Hey guys! Welcome to Kalimba sound channel! A few 
days ago i got my lyre harp from aliexpress and  
in this video i want to share my happiness with 
you, so i’m going to do an unboxing of my lyre harp,  
also i will do sound test and i will try 
to play something on it, so let’s start!  
I was worried about the shipping because sometimes 
transport companies aren’t careful enough while  
shipping and you can get broken goods, you 
know, but everything was packed really well.  
In this box you can find the lyre harp itself,
a tuning wrench, three picks, 
one more set with 19 strings,  
stickers with number notation and a small 
instruction called “Elementary course of lyre” where  
you can read about lyre harp parts, about tuning 
and etc. My lyre harp has 19 strings but also  
there are lyres with 10, 16, 21 or even 24 strings. 
The highest note is C6 and the lowest note is F3.
This lyre harp is made of wood and the strings are 
made of metal. I bought this lyre harp in Rooxin  
Water Fun Store for almost 50 dollars. This store 
has 16 and 19 strings lyres that have different  
shapes and different colors so you can choose the 
one you like

the most. So this is all I wanted to  
say about this wonderful musical instrument and 
as you know my channel is about kalimba covers  
and tutorials, but in future i would also like 
to make covers with lyre harp too so stay tuned  
and i hope you guys liked this video 
thank you very much and see you soon, bye!

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