Unboxing the Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Microphone Pack – Honest Review

Welcome back to another down to earth unboxing,
and today we have the Zoom ZDM-1,
Podcast Mic Pack, ZDM = Zoom ,
Dynamic Microphone 1.
So I’m going to unbox this and do
a quick sound test, to let you hear how its sound,
and I’ll tell you about it.
Let’s get started.
Now, when you buy the ZDM Podcast
Mic pack, you basically get a microphone,
headphone, tripod table stand, windscreen
and cable, all included with the pack.
So there you go.
You have the manuals for the
stereo headphones and also
the dynamic microphone, which is
the feature of this pack here.
There you go.
So let me just show you
what’s inside here.
First, we have our table mic stand,
which is really not very useful.
You’d want you to get
a proper table mic stands because with
the mic mounted on top of this,
what’s going to happen is you’re going
to have a lot of bumps into the microphone
when you record with this.
And we have the microphone
in its full glory. A pop filter. (windscreen).
Now, let’s talk about the microphone.
So this is the ZDM Zoom
dynamic microphone. It’s a large-diagphram
dynamic microphone,
so it does not need

phantom power.
I mean, it’s not a condenser microphone.
So you don’t need phantom power to run this.
Is an XLR microphone,
so you need to plug this
into an audio interface or a mixer.
And keep in mind, this is also
a super-cardioid microphone pick-up pattern.
So that means, what happens is when you
record with this microphone, it rejects sound
on the left and also from the right.
So you have to go quite close to the
microphone, which we will do in a while.
Now let’s go on into the box
here to see what else we have.
So you get your XLRgo cables for your
microphone straight out
of the box as well.
And we have the cables which goes
into the headphones,
which is going to talk about next.
So this is the ZHP, Zoom headphones 1
the right side and the left side.
So it’s closed-back headphone.
So when you put this on,
basically what happens is you isolate
sound from the headphones,
which works quite well.
But one thing you want to note is that you
cannot actually adjust the band of this headphone.
See, it’s actually not adjustable.
So if you’re to put this,
you’ll see that there’s a lot of space
on my head and you need to have quite
a big head to have this snugly fit
on your head. SoundSound-wise wise, I’ve tested this.
It’s fair, but obviously, I’ve heard
better sounding headphones as well.
But yeah, for a starter Podcast pack,
this is great to start with.
Just that is not so comfortable
with the fit here. See that?
OK, so that’s really about it.
And last but not least, you have your
microphone clip that goes on to the table stand
like this where the microphone
would sit up above this.
So one thing you want to know about the microphone
is it also has an in-built shock-mount.
So that means it minimizes bumps
and pops around the microphone.
So I’m going to set this all up and compare
this microphone with another
microphone in a sound test.
So let me just set this all up
and we’ll get right back into that.
So I’ve set up both of these mics here.
This is the ZDM.
Well, the Zoom Dynamic microphone.
So keep in mind, when you buy the ZDM
Podcast pack, what’s going to happen
is you’ll have the microphone
and the headphones, but you need some sort
of audio interface or a podcast
recording interface like this.
This is the Podtrack P4 by Zoom,
which I’m going to connect both of these
microphones together
and let you hear the sound.
So this microphone I have here is the sE
Electronics X1 A,
which is a condenser microphone,
it requires phantom power.
Now the ZDM here, 1, does
not require phantom power.
All right.
So let’s get started.
I’m going to plug this into it.
So in goes the microphone.
And what I’m going to do, is to make
sure the levels are OK
as I speak to the mic.
So with the ZDM-1,
you have to go quite close
to the microphone to get a good sound.
OK, so I’m going to see the levels here.
And once we are ready, I’m going to hit on record
and let you hear its sound.
So right now you’re listening
to the sound in its ‘raw-est’ level.
This is without any effects,
no compressor, no limiters.
This is a ZDM-1and you’re comparing it.
the sound, which I have here
which is the sE Electronics X1 A.
All right.
What do you think?
So there you go.
That’s the difference between
the microphones that we have here.
I hope you can hear
a difference in its sound.
Well, I think the sound is fair and is
great for a beginner podcast microphone.
And if you’re doing a podcast,
this would be a great addition to have.
It’s also quite robust, quite sturdy.
It would be able to last you awhile,
even if you drop it on the floor. And
I think for its price,
definitely, this will be a great addition
for any podcasters
who are just starting out.
So let me know what I think of the
ZDM podcast pack,
the microphone, the headphones, and I
love to hear from what do you think?
Let me know in the comment section down below.
And I’ll see you the next time.
Thanks again.

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