Unboxing Blackpink The Album Version 3 |Full Review

Hi! today I’m going to unbox the 1st full album from Blackpink. BLACKPINK The ALBUM in version 3.
I ordered this package to replace the previous one I received that arrived without the lyrics booklet.
Let see if there is the lyrics booklet or not.
Here we go!
The main colour is glossy black. There is a tracklist on the back of the box.
The side of the box is in a chrome pink colour.
The first item I see is the photobook with a hologram hardcover.
You will see the graphic as the crown and its diamond reflection.
I will let you see some pages of the photobook.
…and Lisa
The photobook has about 96 pages.
The photobook version 3 is in a white theme.
It’s very good quality.
The credits sheet shows the team that created this album.
Finally, I have the lyrics booklet. I need it to sing-along to their songs
…and get across their songs better.
I wish to sing in the correct lyrics at their concert.😁
I got Jisoo’s photo
and Jennie’s photo.
(I’m looking for Lisa’s photo)
Then I got Rosé’s photo
…and Jisoo’s photo.

There are 4 photos in the postcard set.
There is the name of the member on the back of each postcard.

The cd has black colour and the title in silver letters.

There is a tracklist on the edge of the cd.
This album has 8 songs in total.
The 1st song is ‘How You Like That’
2nd is ‘Ice Cream’ which features Selena Gomez
3rd is ‘Pretty Savage’
4th is ‘Bet You Wanna’ which features Cardi B
5th is ‘Lovesick Girls’
6th is ‘Crazy Over You’
7th is ‘Love To Hate Me’
…and the last song is ‘You Never Know’.
(that’s it)
It’s such a shame that I didn’t get a random Lisa photo (she is my favourite)
Thanks for watching! See you in the next video.
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