TWS T33 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Full Review

Hi RichFam! Welcome back to another video. If you’re new here, I’m Rich and welcome to my channel
For today’s video, join me as I unbox and review the T33 true wireless stereo gaming earbuds
so let’s go!
I bought this in Shopee for  299 pesos
but now they increased the price and it’s going for 323 pesos
so that is roughly 6 US dollars
Here is what’s inside the box
you will get a user manual
a usb type-c cable
some spare ear tips
and the T33 earbuds with a charging case
As for the design, it has a matte finish so it’s not a fingerprint magnet
The hinge works smoothly
at the back is the usb type-c port
It’s lightweight and doesn’t give a premium feel
the magnet is snappy
The earbud is in-ear type and it is designed after a gun
You will see the indicator light, the touch control and the multiple holed mic for better clarity
This is a bluetooth 5.2 version
The design makes it comfortable to wear
Just like most of the gaming earbuds without a brand, it’s made with a cheap plastic
and it’s really not waterproof
so even if the manual says it’s ipx5 or ipx6 waterproof, don’t trust it

/> and avoid dropping the earbud
Even the magnets for the earbud are quite snappy  
You will see the indicator lights on the earbud and the charging case
It’s pretty cool right
The charging case actually reminds me of the x15 gaming earbuds that I reviewed before
The battery capacity of each earbud is 35 milliamperes  
and you will see the red indicator lights on the earbuds and, of course, the indicator lights of the charging case
It will take one hour for the earbuds to be fully charged by the charging case
All the indicator lights will be off
The charging case have a 400 milli amperes battery capacity
To charge it, just connect the usb type-c cable
and please be sure to never use a fast charger when it comes to these kind of gaming earbuds
The indicator lights will start flashing whilst it’s charging
It will take around one and a half hour for the charging case 
to be fully charged
and the light will be steady
As for pairing, be sure to remove the earbuds from the case
and let it pair with each other first before you turn on the bluetooth of your phone
After that, you can turn on the bluetooth of your phone and you will see T33 at the available devices
just click that and pair it
The indicator lights of the earbud will turn off once it’s connected
The T33 earbud supports aac and sbc codec, at least with my poco x3 pro  
you can also see the battery percentage
you can rename it
and switch from sbc to aac
As for the touch control, just press any of the earbud once to play or pause
Tap right two times to go to the next video or song
or tap left two times to go to the previous video or song
tap right three times to increase the volume
and tap left three times to decrease the volume
according to the seller, the Game mode is automatic on this earbuds
so you don’t have to switch from music mode to game mode
and no additional control for that
I also tested the touch control functions with an iphone and surprisingly it also works
So here is the T33 true wireless stereo gaming earbuds
Overall i’m going to give this a thumbs up and an 8.5 out of 10 rating
I like the design of the earbuds itself
It has a gaming aesthetic so I find it cool
I also like the purple light of the charging case
Though it was advertised as an UV light, it’s really not and it’s just a purple led light only
but it’s quite nice to look at
The battery life is also decent because I was able to use it for four to five hours on a continuous depending on the volume
The mic is also clear and the bluetooth connection is really stable
It’s also nice that it’s compatible and it works for both ios and android devices
As for the sound quality, it’s definitely above average compared to most of the gaming earbuds that I reviewed before
It’s lacking a bit depth on Lows
but when it comes to the mids and 
the highs, the sound quality is good
so it will be enjoyable if you’re going to use this to listen to your favorite music or even to watch videos
As for gaming, it clocked at 100 to 150 milliseconds when it comes to latency
but, as I always say in my previous videos, when it comes to gaming latency, it depends on the compatibility of the earbuds to your phone
so at that latency, it’s not that bad when it comes to gaming
The price is also affordable at 323 pesos but you can get it for less if you’re going to use your Shopee vouchers and coins
so there, if you’re looking for a daily use earbuds that is reliable and also works for gaming
then I recommend the T33 true wireless stereo gaming earbuds
Anyway, that sums up my video. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did
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