Unboxing & Review S.H.Figuarts Buzz Lightyear Alpha Suit | Lightyear Action Figure ( ENG SUB )

Hello guys! Back again with Quirkless Hobby!
In this video we will be unboxing and review of
S.H.Figuarts Buzz Lightyear – Alpha Suit
This is from the movie Lightyear, which recently on cinemas
But the movie isn’t available in Indonesian, so I haven’t watch it yet
So today let’s just focus on the figure since I know nothing about the movie
Let’s take a look at this Buzz figure together!
You can see the art on the box with the preview of the figure and poses
The art is like outer space and I think the box is quite nice
As I said before, Lightyear movie aren’t available here in Indonesia
So I don’t know what the movie is going to be like
So today we’ll discuss the figure purely from what I saw on the trailers
I have no idea how is Buzz going to be in the movie
This is the instruction manual
I think this instruction manual is a must-read
because there are a lot of instructions of the figure that you should read
Especially parts like putting on the helmet, attaching the jetpack
I think it’s important to read the instruction
Now let’s take a look at the articulation

/> I would say the articulation is standard like most S.H.Figuarts figures
I think the articulation is good and can make different variety of poses
I really like the suit of this Buzz Lightyear figure
but we’ll talk more of it later when we discuss the appearance
What certain is that the articulation of this figure is good
The appearance of the figure looks good
There are 2 head parts with different face expression that look good
But for me the main focus is the Alpha Suit
I think the Alpha Suit of this Buzz Lightyear figure looks really good
I really like the color of it
and also with the details of the suit that look really good
You can see for yourself here that the small details of the Alpha Suit
I think it’s sculpted very nicely
Overall the color looks good
The similarity with what I saw in the trailer is also good
The face on the head part looks similar as well
Overall for the appearance, especially the Alpha Suit, I think it looks good
This is the extra head part with the space suit on
The face expression is more serious here
This is the Tamashii Stage Connector
You can pose the figure like its flying with this part
This is the space helmet
It has transparent look and I think it’s nice to have this part included
This is the jetpack, this is currently in closed position
I think the sculpting and painting of it is really nice
You can see the details of this Buzz Lightyear jetpack are also good
This is for the open mode of the jetpack, I would say these are the wings
I would say that these look good as well
Overall the parts of the jetpack look really good
This is a part that you can attach to the back of the figure
This holster is for displaying the laser cutter
I’ll show more of it later
This is the holster for the Rascal Blaster / pistol
This is the pistol, Rascal Blaster
I think the sculpting and painting of it is quite nice
It’s not really that detailed but I think it looks nice
Then this is the other blaster
If I’m not mistaken this is called the Laser Gauntlet
You can strap this part to the arm
I think the sculpting and painting detail is similar with the Rascal Blaster
I think this Laser Gauntler is quite nice
This is the Laser Blade DX
I think this Laser Blade looks nice
The blade part of it has transparent look
Overall I think the sculpting and painting of this weapon is nice as well
This is the first pair of the hand parts
You can use these hand parts to hold the Laser Blade or the Rascal Blaster
This is the other hand parts with the palms more opened
Overall I think the hand parts for this Buzz figure are quite nice
Even though there are only 3 extra pairs, I think the hand parts are nice
Now we’re going to create a pose with this Buzz figure
First I’m going to show how to attach the jetpack
First, remove the part on the back of the figure
As for the jetpack, remove these parts and attach the open mode ones
When you’re done just attach to the back part of the figure
that we removed the cover earlier
Just attach it like this and make sure it’s attached properly
Then we’ll remove these two parts on both sides of the head part
We’re going to swap the head part as well
Then we’re going to attach the space helmet, it’s very easy to do it
Just attach it on both spots that we removed the part earlier
and you’re done with it!
Now we’re going to also attach the holster for the Rascal Blaster
You can find it on the right side of the right leg
Just remove the cover like that
You can attach the holster to the leg first or attach the blaster to the holster first and then attach it to the leg, you can do it anyway you like
Then we’ll swap the hand part with the one that can hold the Laser Blade
Just like that we’re done with the pose
The figure can stand on its own
We’re done creating the pose of S.H.Figuarts Buzz Lightyear Alpha Suit
For size comparison, first it’s with S.H.Figuarts Megumi Fushiguro
Then it’s with S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man Upgraded Suit
Next it’s with figma Bloodborne The Hunter
Lastly it’s with Marvel Legends Ms.Marvel
We’re done with the unboxing, now let’s get into the figure review!
In terms of the appearance of the figure, I think it looks really good
The head parts look good, the suit also looks really good
The sculpting and painting of the details of the suit are nice
Overall I like the appearance of the figure
I also like the parts that come with the figure
There is the jetpack with the open mode as well
There are different kind of weapons:
Laser Gauntlet, Laser Blade and Rascal Blaster
Overall the parts like the weapons, the jetpack and the helmet are nice
I think this is a nice figure with a good appearance
For me, this S.H.Figuarts Buzz Lightyear Alpha Suit is recommended!
This is it for this unboxing and review video
What do you think of this S.H.Figuarts Buzz Lightyear Alpha Suit?
Do you think it looks good especially the suit?
Please let me know down in the comment
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