Unboxing & Review ARTFX J Nobara Kugisaki 1/8 Scale Figure | Jujutsu Kaisen ( ENG SUB )

Hello Guys! Back again with Quirkless Hobby!
In this video we will be unboxing and review of
ARTFX J Nobara Kugisaki 1/8 Scale Figure from Jujutsu Kaisen
This is my third Jujutsu Kaisen ARTFX J figure
Previously I did unboxing and review of Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro
Now let’s take a look at Nobara ARTFX J figure!
The box is quite similar in the design and the art on it
with the box of Yuji and Megumi figure
For this Nobara figure, I just realized it has been released for a while
The release date is October 2021
It only arrived recently, that’s why I recoded this video only recently
I think this Nobara ARTFX J figure and Satoru Gojo look good
Also because I pre-ordered both figures with the extra head / face part
Nobara figure is interesting because I think I like bonus face part more
I mentioned Satoru Gojo before because I also pre-ordered the figure
But it hasn’t released yet so I’m still waiting
This is the bonus face part
Honestly I like the face expression of this bonus face part
compared to the one that comes with the figure
So if you are not familiar

with ARTFX J figures
Most stores didn’t open pre-order with the bonus face part
It’s only in selected stores or if you managed
to buy directly from Kotobukiya
Usually the bonus part for ARTFX J figures is either face or head part
and I really like the bonus face part of this figure
I think the face expression looks cooler compared to this one
But let’s now discuss this Nobara figure
Of course we’ll discuss the appearance first
Perhaps if you’ve watched some of my videos
ARTFX J is one of my favorite figure line
Especially because of the sculpting
For this Nobara figure,
I have the same impression like my other ARTFX J figures
I think the appearance looks really good
As for the sculpting you can see the detail on the hair and outfit
and also for the face similarity, it looks really good
The painting also looks good
The color of the hair and outfit look similar with what we saw in the anime
So appearance-wise, this figure looks good
In terms of separate parts that come with the figure
There are the base and the hammer
Beside the hammer, there is also the nails
I think the sculpting and painting of the hammer and nails look good
We’ll take a closer look at the hammer later
I think the pose is nice
I think it’s not bad but it’s not that good either
So I would say it’s just looks nice
But I think the pose suits Nobara well
The base is also quite similar with Yuji and Megumi
We’ll take a closer look at the base later
Now let’s take a closer look at the hammer
As I said before, the sculpting and painting looks good
You can see here, nothing to complain
I think the hammer looks good
As for the base, design-wise they are going for curse energy look
It’s similar with Yuji and Megumi, I think it looks good
We’re going to attach the hammer first, it’s very straightforward
I think it’s really straightforward to assemble this figure
Just attach the hammer to the hand, it’s self-explanatory
Then just attach the feet to the peg on the base
If you don’t think the feet and the peg don’t alligned correctly
You can move the foot slightly until it’s attached properly
but be careful with it
Just like that and we’re done assembling this Nobara figure
Honestly I kind of forgot and I recorded this quite last minute
I supposed to show how to swap the bonus face part earlier but I forgot
It’s really easy to swap the face part, just like figma or Nendoroid figure
Just remove the hair part and then swap the face part
For size comparison, first it’s with ARTFX J Yuji Itadori
Then it’s with ARTFX J Levi Fortitude Ver.
Next it’s with ARTFX J Shinobu Kocho
Then it’s with S.H.Figuarts Nobara
Lastly it’s with Nendoroid Nobara
We are done with unboxing, now let’s get into the review!
The appearance of the figure looks really good
I really like ARTFX J figures and this figure is not disappointing
The face similarity looks good
The detail on her hair and outfit looks good
Overall the sculpting looks good
The painting also looks nice
The base is similar with Yuji and Megumi
The part that come with the figure is the hammer
I think it looks good appearance-wise
I like the bonus face part more compared to this one
Overall I think this is a nice 1/8 scale figure
If you like Nobara and Jujutsu Kaisen
I think this ARTFX J Nobara Kugisaki figure is recommended
This is it for this unboxing and review video
What do you think of this Nobara figure?
Do you like the bonus face part or the one that comes with the figure?
Please let me know down in the comment!
For the next video we will be unboxing and review of
S.H.Figuarts Doctor Strange, this is the Multiverse of Madness version
The movie is currently showing in the cinemas
We’ll take a look at it in the next video!
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