you are I what they keep this guy alive well needs you oh god oh Jesus oh no selfcontrol your brothers will take care of them I got him

start the fire get the floorboard fire they got to burn the place down so that nobody knows I guess so w Carl’s the man wow that’s wow wow that was kind of hard oh no my head is burning the venom venom to make a choice you let the

change happen so it is like a Venom it is like an infection no it’s going to happen Edward I it she’s still Hing house make me turn to get your belt try to save her it’s my other option suck out the poison we we’re going to cut off

her leg I know they’re stopping the Venom from moving try to suck the venom out no I won’t be able to stop find the wheel to stop okay okay come on man only left make you go away you can do this you can do this you can do

this come on damn they’re enjoying this Edward stop blood you’re killing her Edward can’t he can’t he will he will come on man she’s going literally crosseyed nice with the focus she’s gone cross-eyed guys yeah whoa pre- AI morphs the deer Edward you got to chill bro Edward

prove to us that’s snow death is Peaceful Easy damn I like the video is your mom alive still we don’t even know life is harder oh she’s in the hospital okay so we stopped nice good job Edward nice man is it her dad with her or her mom

that’s her M it’s probably both of them if the mom’s alive mom’s alive there you go mom is Edward he’s asleep he never leaves he’s pretending to sleep what happened well when you fell you broke your leg and you lost a lot of blood but does she remember

the guy that came to her place maybe she never even met him maybe he just got the tapes and went from there Phil so worried about you a Phil I take it back she’s the biggest villain on 24 oh honey you are going to love Jacksonville and we

found the cutest little house and you’ve got your own bathroom I still want to live in Forks I don’t want my own bathroom do you mind getting dead I have to talk to him apologize and I’ll go get a nurse okay he never sleeps so what’s happening he’s

just pretending pantomiming over here what happened where’s James we took care of that you burnt him to yeah and twisted his head around and the woman Victoria she ran off she has many secrets I’m alive because of you you’re in here because of me both can be true

at once I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stop you did stop B you got to go to Jacksonville so I can’t hurt you anymore oh are you no wa you just can’t say stuff like that to me ever oh where else am I going to

go I mean you’re going to have to go somewhere when it becomes apparent you are not Aging in like 15 years W whoa hey he only drink beer rain rain oh but she had the bandaid on her arm so it feels like they have to know she was

bit by something maybe they said it was scars going through the window maybe carile was able to oh know the band’s off her arm now Alice let me the dress for prom Cass is perfect I’ll take care of a chief SW uhuh I’ve heard that before she has

leggings under the dress oh yeah he cannot be thrilled I put a new can of pepper spray in your bag and um and a gun you look beautiful thanks so do you who Jacob hey nice you too are you crashing the prom or something did you come with

a date no what are we doing here man my Dad paid me to come talk to you 20 bucks what’s here what are you going to buy with that just don’t get mad okay he’s going to say stay away from he wants you to break up with your

boyfriend yeah he said uh quote we’ll be watching you what okay well tell him thanks okay watching okay oh let me help you take it from here oh beef guess I’ll see you around Bella is it your dad who wanted you to say that or was it you

I leave you alone for 2 minutes and the Wolves descend knew it and the Wolves descend huh smile I would think he wouldn’t want photographic evidence everywhere he was I guess he asked somebody in town is eventually going to see all these pictures throughout history of this one

guy put it all together wow you are really trying to kill me prom is important write a passage I don’t want to miss anything no he’s invested in her Human Experience looking great oh my God shall we you’re serious oh why not this is an expensive prom she

got her on his feet it’s cute it’s like bony bear Twilight sound tracks lowkey slap from doesn’t sound like what I tell yeah you just let the Venom spread Venom I could be like you right now you don’t know what you’re saying you don’t want this I want

you always I’m not going to end your life I’m dying already every second I get closer very existential it’s the way it’s supposed to be Alice said that she saw me like you I heard her her Visions change yeah based on what people decide oh I’ve decided so

that’s what you dream about becoming a monster and sparkling and baseball I dream about being with you forever a and you’re ready right now wa wao yes no that’s not what’s happening what is going to happen though he’s going to kiss her right this isn’t a good place

for this are you crying I’m just Fanning myself from the heat just to have a long and happy life with me Edward’s into older girls that’s why wonder if like your frontal cortex grows in if you’re a vampire like he has the brain of a 17-year-old that’s a

great question no one will surrender tonight but I won’t give in I know what I want dang but Victoria is still out there is that her yeah that’s her jacket that’s Victoria’s coat oh what you crash him PR yeah because they took her man oh she mad oh

she mad a radio head needle drop what but is this the end yeah whoa Catherine Hardwick I forgot about that Melissa Rosenberg okay and Stephanie Meyer based on the novel by that was the first Twilight movie will never be the same again absolutely not I like kind of

cool like this montage I’m not even kidding like the the actual like compiled uh inspired by the movie soundtracks where it’s just all like you know popular musicians like they put some good playlists together from what I’ve heard of these movies how are we going to wait to

watch two three four and five pass tonight I it does make me really want to continue I got to see who this entire cast is Billy Burke he did a great job mustache dad a plus fanelli he should play Albert Wesker in and Elizabeth reeeer okay she is

in uh cam gig day G I just saw him in something recently Anna Kendrick that we know is this her first big thing Nikki Reed from 13 you got to be kidding me that’s the girl from 13 Kell Lutz I know that name and we just saw that

was so stupid of me Jackson or rbo well and Katherine Hardwick directed 13 right I haven’t actually seen 13 but uh really but yeah it’s her wow that’s crazy and Nikki Reid ended up dating Ian summer holder Ian summerh holder is the vampire of Television so oh is

he okay what he Vampire Diaries I haven’t seen the vampire diary I was a True Blood boy back in the day for a minute a minute why can’t you watch blood with Sarah Clark because one I perceived as being edgy and at the time I would have perceived

the other one as being like I don’t know something I wouldn’t have been interested in cuz I had a narrower mindset than I do now I can’t believe this I cannot believe this I can’t believe what we just did oh my God another needle drop God we made

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app yourself and if it does help you please go ahead drop me a message I’d love to hear if there’s some way by just conveying this message it has helped you out too thank you reject Nation cuz we watched the first Twilight movie what is the first Twilight

movie even called two new moon three eclipse this one’s just called Twilight four bringing down just Twilight and then I think they become the Twilight Saga and then everyone has its books subtitle or whatever okay so just hit me with your initial thoughts on having just watched one

of the biggest franchises the first movie No Joke Man I mean like there’s Star Wars there’s Lord of the Rings and there’s Twilight sure let’s go Catherine Grimmy that that name name sounds familiar too young Bella uh yeah well my first thought is that uh I certainly hope

that people are compelled to rate this five stars on Apple or Spotify if you happen to be listening um man this movie has been built up so much for me over time obviously I don’t think you can live in culture and I don’t think you can have any

interest in horror at all and not know something about Twilight and certainly I remember in high school when this was popping off and everyone was reading the book and then like the big major hype anticipation of the movie coming together and uh I didn’t know any book readers

I didn’t even know it was a book until today I knew I forg most book readers and I heard a lot of things about it that way and then the movie came out and and yeah like you know I I experienced the cultural wave but being removed from

all that and seeing this as just an actual piece and also again like we said earlier watching this at a time and place where you can see where a lot of these people have gone since and we’re out of the Mania The Craze um I had a lot

of fun watching this you know like I I I feel like we share to different degrees a love of romance and I feel like this movie this story uh was dogged heavily because anything a that’s aimed at you know like a teen tween girl demographic is going to

get on because that’s how culture works and uh you know this was probably a time where I would have been like searching like I said for edgier vampire content and being a little you know more gatekeeper but like well this is what real vampire rules are but all

that aside um I enjoy this a lot there are moments where it is um a bit hammy in the way that like high school Journal poetry can bear this that Paramore again the needle drops the soundtracks on these things are crazy and decode is a Bop like that’s

the thing and I feel like watching these at this point in my life is going to be fun because I I have a feeling that I in a much better position to actually appreciate the things that do work and I’m not going to try and you know uh

uh uh look past the things that could be better but but watching this again I thought that the emotionality for where the story is coming from and and who it’s about and who it’s aimed toward and you know the the real tension of the romance I had a

blast watching and getting pulled into you know the the as much as there is some stuff at the top that’s a little bit like what’s going on with this dude when he’s looking like he’s about to poop his his pants when she comes into class and and like

some of that stuff is a little over the top but when they really get down to brass taxs and the emotionality between the two performers especially uh between you know patson and uh and casu like you know I really enjoyed watching them and I really enjoyed the tension

of the danger of the romance and all that stuff you know there’s an aspect of it to me that is very like you know it is very again High School saturated in terms of its you know the way it presents its emotionality but I think that’s okay I

think that makes sense for what this is and I feel like Katherine Hardwick again not being super familiar with her body of work but knowing that like 13 is a movie that is said to have a fair amount of lived in quality for its age demographic that it’s

portraying but is also you know uh appropriately kind of real and edgy seeing somebody with that pedigree come and Tackle something like this is fun and interesting to me because certainly this is a fantasy and didn’t Kevin Hardwick do a crazy amount of very serious movies after this

probably like Detroit or something what was that one called did she maybe I think she’s like I mean I’ve definitely seen some of her very very serious work I’ll tell you what she did yeah absolutely um and I and I appreciated again what she brought to this in

the moments in time yeah yeah there was a Lincoln Park in there too uh the moments where you know you are getting a little bit more intense like toward the end the fight in the in the ballet studio and and like those Montage pieces they had going when

Edward was sucking out the Venom and like you know the the crazy racks in focus and the the fire like there were moments where this dipped more into overt Horror in a way that you know as a horror fan I enjoyed but as a romance fan too and

as somebody again in a better position to appreciate like a mob but you know mostly romance forward sort of story like this uh yeah like you know the the rules I’m curious to watch the rules and the lore expand because we’ve only had hints of what other things

could be lurking in this universe and obviously I mean again I feel like most people get the idea that there’s a vampire component and a and a wolf component involved in Twilight but I like that this one is mostly about establishing the vampire stuff and even though you

know the the rules and the lore differ heavily from what you associate with or at least in some ways with what you associate with a vampire story I thought like all that yeah that sensuality that is kind of intrinsic to vampire stuff was here and I enjoyed uh

you know the kind of getting the the the qualities where it’s like oh she’s going to a new school she’s meeting new people she’s slowly developing a group of friends she’s got this tension with her dad like this was it just had more elements in it that I

like appreciated for Real uh than I expected you know um Katherine Bigalow is who I was thinking of cther big is definitely be directing I was like I’m pretty sure she went amazing job Roxy really great work Katherine hard did do 13 you are right I was like

I didn’t think that only credit Lords of dog town she did Miss Bala uh Mafia Mama which I saw came out last year but didn’t see uh tell it like a woman which was a movie in 2022 with Cara delvine and Eva Longoria and Marsha Gay Harden okay

I feel like I should have seen that one maybe that will be be on our binge list catch up Rox you know I have to tell you a lot of what you were saying kind of resonated with me except for the fact that I didn’t find this movie

to be like I kind of found this movie to be super grounded which I know sounds so weird but like based on the in ways the way that everybody talked about it like it was going to be so over the toop and so campy and just so like

too much to me it didn’t feel that much it felt like at the base of this I’m a lover love shipper of ships as we all know this is a love story now it’s very difficult they’re asking you for a lot they’re asking you to be okay with

the fact that these are people of different ages of different times they’re asking you to be okay with the fact that this guy is stalking her and and putting breaking into her house to watch her sleep breaking her house to watch her sleep they’re asking you to put

aside the fact that he’s putting her at severe risk and in danger yes but I am willing to put all that aside for the fantasy this is my homie I can’t put it aside but for for a vampire so once they say put all that aside that’s when

it does feel kind of like like it it makes sense to me I like that these are the V the vegetarian vampires like this family is looking out I like that they’re kind of vampire groups I think it makes sense that they throughout their hundreds of years they

have issues with different people why they’ve come back here I like the story with her moving from her mom’s to her dad’s it just it she felt like a teenage girl to me and and this felt like a teenage Slice of Life more authentically in ways than I

expect I think that’s something that perhaps we both came in with is the idea that a lot of people that this movie has its reputation for people clowning on it it’s hard to not have preconceived notions when you come in when this has been this came out in

2009 I was a senior in high school that’s like probably the worst time for this to come out for it not to preconceived notes every single person I know being like Oh my God it’s so much you know yeah yeah and then one thing I wanted to avoid

I think it would be really easy to come into a Twilight reaction geared up for a so bad it’s good we’re here to make fun of this kind of experience and and that’s kind of what I think we both tried to not want to do I didn’t want

I want to do that I wanted to meet this halfway and I didn’t think it was bad no I thought it was so good it was good and of course of course if we’re talking if we’re fleshing it out some of the dialogue was hysterical like what was

that one scene where I was like oh my God some of these lines when you are my heroin I was like oh I get why people quote this movie because it is so intense it kept reminding me of uh why uh why can’t I quit you or whatever

oh I can’t quit you yeah just like this felt some of these lines felt like if I was in high school and this came out this is what I would want my boyfriend to say to me like you’re my personal heroine like and that’s the thing about the

toxic aspects of their relationship is is it is that thin line of like but if it’s the right person and I’m attracted to them then I kind of would love to be on the receiving end of all this attention yeah yeah you know like I can’t justify any

of this stuff it’s never acceptable however but if it’s just you and you’re in control of your little isolated bubble and he’s a vampire bro like he’s a Vampire the rules go out the window I am really curious because we do have two three four and five like

the whole time I felt that that um Taylor lner was currently a wolf however it was weird if you are a wolf to tell Bella about wolves and vampires like to him is it still lore has he not turned is this lore his family’s told him am I

making up this whole wolf thing and is just lore and actually there another set of vampires I like that we’re in a position to guess yeah totally I like they left a little bit of Mystery obviously I think they knew a franchise was coming out of this so

they can afford that but I thought that was kind of neat actually so what is your vampire history you mean in terms of like all the vampire things I seen what was your f Do You Love vampire stuff what’s your first vampire thing like getting to this point

did this remind you of other vampire things that he draw from for you or did you feel like this was totally different than what you’ve seen you know this actually plays into a blind spot for me because I haven’t seen like Interview with a Vampire I haven’t seen

the more and right pricey side of vampire fiction and you mentioned Vampire Diaries that’s something that I know a lot of people love that I don’t have much experience with either and so I feel kind of fresh for you this approach is fresh for me yeah I mean

every vampire thing I think has some level of eroticism and there’s often some level of romance involved but this is the first time I’ve watched a vampire thing that I can think of that is like predicated more on the the sensual and the Romantic than the horror it’s

cool that it plays by its own rules you know with the Sparkles and they show us what they’re playing with and I also am very fascinated by the fact that he can read Ms but his the other person his family can see the future so each vampire kind

of gets a different enhanced heightened skill set so I’m curious about that I’m also curious why he can’t read Bella’s mind I think there’s more to that than they have let us know makes me think about her past how she got here um yeah just really really curious

for the next movies I came to vampires with a soap oper called Port Charles oh and the theme song was Tainted Love and it was my first window into extreme vampires thought it was so sexy really really hot okay been a huge vampire girly especially in this type

of genre so like Vampire Diaries The Originals any kind of lover of Love shipper ship vampires my blind spot is horror vampires so this is like speaking my language I feel like it’s funny our journey has been in the reverse because we started with blade which is mostly

like action and then you go into underworld which is like to me now a great midpoint cuz it’s like it’s a little bit soap opera but it’s still got all your cool you know Neo Noir Matrix vampire werewolf stuff and now we’re going full into the other side

of the spectrum yeah yeah and happy to be here I am too too like I I love a thing like this actually I love a thing that is presented to me as something where it’s like again yeah like this has a reputation and a lot of people feel

a type of way about it but you know what I want to throw all that aside and just see how this strikes me on on first Glimpse and I thought this had a lot of atmosphere too yeah it definitely did it definitely it I mean some really cool

shots and like just the forest the SE the not Seattle The Forks Washington of it all that was definitely a character in this the the fogginess and the tension just the buildup that like we were sitting there the whole time like kiss like get the kiss and that

prolonged shot of the two of them with the really slow and the kiss move and I said do not move yeah yeah and like that was a moment where I was like you know what the things this movie needs to get right I feel like are actually working

and cooking more than again the movie gets credit for I remember right after this when Kristen Stewart and Robert patson starting getting cast in things and people were like those actors really so I kind of thought they were going to be way way intense over the top very

very like campy I really thought both of them did a great job here like you know I watching this I think it’s a hard you they had some hard dialogue to to really bring home and I thought they both did kind of like an understated other than when

um other than when he really had to like you know jump around the trees and be like I I just have wanted do for Sol and he’s so intense but even that part reminded me of a 17-year-old boy well that’s the thing is yeah there are parts that

are I guess I would describe as as hamy or a bit over dramatic but as like you said they they fit the the setting and and who the story is being told about and through you know so like in that in that way I almost don’t begrudge it

so much those elements or like Bella certainly some of the things she says are uh not quippy but but like they are certain in the narrations she has and and certain of her choices are a bit dramatic and a bit flourishy in terms of how she expresses which

is absolutely of a high school character you know that’s that’s how I would have been talking and writing probably at the time the love triangle element didn’t really come into this one if we know anything about Twilight we know that it’s like you said at the top team

Edward or Team Jacob there was no Team Jacob in this so I’m curious how that kind of develops you know we can tell that Jacob has a crush on her but it doesn’t go much further than that everyone be crushing on Bella you know I before this movie

I didn’t get it because I was just like I remember growing up thinking she kind of looked like an like a normal high school girl but in this there’s kind of something about her man there’s a beautiful I think kind of middle ground in the fact that like

she does seem kind of like a normal high school girl but she’s also like awkward and like she’s not like a goth kid but she’s like bordering on that Vibe enough that I think a special kind of cast of young people probably see themselves and relate to that

and it is because it is maab and it is you know rooted in horror which is you know sort of the left of center genre anyhow I feel like it does become this sort of you know uh uh flag almost for yeah that that set of kids the

sort of awkward gotha jent feeling kids who are still you know like I I like that they didn’t make the high school like a cartoon here where like you didn’t have like a bunch of bullies or some like you know mostly just the kids seemed like kids and

you had that one altercation with like the creepy dudes in town or whatever but there wasn’t a whole God that was brutal yeah and that and that scene where they’re showing from her POV as as it’s just cutting around to all these faces and voices just yelling at

you and and like I really thought that in moments like that they kathern Hardwick managed to play up the tension and really there was a nice EB and flow of that kind of stuff but yeah like I feel like there’s a you’re not watching the traditional like they

are beautiful and they are you know clearly chosen from you know the this is a movie with all the Hollywood resources but they’re not the most traditional pairing in terms of yeah like dashing male lead and you know completely uh poised on Janu or something like that and

I think the awkward energy helps and I think it also helps the moments where there were a lot of moments where I was preaching the acting there were times where the choice wasn’t always failing to conjure humor for me so like you know toward the end when she’s

I lik the the intent of the moment but in that hospital bed scene where she’s like no you know like that was like okay like it’s a little I feel like that was half Direction half performance half dialogue right where it’s kind of like yeah somebody said to

her like stumble over getting him saying your words and it’s a good choice it’s her first major thing yeah with you though and I can cut the slack on that but that’s a moment that at least in the Moment Like does make me chuckle a bit more than

some other moment my for sure that line that I opened with Bella where the hell have you been Loca that wasn’t even in the movie I know what the heck where the hell is the line loca loca that’s like on the bumper stickers and stuff uh please don’t

forget to like this video comment let us know that you want us to do Twilight 2 new moon new moon man New Moon got to get to the new moon the eclipse and then we got to break dawn twice is that it you knew that I think so

oh I’ve seen enough copies of the books well the Twilight one has the apple and then words from you man uh props to The Supporting Cast mustache anak Kendrick what anak Kendrick mustache dad was a g I like mustach Dad uh you know more vampire baseball I hope

we get next time that was cool her pitch when she would wind up that pitch and do that like ballet leg I was just like Co really good uh all right thank you for watching this life will never be the same again later Rejects

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