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This time I will discuss or review
toys or figure I bought at the
Marvel studios exhibition. I bought this one.
Black Panther Infinity War from Cosbaby
Besides this blackpanther I
also bought two, the first is Iron Man
Infinity War and the second is Iron Man Endgame. All of these are from Cosbaby.
For Iron Man, the video I have
uploaded and reviewed as well.
The link is at the end of this video, as
well as the video at Marvel Exhibition
The link is at the end of this video.
Now, this time I will
review the Black Panther Infinity War from Cosbaby.
If you still remember the role of the Black Panther is Chadwick Boseman.
But sadly, Chadwick has left us all,
on 28-8-2020 Because of cancer illness. It is very sad.
He was very suitable for his role
as a Black Panther
In Black Panther, he roled
as a king, whose name is T’challa
And the

name of his kingdom we do know
that is wakanda
and is very famous for his “Wakanda Forever”
well, furthermore, this Black Panther
or Chadwick Boseman
played a role as a Black Panther in the
Infinity Wars movie too and in Endgame as well.
Then, this movie is the movie that Chadwick Boseman joined together with other Superheroes
For the next, we don’t know if
there will be an actor to replace Chadwick Bosman.
Let’s wait for the official announcement from
MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Next, I’ll be unboxing Cosbaby Black Panther Infinity War
Here is the appearance of the Black
Panther Infinity War Cosbaby box.
The front looks like this. We can see
the character of Black Panther.
On the front there is Avengers Infinity War Black Panther
On the left, there is a Hot Toys logo. On the
right there is a Cosbaby logo.
On the top, the look is like this. There is a Thanos hand with the six of Infinity Stones.
then side, there is a Black Panther artwork and Black Panther words.
on the other side, there is the Black
Panther logo the back.
This is back side and buttom side.
For the Cosbaby Black Panther, I bought it at the Marvel Studios Jakarta exhibition.
The price was 400,000. There wa a discount, but I forgot how much for the discount.
Kindly check the description on my video named Marvels Studios Exhibition. I’ve wrote them down on a description.
Next I will be unboxing Black Panther Infinity War Cosbbaby.
I’ll be unboxing from the bottom
Here it is. The Black Panther
Infinity War Cosbaby
Well, this is the appearance of the
Black Panther Infinity War Cosbaby like this
And for the cosbaby characteristics,
Usually there are two parts of the figure. Figure part and also the base part.
The base part can be removed.
Now let’s talk about the base.
The base color is gold with Avengers logo and the logo color is orange.
And for the back side. We can see : Marvel, production code maybe, 2018, Hot Toys.
Now, get into the Figure. Overall the paint is neat.
There’s no leaking part or stain from the paint.
It is neat!
On the ears part also neat. Leg parts.
It is neat!
And now move to his. head. It’s
very detailed.
We can see the lines on the head.
Even in his ears there is also lines.
And there is silver line.
So, makes it even more shaped. Not only plain.
then for the eyes it’s
emphasized in silver,
If we look at the eyes of the
Black Panther himself in the film
the eyes can be opened and
also be closed.
if you notice at the film ,
when he’s in attacking or fighting position,
His eyes is closed.
The eyes color is white, tends to be silver.
Well, what color is it? Lol
That’s how his eyes look in Black
Panther movie.
But at certain times, the eyes might be opened.
Maybe in situation when he’s in comfortable position
so the Black Panther’s eyes can be opened.
And here, the eyes are open.
Even in here, the lines are made bold.
His nose also have a line. Also we can see
his mouth.
There’s a line from the bottom to the top. Cool!
And now, let’s get into the nails.
As we know that panther is a big cat.
The nails are look bold even in legs parts. Cool!
We can see the suit. It is in a grey color. Dark grey color.
So, it’s not black and plain. But there’s grey color.
I think it’s dark grey.
now, look at this side.
The back side is plain but there is still an accent.
For the legs side, look like this.
He looks like he’s
in an attacking position.
Let connect with the base.
Overall is good. The pain is great and no leaking pain or spot.
And the character is also getting forceful
Including the nails that shown in attacking position.
Okay, that’s it. Unboxing and review
of Black Panther Infinity War from Cosbaby.
See you in another videos. Bye

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