Hi, guys! I usually don’t speak
on my videos but today I’m going to
review a product from a website
that I never ordered before,
and that it just arrived.
I’m very happy to announce that my package from InterAsia
is here. It took about a week and a half
because the shipment was stopped at customs,
and it was released yesterday,
after I paid import taxes.
Which weren’t a lot, actually… about $10.
When I ordered the Winter Package I paid for Express Shipping with DHL
because it was the only option.
You know, during this pandemic K-Packet and EMS paused delivering to my country.
So like I said… DHL was the only option.
The delivery price was about $30 (to my country, it could be less to yours),
which is probably the most I’ve ever given for shipping.
Especially when you convert the amount to my currency, it’s a lot.
So moving on to the Winter Package…
Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know
but the Winter Package is sold out almost everywhere.
Usually, I buy BTS stuff from Weverse Shop, Cokodive,
and when I don’t have a choice – from Amazon.
The first couple of times I looked for the Winter Package
it was only available on Amazon
and the prices were very high. I think they started at $120 (not including shipping).
So imagine my surprise when I found the Winter Package on InterAsia for about $47, I think.
I immediately purchased it because I knew that this was the best option that is sold out almost everywhere.
So without any further ado,
let’s unbox this package and see if everything is alright with it,
and share my overall thoughts.
Ah, back to me, again.
I’m so pleased with everything.
You know sometimes it’s very difficult for international fans to trust a foreign website.
Especially when there are 2-3 online K-Pop stores
that are well-known and trusted.
As I said, I never ordered from InterAsia before.
but I took a risk and the risk paid off.
I’m extremely happy with them.
The Winter Package came in perfect condition,
and my first experience with them was a good one.
For those who clicked on the video and wanted a review about the website as well,
I can only say – go ahead and order from there.
The prices are low, similar to the prices on Weverse Shop.
They dispatched my order, I think, on the next day,
which is very fast.
With some other websites, I had to wait more than a week, sometimes two weeks,
for them to send the order.
So I give InterAsia 10/10,
and, of course, the Winter Package 1000000/10
And that’s it for today’s video.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below,
and I’ll reply to them as soon as possible.
Bye, guys!

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