UnBoxing and Review of the Gan Rubik 2×2 Speed Cube

today we have an unboxing from rubik. so here 
we have the rubik’s speedcube 2×2. now recently  
they came out with a rubik’s speed cube 3×3. i 
believe they partnered with gan and here this  
is with tiles it’s very smooth very quiet and so 
i’m very interested to see what the feeling of  
this 2×2 is like. but first just taking a look at 
the packaging on the back we have reinvented for  
speedcubing okay it looks like it is using a gan 
core. it looks like it is partnered with gan. we  
have tiles effortless turning rubik’s speed 2×2 on 
the side. we have a little qr code if you guys are  
interested in scanning that i’m curious to know 
what that actually scans to. i guess this would  
be a nice little display thing actually now that i 
think about it just put it up against the wall and  
just plop it in there so here we have that i’ll 
probably keep that for that exact reason here.  
we have the rubik’s speed cube 2×2 and inside 
you can actually see the gan nuts right there.  
that’s pretty neat all right 
so let’s open this bad boy up.
but this i’m very excited to take a look at, right 
off the bat see

the colors if they’re the same,  
so it seems like they’re approximately the same 
colors as on the rubik’s speed cube, maybe a  
little bit darker red, and maybe a little bit 
lighter orange, or maybe that’s just the lighting.  
not sure but there are tiles so no chipping and 
let’s go ahead and take a look at first turns.
all right so that is a very quiet 2×2, it 
seems like rubik’s partnering with gans usually  
results in a quiet cube but it’s very smooth.
very controllable all right so 
let’s take a look at corner cutting.
just over 45 degrees in reverse.
so far this seems like a pretty good. two 
words to step alright so here we have this  
scrambled. i’m gonna do a couple solves you 
guys can judge me. feel free to be as mean  
as you want in the comments. i’m kidding please 
don’t roast me anyways here we go with the solve.
all right was not expecting 
that all right take two.
all right so here i have the 
tensioning tool from the gan.  
try five four and let’s see if any of 
these work on this it’s a smaller nut.
that seems too small.
okay right here. all right so this one right 
here is the one that fits on this. i don’t have  
any nuts to replace it with. i’m not actually sure 
where you can get and that’s that small maybe with  
the old two by two, or with the maybe with the 
other gan 2x2s. i’m not 100 sure but if you guys  
wanna let me know in the comments down below that 
would be much appreciated and anybody watching  
this video go ahead and check the comments to see 
if you can actually purchase other nuts. i’m not  
actually sure when this cube is going to be sold, 
and i’m not quite sure on the price. i couldn’t  
find it on the rubik’s website but once the cube 
is up on the rubriks website, i will be sure to  
have a link down in the description. but until 
then you can find the rubiks.com website. down  
in the description and go ahead and take a look at 
that. so my overall thoughts on this is that it’s  
a pretty smooth quiet controllable 2×2 i like the 
feel of the tiles they’re very smooth my fingers  
aren’t slipping at all on them, and i’m not and 
i’m pretty happy that i’m not going to have to  
worry about chipping or stickers and that’s kind 
of why i stuck with the tile two by two but also  
just it’s nice to see rubik’s branching out and 
making speed cubes that aren’t three by three  
i think it’d be cool to see a rubik’s speed 
cube 4×4 maybe that’ll be next who knows  
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i hope you all enjoyed and thanks for watching

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