Unboxing & Review Muzan Kibutsuji & Rui | Banpresto Prize Figure Demon Slayer Oni no Sou ( ENG SUB )

Hello guys! Back again with Quirkless Hobby!
In this video we will be unboxing and review of
Two Banpresto Prize Figure Demon Slayer Oni no Sou series
(Typo in that image there LOL)
The figures are Muzan Kibutsuji and Rui
These two are villains from Demon Slayer series
You probably familiar with Muzan & Rui who has epic battle with Tanjiro
Let’s take a look at their figures together!
Let’s take a look at the box of the figures
The box are quite similar (like most Oni no Sou figures for Demon Slayer)
These two figures aren’t part of a set
I decided to wait until both figures arrive and unbox them together
Because both of them are villains, so I think ‘why not?’
As for Muzan, I really like him in this outfit
I guess most people will know him with his appearance like this
As for Rui, if you watch the anime or read the manga
But maybe especially for those who watched the anime
You must know the battle between Rui and Tanjiro
Which until now, for me it’s one of the best anime battle I have ever seen
I think Rui’s character design is also

quite good
Except maybe if you have phobia with spider, you might dislike it
Let’s take a closer look at Rui’s figure first
For Rui as I mentioned before, his character design revolves around spider
It can be seen from his power and also his outfit
You can see the hint of spider web on his outfit
I would say that the sculpting is quite good
You can see some kind of dirt on his face here
I’ll try to clean it later, I think it can be cleaned
For the sculpting, in terms of similarity is quite good
It’s similar with his character in the series
As for the outfit, I think it also looks good
Overall I think the figure looks good
This is a banpresto prize figure that is good in terms of appearance
The base color is black and it’s quite standard
We’re going to assemble the figure
As usual for most Banpresto prize figures, it’s quite easy to assemble
I’ve managed to clean the dirt from the face too
To assemble the figure just attach it to the base like this
We’re done assembling Rui’s figure
Next is Muzan Kibutsuji
I think Muzan in this outfit looks really cool
This is his first appearance when you watch the anime / read the manga
You must have seen him in this outfit
The sculpting of the outfit also looks good as you can see here
the color also looks nice as well
Muzan’s face also sculpted well here
It is similar with his character in the series
I would say I’m satisfied for the appearance of these two figures
As for the pose, Rui’s pose might be a bit plain
Muzan’s pose looks cooler with his relaxed and cool pose
with one hand on his pants pocket and the other holding his fedora
In terms of pose, I might like Muzan better
We’re going to assemble the figure
I would say it’s the same like Rui
and like most other prize figures
Just attach it to the base like this
We’re done assembling Muzan Kibutsuji figure
For size comparison, first it’s with Banpresto Prize Figure Kyojuro Rengoku
Then it’s with Glitter & Glamours Nezuko
Next it’s with figma Tanjiro
Lastly it’s with Nendoroid Nezuko
Let’s get into the review!
We’ll review both Muzan & Rui figures together
I think the sculpting & painting of both figures are done well
In terms of similarity it’s also good
In terms of pose, Rui might be a bit plain but it suits his character well
Muzan’s pose looks cooler and stands out more
Overall I’m satisfied with both Banpresto prize figures
Because I think both figures look good
So if you are looking for Demon Slayer villains & looking for a prize figure
I would recommend these two Demon Slayer figures
We are done with the unboxing and also the review
What do you think about these two figures?
Do you like these two Demon Slayer villains figures?
Please let me know down in the comment!
For the next video we will be unboxing & review
Nendoroid Kyojuro Rengoku
This would kickstart a train of Demon Slayer unboxing and review videos
For the next few upcoming videos
Please wait for it!
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