Unboxing Medicube Skin care Products – Ultimate skincare review

hi everyone welcome back to my channel this is 
Sezaline so today’s video guys at my unboxing
another set nam uh medicube skincare 
products guys so if the products
and finally i got it today guys so i 
wanted to open this and you know guys
i have really sensitive skin and finally 
at this product it’s really good to my  
sensitive skin so i have a 
combination oily skin guys
so yeah and guys so if you know that 
um if you’ve been following my video  
already so you know already what i’m 
meant what i said and of course guys
skincare routine
about this product so let’s go guys let’s 
open the products guys that you explain
so no further ado let’s do it
so i am guys so that’s all for today guys
and of course products on my skincare 
routine i am super excited so yeah  
guys uh so yeah don’t forget guys if you 
have a question just comment down below so  
i will try to answer all your question guys 
and of course if you have um uh suggestion guys  
i accept all the suggestion you got and of course 
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new upload video like this so yeah guys that’s all 
for today i’ll see you around bye have a great day

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