Unboxing & Review Nezuko Kamado Banpresto Glitter & Glamours Figure !! (ENG SUB)

Hello guys, Quirkless Hobby here!
In this video I will do unboxing and review of:
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Glitter & Glamours Nezuko Kamado figure
This is my first figure from Glitter & Glamours line
When I saw from the preview pictures, the sculpting looks good
So let’s take a look together what the figure is like! Let’s go!
As usual, we’ll start by looking at the box first
For this Glitter & Glamours figure, this is also a figure that I bought
without looking at the size specification first
When the box arrived, it is quite larger than what I expect
So I think the size is quite large, because I was expecting it
to be the size of most Banpresto prize figure
With its slightly larger size and with a quite affordable price,
I think this figure is quite worth it to be added to my collection
Now let’s take a look at the content inside the box
This is what it looks like inside the box
It’s very simple, the parts are only the figure of Nezuko itself and the base
It’s very simple to assemble this figure
Now let’s take a closer look, starting from the Nezuko figure first
For the Nezuko figure, the

sculpting is really good..especially the face
I also think that her pose in this figure is really good
You can see the face, the outfit and also her hair here
The overall looks of this figure is quite good in my opinion
You can get a better look at the outfit here
That’s the spot to attach the figure to the base
The other part that come with this figure is the base
The base is quite small, only enough to cover both of her feet
Even though it’s simple but I think it’s fine, because I think this figure doesn’t need any extravagant base
Because I think the main appeal of this figure is in her pose,
so I think it’s quite fine if the base is like this
Just attach it like this and you’re done assembling this figure
Just like most Banpresto prize figure, it’s easy to assemble
And we’re done!
Now let’s go straight to the size comparison with other figures
First it’s with Nezuko Aniplex+ figure
You can see the height difference here
Next, it’s with Grandista Deku
The height is slightly shorter than Grandista Deku
Next, it’s with Kanao Tsuyuri Banpresto prize figure
Then it’s with figma Persona 5 Joker
Lastly, it’s with Nendoroid Ram from Re:Zero
You can see the size difference here
Now let’s start with the review of this figure, the video is rather short
As I mentioned it before, the sculpting and painting
of this figure is really good for Banpresto prize figure
It is what I expected from this figure
The pose is also good for this figure,
the base is fine even though it’s simple
If you are looking for an affordable figure and if you like Nezuko, I really recommend this Banpresto Glitter & Glamours Nezuko figure
What do you think about this figure? Please let me know in the comment!
For the unboxing and review video, the figure is
Banpresto prize figure Kyojuro Rengoku
Please anticipate it!
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See you guys!

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