TWS Gaming Terjangkau Tanpa DELAY | ZNT TWS REVIEW INDONESIA Gamepods wireless gaming earbuds

Hello Friends with me Emes Mobakabaka Chanel
As you can see earlier is the unboxing of the TWS gaming earbuds from ZNT
and ZNT named it
GAMEPODS Wireless Gaming Earbuds
I bought these earbuds because it was actually more of a curiosity
“Are there tws or earbuds that are truly WITHOUT DELAY at affordable prices?”
because until now
frankly, I am still a bit skeptical of
the frills of gaming
on a tws compared to wired earphones of course
And instead of being curious My choice fell to ZNT’s gamepods
because I saw some reviews on YouTube On average All positive
And also from the appearance in the online shop the gaming aura is really visible and of course
because there are also Mobakabaka friends who had requested
a review of ZNT earbuds via comments
although actually the request is not specific to TWS Gaming
and before we continue we DISCLAIMER first
First, this is not an endorsed video
It is clear that we bought this ourselves [for review]
Second, whatever the results of our assessment on this video are not to bring down any party
if it’s good we say it’s good and vice versa
Then the third one, try not

to skip the video. Get used to watching it until it’s finished
because we won’t answer questions whose information is clear in this video
maybe they don’t watch it
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For the contents in the package it looks like this the shape is rather unique
We can immediately see the charging case and the shape of the earbuds at once which is only covered by this transparent plastic sheet.
We will skip the charging case and earbuds first Then continue with other items first
First, it’s a USB to USB Type-C charging cable
Then there are spare eartips, large or L and small or S
so if you have an ear size instead of Medium (M)
you can use these spare eartips
Then the last item is the English Manual Guide
so for the items in the ZNT GAMEPODS Wireless Gaming Earbuds box that’s all and now we go to the gamepods unit
The charging case design is quite unique having a shape similar to the head of a king cobra snake with two indicator lights as its eyes
The Charging Case material is plastic feels solid and if you just look at it
it looks premium
of course, after holding it immediately you will find out
On the back there is a USB Type C charging port, unfortunately this isn’t the fast one yet [1V-5A]
At the bottom there is the specification information
the battery in the charging case is 400 mAh, the battery capacity is not large and not small either
including the mediocre one. I’m still a little doubtful whether the battery can last a long time
especially if you look at the large LED lights and there are two of them too
When opened, both eyes.
I mean the charging case indicator light will turn on bright purple
The purple color is quite interesting because besides being quite large, the color is
also quite bright as an indicator light
which, if you look at it from above like this, the appearance of the inside of the charging case
at a glance reminds me of the Superman logo shape
Continue to the earbuds
the shape is like this
the position of the eartips is slightly tilted forward
and the position of the mic
is at the end with three holes
where in this model the position of the mic is closer to the mouth as a source of sound so that our voice will be heard more clearly
The material of the earbuds is the same. of a kind of plastic too but here there are two types
for the outside with a DOP display like the charging case
while the part that goes into the ear is made glossy
There are two indicator lights that are elongated in size
this lamp is quite interesting too
but still looks in harmony with the design of the lamp on the charging case
both emit a purple light it’s just that the shape of the lamp is not rigid
For the second design, I give my thumbs up, it’s quite cool and I don’t think it looks tacky when used for daily use
especially for those of you who like to be noticed
When used it feels quite comfortable, there is no part of the ear that experiences excessive pressure
this is enough to grip the ear even though we move quite actively
it still feels the grip of ZNT GAMEPODS Wireless Gaming Earbuds is pretty good
Then what about the ability?
Before continuing to discuss its capabilities, I would like to convey first, that TWS gaming has two modes
How to switch modes is quite easy, press and hold on the right earphone for about two seconds
and you will hear a “soft voice” notifying the mode change
“Game Mode”
BTW as usual for complete specifications and how to operate the earbuds You can see in the following table
please press the Pause button if it’s too fas
For Sound Quality in music mode, TWS ZNT GAMEPODS Wireless Gaming Earbuds have a pretty good quality, especially the bass
the bass sound feels round, not at all dirty even at maximum volume
for the vocal sound is still quite good, it sounds clear. It’s just that
I’m not comfortable with the High frequency, sometimes it feels tiring when it’s at maximum volume
You could say that the default tuning
position at this factory is
the Bass is set more forward
than the mid and high frequencies
Overall for Sound Quality
in Music Mode is still OK
for sound quality points from one to ten, maybe
it could be … Seven ?!
For sound quality when used in Game Mode, there is indeed a significant difference
when compared to the usual TWS The sound response feels faster when in Game Mode But the sound quality
when listening to music sounds flatter than Music Mode
When I tried it for the first time I was a little surprised, because for PUBG Mobile, it felt like I was using gaming earphones
it’s not exactly at all
because after a while it still feels
not as responsive as wired earphones
now I just want to ask you
to use a headset or
IEM, then please judge for yourself
whether the following video sample is really NO DELAY or even just a gimmick
so what do you think?
Does TWS deserve to be called
NO DELAY or Not?
I’m sure you can see or at least
feel the difference between MUSIC MODE and GAME MODE
Is it true that in GAME MODE it is really without delay?
For those of you who haven’t seen the difference, try to look back at the slow motion sample earlier
then focus on the tip of the gun barrel, now try to pay attention to when the first explosion was seen
at the end of the rifle and when you heard the first gunshot
Surely this tws still has a delay
it’s just that the delay is not as bad as the usual tws Which can be up to 1 second
TWS Gaming ZNT has a delay of about 0.2 seconds in GAME MODE and 0.3 seconds in MUSIC MODE
So GAME MODE is 0.1 second faster than MUSIC MODE
BTW all the numbers mentioned just now were obtained when editing the video but actually
without going through the video editing process we can still feel that the sound we hear is still a bit late
So in our opinion, TWS is still not suitable for FPS games
For other types of games, it seems still very feasible
This is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy playing games without having to bother with earphone cables
or maybe for those of you whose smartphone doesn’t have an audio jack
and of course there is a “little” delay, not a big problem for you
to see our review about other TWS earbuds here and or
you can check the Gamer Gear playlist here too
For the latest video reviews, I usually put it in this section
As usual
I’m Emes Mobakabaka Chanel Thank you for watching until the end
and see you in the next video

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