Unboxing & Review Banpresto Figure Colosseum Himiko Toga dari My Hero Academia (ENG SUB)

Hello guys, Quirkless Hobby here!
In this video I will do unboxing & review of:
Banpresto Figure Colosseum Zoukei Academy Vol.5 – Himiko Toga
This is not my first Zoukei Academy series figure as I already own
Dabi & Shoto Todoroki figures
Let’s just go the unboxing! Let’s go!
As usual, let’s start from looking at the box first
The box art for the Zoukei Academy series are quite similar with one another like this, so you won’t find much difference
The packaging inside the box is also simple
There is plastic packaging inside that contain
the several parts of the figure that need to be assemble
This is what it looks like for the packaging inside the box
For this figure of Himiko Toga, there are 4 separate parts of it
The first part is the body part of the figure
The level of detail for the tubes & wires are quite alright
We’ll take a closer look of it later
Then we got the base of the figure here
This is the head part of the figure
Lastly is part of her outfit / equipment, which is her mask
Let’s take a closer look of each parts, starting from the body part
Let’s take

a look at the outfit first
For me the level of sculpting and detail of this figure is quite alright for what we expect out of a prize figure as you can see here
You won’t see any ultra-like details here but I think it’s quite good enough and also the outfit looks good
Next we’re going to see the face sculpting of this figure and in my opinion the face sculpting is really good for this figure
It is quite similar with her character in the anime / manga
Next is the base, for Zoukei Academy series the base is similar
in terms of color and the words on the base
Lastly we’ll take a closer look of the mask
Let’s start to assemble the figure and as usual for most prize figures,
it is not going to be difficult to assemble the figure
Position the mask like that and then just place the head part into the body part and then attach the figure to the base
Aside from this Banpresto Figure Colosseum of Himiko Toga,
I also pre-ordered her figure from the Evil Vilains series
I’ll do an unboxing and review video of it
once it’s arrived in the coming months
I’m done with assembling the figure, all that’s left is to attach it to the base
Just attach it like this and I’m done assembling this figure!
Let’s take a look at the size comparison with other figures,
starting with Dabi from Zoukei Academy series
Next, it’s ARTFX J Tomura Shigaraki
Then it’s my Ram figma figure
Lastly it’s with my Himiko Toga Funko POP!
So these are the size comparison for the figure
Let’s start with the review of this Himiko Toga figure
In terms of face sculpting, I think it’s really good because
the figure looks similar with her anime/manga character
The outfit also looks good and for the details of her equipment
I think it is as expected of prize figure, we can’t expect more
So I think this figure is worth it
This is it for this unboxing & review video, I know it’s rather short
What do you think about this figure? Please leave a comment about it!
For the next unboxing & review video, it will be between 2 figures,
either this Nezuko ANIPLEX+ figure that I’m still waiting to arrive
or I will continue my previous plan with this Nendoroid Geralt figure
We’ll see which one is it for the next video!
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Bye bye!

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