what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation we are going to watch a movie that I’m surprised I’ve never seen myself actually 1996’s twister joined by Roxy schreier follow her at the World Girls Channel she pressured us into doing this hardcore just like I really want to do twister because I’m working with like a couple of people who worked on twister I’m like fine shut up Roxy it’s not not what happened but it’s also not what happened she were working with who Sean is directing and starring in this new movie crust that I’m

in and Alan is coming to pee in it also is it about pizza because crust no it’s a laundromat thing and crust um more like a little more raunchy than pizza crust question oh crusty I got it I I got there it’s a horror comedy uh the word crust is more about socks leave a like if you’re excited for the movie crust upcoming with Roxy and Alan Rick yeah Alan rock you know he’s a star of succession Ferris Bueller’s Day Off John whalen’s been in everything from Twister to Never Been Kissed stalked by movie more

full length Reaction watch along three stick up with your own coffee or twister available for super sexy rejects super sexy rejects there you go I tried to do

what jaundice three is that what John does have you not heard him do that oh he behaves very different when it’s you and him on camera so I’m gonna try some bits out with Roxy today I’m going to entertain her today I don’t know what you’re doing the concept of this movie had me thinking how weather negatively affects our internet thank you to nordvpn for sponsoring this video

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experience the magic of norvpn click on the exclusive deal linked Down Below in the pinned comment or description box or you can just go to visit real rejects remember it’s risk-free with nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee so stay safe stay secure and happy virtual Adventures my friends oh yes oh yes this was a good choice that’s live that’s a 90s credit sequence of my head I love it thank me later 69 69. oh this this is gonna be fun the flux capacitor yeah all right have you ever seen a tornado in real life yeah no

have you no that’d be cool though I’m from Boston I’m from I’m from down the street tornado sounds like a guttural roar come on sweetie let’s get up come on we need to get down to the storm right now oh that might be young Helen yeah 100 Joe’s about to lose her parents yeah parents deserve to die oh no I swear if this dog dies in the beginning no oh what a messed up movie you did a good movie Toby so close to Toto it’s an homage Greg also the Topher it’s an homage to Mr

Grace yes and oh I love this it’s like it’s a monster whoa Papa oh wow it’s personal now that same tornado is gonna come back in 30 years I’m gonna kick this tornado’s ass at least he didn’t die saving the dog that would have been a cooler way to go out no that’s a Man of Steel no that is not the same thing that guy is Superman you know if these cells keep building like this there could be a record outbreak of tornadoes this is going to be a long day what year are we now

uh present day so that would be 1996. so from 69 to 96. yeah just flip the numbers yeah it’s uh artistic choice in the way that you flip in a 69 so so do you get it I do I’ve done sex stuff before I know Joe she’s already dragged her entire department into the field divorce I got it oops this thing is useless sorry Joe mad about satellite ah any TV reference you give bring it on um is that Philip Seymour Hoffman all I’m saying that’s Sean John Whalen oh my God I love both of

these actors are the best part of the movie you did a great job there Philip Seymour Hoffman used to play so many characters like this this is wild all right Joy and Bill Paxton yeah yeah it’s the biggest serious storms in 12 years one lined up right after another and SSL says they’ve never seen anything like it this is how they catch up about the divorce papers oh yeah yeah yeah sure hey this shot oh man this is the guy from Lost yeah he’s in a lot of yeah you need them right this second well

that’d be nice yes this one’s the urge and urgency act like you’re getting married I am that’s a tough twist in the heart there you go thank you oh she was still wearing it still wearing what her wedding ring it’s a blue I mean no she put her non-wetting ring on top of her yeah good catch can I read it first no it’s the same as it was in December I didn’t read it in December Christ would you just sign it so we can get out of here we she’s here yes she’s here she’s over

with Dusty go meet her bill just told me the happy news we just wanted to get it done before uh Billy started his new job at weatherman what I said weather man I think it’s great yeah that tone there was no tone if you have a problem being a weatherman I thought you’d be coming out here alone I wasn’t expecting on coming out here at all you said you’d meet me at Dorothy she’s here is Dorothy the name of the Twister uh the tornado Dorothy and Toto never mind that’s Dory I can’t believe you did

it we built four of them cancel the divorce okay weather man hey watch the tone Roxy whether this was that better is better we put her up inside a tornado and releases hundreds of these sensors that measure all parts of the tornado simultaneously wind velocities flow asymmetries we could learn more in 30 seconds they have in the past 30 years how do you get it in the tornado well you got to get in front of the tornado and put it in the damage path and then get out again before it picks you up too it’s

oh Joe we got major action that SSL says the cap is breaking Tower’s going up 30 miles off the dry line come on man you’re getting a divorce might as well just one last tornado he wants to get involved it’s where his heart is yeah but Dorothy did you sign papers oh she didn’t come on free hurry we can still catch him hey Bill glad you’re back I’m not back okay Bill keep telling yourself that darling I’ll get the paper signed and see you tonight okay no you know what honey I find this kind of

interesting I’m gonna tag along ah menajah not feeling like that’s the way it’s gonna go I I think that’s how those things happen oh yeah Jonas Miller he’s a night crawler oh my God you’re down the same lab then Jonas went out and got himself competing tornado experts I love it wow there’s also vehicular Thrills what if we predict tornado’s patch how many lives will be spared with creation of an early warning system the first digital orthographic telemeter dot three carry always let’s go when released to the tornado we’ll transmit back data on wind speed

pressure what a bunch of for all study did he punch his hat off yeah we both know he’ll never get that thing up in the air that’s right let me Enlighten you people today we’re gonna make history because the day’s a sniffing the dirt are over he reprized this character and say stranger things season three it’s like the exact same character one day I’ll give you one day whether she flies or not I’m gone honey is it is it okay oh God so boring Melissa well he hasn’t really told me about all this if you

have to pee you should do it now because there’s not very many places to stop once we get on the road you’re so in love with him aren’t you Melissa you became slightly interesting okay let’s move out people let’s go where are we going Melissa make yourself useful oh she’s gonna drive out no no I knew it dumbass Melissa can’t get anything right I know she must be the most hated character in cinematic history amazing coloring there isn’t it yeah look at those palmatas I bet those tops have got to be spiking about 40 000.

that’s a good thing it’s a very good thing what uh something about science guy yes she’s very nice no she does not work at the station she’s uh she’s a therapist yours Christ look I may have walked out but at least I showed up in the first place commitment like stability supportiveness in a house dude can I drive no then would you whoa vehicular action it was wild that was such a 90s movie moment wow it would be so cool to see this tornado sure not for people who’ve actually seen this tornado they would say

that three miles Southeast let’s see what she does whoa that looks great for 96 damn that looks very real go in there hurry second that’s your nerve tighten your seat belt that was hot for some reason damn holy this plant is ridiculous you let her provoke you that is a terrify accident what is the plan here they gotta let it get caught into it the the Earth thank you they’re just gonna stay right there that’s terrible idea what are you doing what do you want to see it’s her childhood trauma Greg she needs therapy wow

no way they would not get caught up in that oh they were totally get caught up in that I don’t even know how a tornado works but I know they get caught him we don’t know where’s my truck yes do it oh God I’m okay let’s try she’s screaming she’s horrified she’s traumatized you could understand Helen hunts well I want to look at the tornado up close but you can’t understand this yes analyze me later all right yeah so something more about you the Auto Club’s here ah these snakes come on guys let’s get Dorothy

two ready we got full coverage on that truck liability only it’s a very pretty truck thank you again but back there you almost got yourself oh no just a close call you’re gonna cross 15 at Oklahoma 4-1-2 cinema four one two baby what are you doing what are you doing cut through the field look at the updraft the angle it’s gonna shift his track it’ll move left is that bad wasn’t there a road back there you’re right go go go go go I do like how they used Melissa to be the audience yeah are you

sure it’s moving away I know it feels unnatural but with Donald’s motility you’re not gonna have to save the old-fashioned way she’s a reproductive therapists gotta have American Heroes I really do like how they capture the Twister like it’s a like it’s a Monster yeah it’s really cool well it is scary as hell yeah I know I bet I still am unclear on how they’re planning on getting this in they gotta put it in the path so it just sucks it up in the past right but like if you were gonna do that it feels

like the car situation was the perfect situation to do that yeah that’s what I thought happened yeah but apparently not because they didn’t like unleash it when she went to go back to try to you have to do something it like spit out apocalypse there’s double the tornadoes okay we got sisters what’s a water tornado called probably just that yeah you probably nailed it cyclon oh maybe yeah I’m not sure oh get off the phone Melissa no the cow oh wait I think I’ve seen that image before oh wow what a terrifying situation okay sweat

is safe have you seen Smallville yeah celebrate with your wife your actual wife put your arm around do they get it up are they celebrating because they did it I think they’re celebrating because they survived okay it’s okay no I’m not okay oh Christ I’m sorry you used to tell me that you chased tornadoes deep down I was just I was a metaphor like skeletons in your closet that was a metaphor some of us couldn’t help but notice how close we are to Wakita guys we are not in their dog and her mom well I

think the dog probably died because it’s been like almost 30 years in a severe lightning storm you want to grab your ankles and stick your butt in here okay if you’re gonna get hit it’s the safest orifice yeah I’d like to get hit by lightning Watts you know true you could ask him when you see him on set what was it an F3 solid F2 it’s the Fujita Scale it measures the intensity of a tornado by how much it eats encounter meat back there’s a strong F2 F3 maybe but we see someone for us today

is there an F5 oh Melissa it’s took her dad none of you have ever seen left five oh they will today she has just one of us yeah oh what a good moment there’s a lot of good actors in it mostly Alan and Sean they’ll they’re the best he didn’t keep his part of the bargain to spend his life pining for you and die miserable and alone got so much to ask Helen Hunt is really good in this movie yeah she’s great Bill always went his own way which was usually the same way you were

going it seems like a long time ago tear is he there to get divorce papers there’s so many goddamn tornadoes you better run yeah it’s the dog it’s Dorothy grown-up no the dog’s name was Toto Toto no you said it sounded like Topher and I said it sounded like Toto it was a tobo toddy Teddy ah let us know Tata ask them when you see the monster Bill trust me rabbit is good gravity is wives great line delivery excels at every line he delivers agreed you see that brush right in front of you what’s beyond

that it’s the highway it’s the highway where’s the road rabbit yeah where’s the road man it should be any moment whoa whoa oh my God you’re insane Joe what are you trying to do get somebody killed it was right okay they threw down for these like Chase the tornado sequences yeah we’re gonna have to get off of this road but this is no time to guess I’m not guessing just make a right turn trust me do you want to drive just turn he’s gonna be a great weather man looks like he’s coming down room 33.

what’s the path uh it’s going about 35 miles an hour okay let’s see this can’t see it I believe that he couldn’t see it yeah me too you see it no you got anything out there North Northeast is coming right at us do you see it no no he already said he didn’t see it where’s Melissa um slowly dying on the inside time for deployment guys let’s do it oh man this is the fun part sweetheart no why she was getting stuck with him if I was her you don’t marry him now when someone shows

you who they are believe them and he’s neglecting her Sanders pull it over anywhere so many weather choices yeah I’m pretty sure Sean told me the movie was delayed months because of all the actual weather stuff oh and they need to actually control how it how they shoot it yeah some good sound design in this movie damn so they’re finally gonna do it you guys are insane we need we know they have four of these we know they’ve gone through two now right so this is the third yes so thematically this won’t work because we

need to get to the fourth thematically or like plot wise not thematically the opposite of thematically expositionally sure structurally structure if this is three what’s four or five it’s the shape of a Kaiju monster I love in movies when they say things like a hurry it’s like yeah no it wouldn’t work even if they just let it take the truck I don’t think he wants to lose his truck liability oh no no not Dorothy oh no no no no Dorothy no Dorothy where is it oh my God it’s gonna come from another spot I don’t

believe this so late to getting it because Dorothy got sucked into the tornado I just put that together well Dorothy she’s okay she lives yeah but she in The Wizard of Oz she goes into her tornado what kind of isn’t that how she gets to Oz we don’t need to go over this right now yeah and then she wakes up yeah I think it knocks her out I don’t think she gets sucked up well there’s still a turtle I know something hits her she goes in the cellar she’s running away it is too late honey

she needs to understand what took her parents her dad what are you doing oh you’ve never seen him miss this house and miss that house and come after you Joe things go wrong you can’t explain it you can’t predict it killing yourself won’t bring your dad back sorry he died but it was a long time ago gotta move on it’s a great radio stop living in the past and look at what you got right in front of you solid radio connection oh my God the mic on it I love love though that was such a

beautiful moment oh I’m sorry Melissa but you’re not it honey you’re not it when it’s not you it’s not you it’s been not me for many times I know it sucks but it’s not you it’s not you do you know how many guys Roxy has lost because of their obsession with tornadoes yeah and the woman from the tornado the list goes on and on whoa what a weird shining what the hell it is The Shining oh she gotta sign the divorce papers Roxy as she should you don’t you don’t want to trap anybody in anything

they don’t want to be in nah well that’s your opinion okay love is love that’s what I say you know I’ve been thinking about the sensors the way they scattered out there today on the highway I’m starting to wonder whether the funnel will carry him like we thought too late I don’t know maybe the whole thing’s too light you talking about Melissa being too light he’s rethinking now it’s serious yeah let’s take a TV television the five the five is come for your here’s Johnny it’s already here everybody underground now how fun it would be

to deliver lines like that sick great shot everybody ouch oh that was sliced your face up damn I love the sets it’s like the Universal Studios holy I’m not saying I wouldn’t be her but I hope I wouldn’t be here Melissa yeah screaming at the top of your lungs just like treating it like she’s the only one no do not take my ant oh my God they’re really gonna do this that’s cruel what is the end goal here of this movie they’re gonna like learn what the tornado is yeah I was just thinking that because

we still have to I think we still have like almost a half hour don’t we yeah I think so can you tell which way it’s headed back in Northeast it looks to hit Wakita head on I’m going let’s go away you don’t have your Dorothy sensor though no she does she’s gotta go to her aunts I’m going back good good he’ll be safe at the motel I’ll see you in the morning I won’t be there I I can’t compete with this wait don’t do this now please terrible timing she’s right I love her now best

character in the movie yep you go ahead she needs you what about you don’t worry about me I know my way home now she dies it’s okay because yeah I still think they should kill her off yeah me too but I now like her I’ll now feel sad yeah they rounded out all the Loose Ends that we needed them to to feel good about it like she signed the paper so we know she’s not trapping him they ended anyway with Melissa like you know all the things that we needed Spielberg did a great job directing

that moment I know it’s philbrick is an excellent director Josephina spilbert knew what she was doing no no joke take a flashlight the dog dog’s alive we gotta get this off over hang on oh God okay ready watch your hand watch it go go why do you think they made this character her aunt instead of her mom I’m not sure yikes you gotta hurry let’s go take a good walk whoa great though he practiced where’s the dog you’re going to the hospital honey your car’s in a tree around the corner oh honey I don’t even

know if you want to know but I it’s it’s happened in NSS self predicting an F5 you go stop it you do stop it he’s telling her to go do the thing because they have one left I know how to make Dorothy fly okay plane Superman I think if you take a plane you drop it from above oh your guess was real or Dominic Toretto would just zoom right past through it come out the other end and tornado I need every aluminum can you cutters so I want to get the last door in the back

of my truck and I want to get them both on there right now he was able to see what she wanted to do without aluminum cans that’s love I would take an aw a root beer a decade I haven’t had real soda in a long time what’s fake soda sparkling water so like bubblies that was the Sabbath sentence you’ve ever said they’re delicious they are good just to satisfy this is how they’re able to pay for this whole movie yeah that one Pepsi scene Dusty you ready for us yeah yeah we’re good do you know

what they’re doing they need to make them fly because they said they were too light they weren’t going up oh yeah so whatever those windmill like yeah so was not a metaphor for Melissa could have been I figure put it right in the middle of the road I think somebody will hit it nobody will be there somebody will hit it he’s gonna drive like all right let’s go the actual twister scenes are really well done yeah it’s real like suspense it was a lot simpler than any of the other times it’s got to go wrong

right Carrie Elvis foreign oh whoa oh my god oh I got goosebumps did she say what is that yeah I believe it’s a tornado oh shoot damn oh no they do that oh they’re in it now oh you can’t survive at F5 whoa whoa jeez nice way to go bill this monster still moving Northeast on Eddie this is it last one I thought that we were on the last one all right no there’s another one in there yeah I saw it but remember they said they had four it’s beautiful Carrie go away as you wish

you did it you made it work marriage okay path is stable copy that hello you get my father prepare to die that’s what she’s saying to the Twister yeah that is true you killed my father prepare to die Jonas what’s your position we are heading Northeast running parallel and about to pull ahead of it on the left why hang back a minute we got a pretty good view from back here she could shift her Dragon if she does she’s gonna come right after it when I want your opinion I’ll give it to you when I

want your opinion I’ll give it to you listen to me this is not get off this frequency Bill she’s shifting oh so they’re going to be the ones who die right for him eliminated the competition for 96 this looks awesome it looks amazing still looks better than a lot of movies that today I think they have some of the actual items they’re destroying drive right through it do it movie so he said it looks like we’re going yeah that’s what I’m talking about oh hell yeah oh that was sick I love it let me just

set the cruise control okay we’re good oh they’re gonna jump out of the car like you suggested at the beginning yeah man just how are you gonna get away from the tornado I don’t know why are they staying that long time ago you both could have he had it on cruise control yeah there’s no point of you guys staying in there oh yeah little fireflies sure wreck some more houses there’s just no way like should you like dig a hole in the ground that will not do anything hold on to the leaves I would not

want to be in a tornado position with you rocks right oh my God like the beginning is there an underground like does the house even slow it down oh my God where are we good thing it’s unlocked we out here too we might have a chance we’re gonna hang on to the pipes they’re gonna tie themselves to the pipes yep smart oh my God I feel like pipes break all the time not in this situation nope not when it’s Bill while they’re in the middle of it they should have just kept Dorothy on them like

a great look we’re gone in that house I do wonder if that pipe thing actually will work in real life total Dorothy really flew I gotta get Grant approval for a new warning system you’ve got to start analysis and all that data I do yeah we got to generate models out of all this dead and I need to run the limbs I’m a weatherman I’m running the lab you’re right I don’t think so do you always have to do things the hard way damn it Dusty and friends if you pull up and your friends are

alive you’re probably stoked we’ve seen enough everyone’s like well what about Melissa man I feel like that leather strap would have ripped through them probably that’d be gory now I’m just making out Jen the bunt directed it back who’s John de Bond oh my God Michael Crichton wrote did you know Michael Crichton is who is that he’s the writer of a Jurassic Park he wrote the book and he wrote the book for Westworld Steven Spielberg oh that makes sense his name sounds familiar I don’t like that you quizzed me but I will accept it okay

oh my God Helen Hunt’s top billing over Bill Paxton it’s rare for a 90s movie for that to be the case that’s why I was asking how old she is here because I feel like she was very established at this point I mean she’s a really um prominent character she’s like force in this movie if this uh came out today people would call awoke but back then it’s just a movie hmm it’s an actual movie who’s John the bomb Jean the bunt oh my god dude what do you think that post-crediting will be F6 yeah

for sure we got some awesome coming our way what is the sequel to this gonna be it’s called twisters but this had multiple also kind of kind of like split apart I don’t know I love rock oh above Philip Seymour Hoffman deservedly so really good I gotta say um we put this movie on for your Jake Busey who was Jake Busey in this movie who’s Jake Busey I didn’t want to quiz you very Gary Busey yeah it’s Gary Busey’s son well okay that makes sense yeah bud Carr yeah music supervisor and you ever we both

know music supervisors very well and uh there’s a lot of cars in the movie there was a lot of cars so many cars everybody was willing to lose like thirty thousand fifty thousand dollars and this in the name of science so we watched this whole hour and 45 minute movie uh because your two friends are in it and they were not in it that much I said that to you you didn’t say they weren’t in that much I did you not once you never once paid for a tradition Lockhart uh you know once matched to

me I mean a joke right now you never said I said I said I don’t think that they’re in it that much they’re part of like a gang and then I told you that they were on game and then I said they were on set for a long time even though they weren’t in it that much because of the weather thing you don’t listen to me I might need to repeat all that and I feel like they were in it a lot more than I thought they were going to be um they weren’t a lot

more than you thought they were going to be oh my God oh my gosh all right you you win I lose you’re smart I’m dumb you’re big I’m small and there’s nothing you can do about it you ever see Matilda no it was on my list for movies to react okay well and you won’t understand um okay well I still enjoyed the movie Roxy lay down your opinions please I thought it was good I mean it just seems huge yes I was surprised with how big this movie is because frankly I had never heard of

it before they were talking about it you murdered twister before they were talking about it no but Sean was talking about it a few years ago when I did this show with him and I was like maybe I saw it I guess I hadn’t but now well why is this known as a big big movie yeah it’s a huge movie I thought it was gonna be boring I was like what do I care about a twister for about one tornado I thought it was like one tornado and Helen Hunt so you liked it more than

you thought I liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to this is this is Hollywood fun at its finest it’s Alan Rock Sean Whalen I know Bravo Sanders just the appropriate amount of screen time um yeah oh Anthony rap yeah the hell with him huh yeah he’s awful awful guy do we not like him Rusty swimmer no Anthony rap is not an awful guy who’s that the one who accused Kevin Spacey of oh my God he’s a great guy I don’t know I don’t pay attention enough to these things Roxy I

think you were here correctly I was like are we friends with those guys took down my show um okay okay um are you doing the music I thought the music was great what I liked too is the choice to mainly not use Music whenever they were in there like up close to the tornado sequence a bit like they just let the um the destruction be the the atmosphere of the destruction be be the entire mood for it is feel the space um yeah I’m genuinely con uh not confused but like I just don’t know why

we set up a movie I think this movie is very well done plot wise not theme wise why did we set up a movie in which her mom and dad and dog are with her in the bunker the dad dies the mom lives and then instead of having her mom be the character that comes back it’s the aunt um yeah no I mean I don’t have an answer for you I mean maybe because she looked enough like it could have been the mom right maybe because it’s a symbolism for she lost everything cuts out a

lot of conversation that she would have to have with her mom there’s a song in here by Stevie Nicks called Twisted I love it um produced by Lindsay Buckingham yeah not an awful person um yeah it was I said Red Hot Chili Peppers let’s go um I thought I heard it at one point but uh can you hear your band huh Goo Goo Dolls Goo Goo Dolls yeah it’s a lot of familiar John Resnick this is a this is a needle drop Galore here my God um yeah I I thought this is great Eddie Van

Halen and Alex Van Halen all that Warner Brothers music when you’ve got money honey so yeah I don’t know why they set it up but I think you know to keep her completely alone that way when she’s having that whole spiel now that’s why they did it because when she’s having that whole thing with Bill Paxton to make to drive home that no one could understand what she’s feeling and go like there’s literally no one and therefore where’s her mom and if her mom’s dead and because her mom oh did did they say that I

mean unless she’s a total dick and doesn’t bother to visit her mom it’s her and all this I mean maybe the mom moved away or whatever but they never acknowledge that the mom died right I think it’s safe to assume the mom died in the Twister not in the Twister but um later on at post twister probably I imagine some kind of diabetic condition she had that she had to go through I don’t think so let’s see what twisters is okay I don’t I think it’s just more Twisters but with Helen Hunt I don’t think

she’s gonna be in it oh Twisters movie let’s do this 2024 is coming everything we know okay everything we know and then I want to see who direct the person who directed this with else the director do whatever you want Roxy sassafras when is Twisters releasing July 19 2024 all right so um when the Twister trailer comes out will you be here at six o’clock in the morning to cover it with us I got you all right thanks do we know the plot a twister oh my God that’s what I made it for plot details

are scarce Universal plan is close to the vest I like it just I mean sorry new chapter in the franchises world I hope they have spin-offs the film is expected to center around the daughter of the iconic characters played by Han hunt and Bill Paxton uh well Bill Paxton’s passed away so he can’t return hella hunka come back the daughter hmm yeah I could play Helen Hunt’s daughter okay sure yeah why not the lack of confidence you just had wow I don’t know I said yeah sure yeah what did I do to piss you off

today sat through twists I want to see John the bomb all right it’s a good shot to bond or it could be yawn de Bond or it could be jammed Bond oh my if it’s a guy I would say Yonder Bond oh he directed Speed oh it’s totally a guy I thought it was a woman um speed’s a good one he’s a Roman Catholic Dutch just like Steven Spielberg um Roman Catholic yes oh and then he produced Minority Report that’s interesting which is a Eid oh these mainly oh my God he’s the director of photographer

only the weapon so he’s a cinematographer mainly that’s why this looks so sick oh it is DP for Die Hard oh yeah not at all it all shows Hunt for Red October some great movies he’s worked on Basic Instinct he got that famous shot good for him he’s growled so fast I read fast man um I’m sorry and his birthday is October 22nd which likely means he’s a Scorpio oh yeah I don’t know that at all I just know nothing it’s likely means birthday falls close to Halloween if I’m not mistaken that’s true um where

do you find that uh director let’s see what else he’s directed let’s do this oh my God directed uh the sequel to Laura Croft Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life the superior what is the haunting The Haunting is a classic that stars Catherine Zeta Jones and I believe Liam Neeson I want us when you start talking it sounded like you didn’t know but you did 100 right oh Bruce Dern I love him Owen Wilson wow ghost also directed Speed to cruise control that’s like speed but on a cruise it’s a good one this is cool

yeah I know he’s cool I but I thought the movie was a lot more fun than I expected it to be I think nowadays movies like this contact themselves I hope Twisters doesn’t take itself too serious I thought this had the right amount of taking itself serious enough like enough to give a about Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton I thought Helen Hunt was great she was so good in this and it was actually refresh I was totally expecting her to be supporting Woman character and she was the real lead of the movie to me yeah

for sure at first I was like oh am I gonna have a I like her but am I gonna have an issue because she just will not let this guy get a divorce and he wants one and that’s like to me a problematic character choice but then when she signs and you know she just need a little extra time well that’s why they boringed up you know Melissa to make you go God this one was a borer yeah and she was she was she was terribly do you think she survived I hope not in my

in my head Canon she died on the way back to her home she says oh I know how to get myself home and I was like what what is that even a reference to do you imagine she drove home got caught up in a tornado survived but came out terribly damaged and then Carrie Elvis ran her over on the way to the F5 tornado crushed her skull in terribly bummer yeah but you know she kind of had it coming for just being a that happens very boring um speaking of Catherine Zeta John she had it

coming she had it coming she had it coming um yeah Phil Paxton was good yeah he is very good they played off of each other very well I believe it wasn’t like Hollywood she’s 20 and he is 60. yeah because look up how old she was I’m really curious let’s do some math here for the constant questions that Roxy has so she’s born in 1963. oh my God I was close she’s she was 33 when the movie came out so she must have been 31 when they filmed it huh you said she looked much older

that’s sexist I didn’t say much you said she looked a lot older you said no she looks a little you don’t pay attention to me you literally said Dwight do you think she looks older and I said yeah you said a little thick in the face is what you I believe you said yeah and I thought like that’s a little mean no it’s just so hard when people have been stuck I don’t know if you have this problem but people have been stars for so many years they like stay looking the same so it’s hard

to know hair transplants um and I was trying to figure out like okay so what had Helen done at this point I would have guessed that she was like 37 38 in this ouch no why ouch no because she clearly looked much younger than that Helen Hunt is married to Hank Azaria yeah everyone knows that I did not know that are they oh no they don’t divorced one whole year so will you IMDb here for a second what did she do before this oh mad about you that episode of Friends where she carried over a

character from Mad about you but this is then this must be before she did um later on she did what that’s what I was going to say was this that was her husband later don’t hit me with the great actors great actors okay if you say so why is there someone in there that’s problematic not if you have certain beliefs oh you know what oh someone wants to install my Man of Steel movie but will not go to town on article review without a certain actor let’s see Mel Gibson um I love you Daddy so

as good against was the next year oh yeah friends of two years before she won an Oscar for okay so she hadn’t done as much before this no interesting yeah wow so this was like her big big screen wow she crushed this then she really had a commanding presence and like just was so really wait that is bizarre to me right how no what about you must have been before but that’s a show was Bill Paxton nobody before this is kind of crazy I mean Mad About You must have been like a huge ass show

then for her to be doing this you mean yeah yeah totally totally I mean she’s so so delete yeah in a huge Blockbuster what was the budget on there’s top billing okay yeah I mean we start with her so it makes sense that she was top billing it was her backstory she’s the protagonist yeah 92 million dollars for inflation and to be like like 200 million dollars for inflation it looked really good they did a really really good job with this effects hold up still amazingly like I love sets where the Practical effects are on

like really shown like the the destruction of the houses the debris and all the all the houses toppled over and stuff I thought that all looked great and um I thought it had a real it had some genuine fun to it it was exciting like had an excitement to it it was kind of like the same structure all the time you know like yeah chase the tornado try to get the internet fail yeah destruction take a little breather they set it up at the beginning like there’s four of them so you know how many and

we’re waiting for a five and whatever like you kind of knew all that this is interesting last minute reshoots in March and April to clarify a scene about Joe as a child and overtime requirements during post-production of Twister Spielberg took over directing duties on Minority Report instead of The Haunting oh interesting and then he went on to the yeah hunting instead do you think that was like a gentleman’s like all right you do this I’ll do this okay yeah oh how funny wow Minority Report is one of my favorites that’s pretty I’m glad he took

over for that me too I love that movie it’s an amazing film um yeah that was cool Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it fun supporting creepy guy yeah your friends what are their names again oh my God what is brought up with you Alan rock Alan Rock Sean Whalen Shawn Wayland oh I’ll commit to memory I I wish Alan Rock was my friend he’s not your friend I’m gonna try well this is gonna go up after you try okay so we’ll see so let me know if I need to cut something out okay you guys

I will remove anything that is complementary towards him if he does not treat you nice no no I met him the other day it was lovely he’s just not I just don’t think he’d call me a friend yet yeah well you gotta climb that ladder the operative word thematically speaking I think friendship is there plot line perhaps not that’s the Journey of your character right there with Alan Ruck yep oh my God thank God I got his name right um you know he’s very very um he’s known yeah I know he’s well known um who’s

your little friend who’s your little buddy we’re supporting yeah yeah yeah I have I I have a Funko Pop of me and that’s all made um as a gift not like you know I have an official Funko Pop but they took the Cameron Funko Pop and then they converted it to like my hair and stuff but they took it from camera why was that the one they used for you I have no idea but that was the one they used how’d you know because they told me that’s what they did that’s cool I said sweet

so apparently I look like your friend your best friend Alan Ruck I just call him Al oh I call him AI I don’t know why the eye is there AR um I’ll be still shorter than um do you have anything else you want to add no just that this was good I am excited that I don’t have to lie to them when I tell them that I watched it today and they say how did you like it and I can say that was really really solid that’s how I almost felt about this movie called Always

Lola you’re you’re the shots fired today I haven’t seen you removed your movie all right I feel bad I actually haven’t seen them I know how proud you are of that people say it’s really good I’ve heard him private who’s people you know friends of friends like Roxy’s actually good in the movie thanks appreciate that um pretty decent I try to watch it it was it was then some random Festival like Marina Del Rey and you didn’t come it was in July this year are you stating that because we weren’t as close in July no

no no no no it’s not July yet all right I said I was going to come that’s why that’s why I messed up there’s one happening right I thought you have I thought you have it playing no it happened it already happened last July oh oh yeah I didn’t I don’t know I think I knew you then did I know you I didn’t know you said like October right because we were besties yet we didn’t really know each other I would see you like in passing it like Throwdown events I think it well I’ll keep

everybody posted on how they can see it but hopefully soon okay cool I’ll react to it right here oh my God every time you show up on screen we’ll go that would be crazy I would do a reaction with you I’d be so self-conscious you would be I’d be selfish I would be I’d be like so where you’re next to me and be like this is weird does this make you feel more confident that you could live through a twister because I’m actually now no longer afraid yeah I can handle the Twister man kick that

Twister’s ass totally yeah me too bro get my pistol I was like totally like win the game of twists I do strap myself some pipes how hard is that get my belt I really feel like that leather let’s do this I feel like all of our review was in the reaction how unrealistic is twister and it says do you mean how realistic interesting but is it scientifically accurate okay Fox Weather what do you got yeah and you push your agendas huh he was a weatherman try to give me a vote a certain way oh come

on load internet I need to find out yeah which which uh side of the aisle is pro twister laughs oh God that is the cool thing about natural disasters which is a sentence I don’t say often yeah I say at least once a week nobody’s down uh dodo uh God huh twister okay Kathleen Kennedy produces Star Wars um I don’t see if it’s scientifically accurate I just want like a a quick answer I just want something that’s just like it’s twister and acne it was actually based on the work of scientists at noaa’s national severe

storms laboratory there was no way you could survive a lot of that that they survived though no way don’t believe it no it’s just the Running part oh my God you can’t run that yeah no that’s no no way but Alan Ruck could uh run it and so can Sam Wilson what’s his name Wilson Sam Wilson okay Sean Whelan he’s literally directing my movie oh my god dude and the movie crust is gonna be incredible it’s about a laundry piece of uh chain yes all righty I wish you listened to me I did listen Pete’s

uh crusts is the laundry laundromat and there’s gross stuff it’s a horror comedy I just don’t remember names took me forever to be like oh Roxy short for Roxanne good how is it like that what does your name mean was it mean Rock Solid I don’t get the question what is what does your name mean like why was I named it holy crap how is this a hard question what is the meaning of your name in like a different language you mean well I don’t know what you mean just like the general like what does

the name Roxanne mean I’ve never been asked that before nor do I think it has a is right there so you wanted the Greek origins of my name you have a is there another meaning to your name I don’t think my name has a meaning it says it right here when you type it in Persian origin where the name originates from it originates it’s a Persian origin name okay and it means Dawn did you not know this I I still don’t even know what you’re talking about Alan rock is gonna have a very hard time

becoming your friend I don’t think he’s gonna ask me where my name I was named after the sting in the police song Roxanne were you legitimate your name yes okay okay so maybe that song was that would be the answer to why you were named Roxanne okay like I was named Greg because of my uncle you you know what Greg means Gregory means Vigilant and watchful in what I don’t know where it comes from but that’s what the original originator of my name cheese you’re taking the fun out of Twister meaning flock yes such ties

Grant Greg this you were the flock stature of a Shepherd yeah you guys at home let us know how many of you know what your name means and if you don’t Google it it’s interesting what do mine mean uh Dawn it’s Persian alrighty guys like me well let us know your thoughts down below be sure to subscribe leave a like go watch our Prince of Egypt reaction not as much hate as I thought but a decent amount just what I like to see um before we go Roxy can you help me do a patreon of

the day shut up back to all you Pages this one goes out to one very specific Patron out there Daniel Kelly who would be amazing to give a shout out to also you’ve got share in your name and the Cher is the Queen of All Things Scottish and also I would let her prescribe me anything just like you Daniel thanks thanks for you patreon um what language was or what accent was that I don’t know I I couldn’t think of Scottish you started Irish okay what’s Scottish you know when we started messing around on like

when we were just like warming up for the camera earlier you were doing a Scottish accent what did I say um I’m best friends with Alan o’broke I love me some Alan Rock uh I can’t do Scottish accents I bet you sound way Doper than I do I did it earlier it came over me like like the dawn nicely done yeah no seriously super sexy reject Daniel thank you thank you I hope you appreciated that all right this video is official Irish and you went British right person

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