Umbro 2020-21 Santos FC Away Jersey – Unboxing + Review

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let’s talk about jerseys
jesse lovers i’m obsessed about the
partnership between santos and umro
they always put together great stuff
like this one here the 2019 20
santos fc home jersey look at this bad
beautiful right look at the away one
this is the away one from the same ear i
actually put the name and number on the
back trying to imitate a friend of mine
likes palmettos he usually buy the
palmetto’s new jerseys
and have the iconic name of former
and i tried to do the same thing it was
very useful when i was talking about
this jersey here the 2021 santos home
jersey made by umbro
click over here in case you missed this
video and watch
so let’s catch the chase do you guys
want to talk about the 2021
santos fcoa jersey let’s do it
this is a 2021 santos fc away jersey
made by umbro
look at this beautiful striped jersey
and let’s talk about the details of this
bad boy here
i actually like more the away version of
this season
than the white one although i love the
white one as well
and i do every season but this season
the striped version is very special i
like it
so let’s show some of the highlights of
this jersey
again the color is very similar to the
home one i like it it’s a crew
neck color has this y shape here
on the end of the collar has black
and white folds over here beautiful
love it and it’s white the color i like
when the color is white on the santos
gives this feeling off more white than
black and i usually say that santos is
more white than black
not black and white so i know it’s very
so let’s show you some other stuff here
so the brain sheet of victory over here
in umbra logo
and santos cross really small over here
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another highlight maybe the highlight of
the jersey
is the you know graphic on the
stripes i don’t know if you guys can see
well but you guys will see that in a
video in a moment
there is a tonal graphic on the black
stripe which provides some you know
modern touch to the this beautiful
jersey look at this
what else we have here let’s talk about
the sides of the jersey that comes with
blue collar some people did not like it
like it a lot i like the tone of this
both sides and there is this
stamp which says brazilero do mundo
the biggest brazilian club in the world
which it is i told you guys that already
i like the fact that the numbers
have the blue color
on the borders the umbra logo and as
well the santos monochromatic
crust this is a beautiful jersey
so now make sure you watch the video all
the way
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jersey lovers take a look at this
beautiful jersey i know i’m biased to
say that but
this is amazing love the design
super modern the feet is fantastic the
fabric’s super lightweight
look at the back of the jersey let me
show you the combination i’m doing for
this video
some black camo sweatpants and this air
max 270
nice jersey i want to know what you guys
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