Unboxing & Review Sumo the British Shorthair's Cat Tree

What’s up now! It is RMCO now in Malaysia
and here is another unboxing video.
I’ve been unboxing a ton of stuff since
we had the lockdown because you know,
online shopping – because we can’t go
But yeah, today we have a very fun
which is something for my cat.
That cat,
Sumo the cat, I think he’s sensitive towards cameras.
Okay, anyway, here is the package that i ordered off Shopee.
This is supposed to be 120 centimeter tall tree
which is 1.2 meters high.
It’s a cat tree which I hope that sumo will like,
Sumo will you like this?
Let’s unbox it!
I got this off Shopee
Sumo is gonna have so much fun watching me do this
See, Sumo, knife, dangerous!
oh look at how curious he is.
oh my god so cute.
okay today we are unboxing this thing
from China
The reason i bought it off shopee…
It’s quite heavy… It’s because
all these tree houses in Kuching is
crazy expensive
one tree house can cost like 600 ringgit. 600!
and when I look on Shopee, it’s only
like almost 200, 150 ringgit.
This is 150 ringgit,
but including shipping
it became about 200 ringgit.
still three times cheaper than in Kuching!
Well, so there is this thing, this is a blanket
where he’s going to like swing in
it’s a hammock. EEEk
I don’t know , I’m super excited about stuff that i get for him
Now let’s try to fix the whole thing.
I heard that there’s not a lot of instructions but we’ll do our best.
One of the rope the scratch posts
I actually bought sisal rope which is
quite thick and tried to tie it on that thing
Bu he didn’t scratch it because I guess he doesn’t see that as a toy
okay, there are some screws and an alan key
more of these posts and Momo is getting
so curious
okay there’s instructions, really simple.
There is the tree house, this is how it’s gonna look like..
I tore it.
Okay let’s see, Momo, Are you
okay which part should i do first?
Step one we have to assemble
the house first
the quality is okay, i don’t really like
the vinyl colour, it’s a bit yellowish but
it’s cheap oh look a little cat face and the paw thingy
so nice
it’s annoying because if i press this
side this side pops up
if i press this side, this side pops up
so not CHUN one ah..
so cute
he’s so curious. Momo, use the box now
so that you know to use it later
yes, oh he went through the box to the
other side
so cute you like your box? i think he
likes the box already
so cute. What’s that do you like your box?
so exciting so brave
If it’s Mimi, she won’t even come near
wow that’s it
There are little string things here
for you to tie stuff on so let’s try to
tie this on
wow what’s this, what’s this
wow what’s this wow
wow what’s this
wow wow
wow a whole new world~~~
wow what’s this? your new house!
okay okay correct okay okay
he’s looking for the food okay.
Adventures of Momo
Go up, don’t give up it’s upstairs jump
up higher!
yeah good job you’re doing a good job,
good job, oh my god is he giving up?
do not give up it’s on top of you, please
give up up up
no yeah yeah
yeah oh yeah
and that’s the tree house that we built
for Momo and he decided not to play with
the only reason why he’s coming is
because he thinks that i have food for him
so the last time, we can see
that sumo cannot really use this thing
when he climbs here this area is too
small for him to get through
the last time he tried to climb up here
he couldn’t get a proper footing and
then he slipped and…
i think he lost some fur here
so what
we’re gonna do now is try to give him
more leg space and see whether he feels more comfortable on this thing
this will require taking this part out
Sumo, we’re dismantling this for
in hopes that you like it.
Please appreciate our efforts.
Yes, come here for the camera.
Look at him he’s so curious.
Now you want to use this thing
Take this down, whoa why is it moving
okay so this one will be on its own
so Sumo can actually use this part
yes Sumo, here we’re dismantling this house
because you don’t want to use it
it’s not us it’s you.
Now you want to go
inside huh
now you’re stuck you see how he keeps
falling down
okay okay i know what to do now
but how’s this okay that one goes there
okay the house is almost done
so i’ve converted the house into a
terraced house he used to have a condo
he didn’t like it
okay he’s coming okay all right, Sumo
come, let’s teach him
yeah wow wow
now you can use it.
Yes, your house
your new house’s so nice
oh my god he’s standing there longer
than normal 😀 oh baby
good boy
i can eat snacks here treats here
yes good boy
good boy good boy
yeah so yummy yes don’t eat my hand
good baby
okay i decided that i didn’t like my
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okay bye bye
Sumo, you love me? you love me??
you’re so cute cute cute
so patient with me
you love mee?? I picked up all your poop..
how dare you kick me -_-


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