Unboxing and Review figma Crow dari Persona 5! (ENG SUB)

Hello guys! Quirkless Hobby here!
In this video I will do unboxing and review of:
figma Crow figure from Persona 5
There is also the anime for Persona 5, which is Persona 5 The Animation
This isn’t my first Persona 5 figma figure,
I have other Persona 5 figma figures as well in my collection
I’m quite interested with Crow figure so let’s see what the figure looks like
Let’s go!
As usual let’s start by looking at the box
As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t my first Persona 5 figma figure
For Persona 5 figma figures, I already own Joker, Oracle, Queen & Noir
I made an unboxing & review video for Noir previously,
so you can check out the video in the link provided here
As for Crow, you don’t have to play Persona 5 Royal
since the character is also in Persona 5 game
He is one of the characters that will heavily involved in the plot of P5
Since I don’t want to spoil those who haven’t play the game,
I won’t mention anything related to his game character
Now let’s take a look at the handling instructions
The parts that come with this figure are really simple so
there aren’t that many instructions to be given here

Maybe you just need to pay a bit more attention to his sword instruction
Let’s take a closer look at the figure, starting from the figure articulation
For this figure articulation, there is extra joint on the hip
so the torso part can be extendable like this
The arms articulation is quite standard, it’s slightly limited due to that part of the outfit that you can see here
I think that it’s quite alright for arms articulation like this because there are some figures that have limited articulation because of the outfit
But for the head articulation I think this figure is a bit lacking, especially for vertical movement is very limited and lacking here
So it’s not really that easy if you want to switch it up for posing
But for the arms and legs articulation and the extra joint on the hip are quite good just like most standard figma figures articulation
Also his outfit looks good in this figure
His face sculpting also looks good here
Like most of Persona 5 figma figures,
generally the face sculpting of the figures are good
Also most of the Persona 5 figma figures outfit look good,
really similar with their characters in the game
Now let’s take a look at the face parts that come with this figure,
this first one has the smiling expression
As for the other one, it’s laughing expression
but you can say it looks more like evil laugh actually
Another extra part for the head is his persona mask with the hair part
As for his weapon, this is his sword (Laser Saber)
I think the sculpting of this is quite good
The next part is a chess piece and it’s quite small
but it is a nice touch for this Crow figure
The other weapon for this figure is this gun, I think the gun looks cool
Also the sculpting of the gun looks good
These are the extra hand parts, you can see the variety of it
This is a part of the stand
This is the extra joint
This is the base
This is the stand
This is the plastic bag to store all the parts
Now let’s start creating a pose with this figure
In this video I’m going to pose him with his ray gun and laser saber
I also will swap the head part and with the hair part that is wearing mask
I’m just trying to show this figure with most of the extra parts that come with this figure so you can have a look at it
Just like that, it’s not that difficult to attach the part
I think this face part with the mask is my favorite for this Crow figure
We’re going to swap both hand parts to the ones
that can hold his gun and his laser saber
Starting from the left hand part first, this one will hold the gun
So if you haven’t play the game yet, I can recommend you to play the game and you can start straight from Persona 5 Royal
or you can also watch the anime, Persona 5 The Animation
There are a lot of people who don’t really like the anime so maybe
it’s better if you start from the game first
There is also a newly released Persona 5 game, Persona 5 Strikers. I’m currently playing the game and you can play it after P5 / P5 Royal
Let’s place the weapon into the hand part
I’ll show you a better view of it
Just slot in the grip of the gun like that and
make sure the finger is placed in the trigger as well
We’re done with the gun!
The parts that come with this Crow figure are quite simple, you don’t need to swap around too many parts to create a variety of pose with this figure
Maybe just need to pay a bit more attention with his sword, you need to take it off like this and then attach it back on after you place it in the hand
The rest of the parts of this figure are quite straight forward so you don’t need a lot of instruction to assemble or swap the parts
As for his sword, it might look like I’m struggling but I’m really careful when placing the parts of the figure so I can be really slow when doing this
Just make sure the spot to re-attach the handle part is facing outward like this, if it’s facing the wrist it can be quite tricky
Just like this and we’re done placing the gun and the laser saber
Next we’re going to place the stand to the figure
So overall, the only negative of this figure is probably the head articulation
But for everything else it’s quite good in my opinion
If you are not a fan of Crow as a character maybe you can reconsider whether to purchase this figure or not
Because his parts might like quite simple compared to for example,
Noir DX version (A bit unfair to compare it to DX, I’m just giving example)
We’re done creating the pose for Crow in this video!
Let’s get right into the size comparison with other figures
First, it’s with S.H.Figuarts Captain America
Then it’s with Banpresto prize figure Shinobu Kocho
Next it’s with Nendoroid Futaba Sakura from Persona 5
Lastly, it’s with figma Joker from Persona 5
We’re done with the unboxing part now let’s get into the review
The sculpting and the painting of this figure is really good, just like the standard of most other Persona 5 figma figures
For the articulation is quite good except for the head articulation because it’s not really flexible especially for vertical movement
The rest of the parts that come with this figure are quite good, like the weapons, the chess piece and the extra hair part with the mask
If you are a fan of Persona 5 and you are a fan of Crow,
I might recommend you to purchase this figure
This is it for this unboxing and review video
What do you think about this figure? Please let me know in the comment!
For the next unboxing and review video, I have several choices
First, it’s Nendoroid Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5
The other options are KonoSuba Pop Up Parade, Aqua or Megumin
Please anticipate my next video!
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See you guys! Bye!

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