UNBOXING AIRPODS PRO Copy RiverSong Air Pro EA79 Honest review in urdu full detail in English

Welcome to another video of tw technology
So guys as you can see in our hands
here is here is the fake copy of airpods pro
name riversong air pro EA79 It contains 2
years warranty these are TWS earbuds and here
you can see some functions on the box at the
side of box you can see qr code of there website
at the back of box you can see specifications
let’s open it 😉 opening I have used this
for 3 days and now I am making this video
these are our airpods as you can see these
are copy of airpods pro in the box you get
a box named as accessories box here you will
get your cable this is smart user manual when
I am here so there is no need of this Guys
I am shocked that here you also get a warranty
card if there is a problem in airpods or anything
you can go to company or the place you buy
here is the lead that is same like iphone
The best thing is this can be charged wirelessely
let’s open the case there is a green light
you can see here is our
airpods that is multifunctional

AIRPODS let’s connect it with our smartphone
we will open the Bluetooth after 1 or 2 minute
it closes for battery saving as you can see
device has shown now the pairing is simple
now it’s connected to our phone the voice
of this is amazing I personally use this best
airpods pro copy ever
Cinematic Shots Guys the quality of there
pro are amazing as I said that I used it 3
days and I really impressed I use this for
editing overall nice product I use for editing
it is called multifunctional button If I press
here one time the song will play and pause
Functions,Features So you can see this button
if we press it twice it will change the song
if you want previous song then you can tap
In the upper if you press it will not work
3times 👍
but if we press here then it work bcz our
finger is in the sensor
if press and hold multifunctional Key then
you can see your assistant let’s talk about
build quality it is very strong as you can
see this is not too heavy like apple
when the case charge you will see orange or
red light at full charge the light will be
cyan blue or full green overall my experience
is as a copy of apple airpods is good the
quality of everything is good guys you can
see the watch in my wrist this the clone of
apple series 6 it have features of apple link
in description box and you can see the button
in back battery backup is if you hear in the
voice of 80 battery will provide you 3_4 hours
but the speaker of airpods are loud so there
will be no need only 70 or 60 5to 6hrs I like
this tell me your feelings about this product
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