Tyler Adams’ response on facing Wales is why he’s our Captain

yeah Wells their style play is very distinctive we watched a lot of video on them already um we’re very familiar with what they’re attacking players and and the threat that they bring um you know a lot of times when you play against teams that that counter people think that uh you need to give yourself more space and drop off a little bit deeper uh to defend the spaces in behind but um for me and especially the way that we we play out leads and here we’re very aggressive when we’re attacking with the ball so for

our Defenders sometimes they’re gonna have to be put in situations where they’re gonna have to defend one against one and you have to be comfortable in those situations uh so for our Defenders I think they’re already very focused on that Greg has already spoke about it that you know rest attack as we call it when we’re when we have the ball um we’re already thinking about which defend or which attackers are a threat and what what poses the the biggest threat the spaces that we need to defend in behind um and we know Wales is

good at that so we have to counteract that for sure

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