Uncle Roger Review INSANE ANIME COOKING (Food Wars!)

Uncle Roger have many virgin niece and nephew who like anime so today Uncle Roger gonna review anime cooking food Wars shokugeki no Soma they’re making fancy rice dish in this episode let’s see how they do so is she the food critic so this girl can adjust the food she the sexy anime version of Uncle Roger but he’s so scared just just cooking just cool Uncle Roger got tongue also but I don’t just use it on food no no I don’t mean 30 like that niece and nephew Uncle Roger also like to use my God tongue

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let’s go back to wicho foreign tonight what the baby say that that’s the most annoying baby ever hi uh complaining about your mom breast milk unlike this baby Uncle Roger never complained before when they tit in my mouth this professional food critic why is she dressed like school girl why that’s what real food critic look like middle age little bit frumpy well I got food critic just up like school girl foreign foreign some kind of broth okay one hand egg crack not bad beating egg with Chopstick good that’s the Asian way Asian people we never

use whisk with the most useless kitchen appliance you put whisk inside trouble what happened now the drawer cannot open Chopstick won’t betray you like that find so many shots of her skirt is this cooking video or only fan ice bath what he making it what rice with seasoning for this for this food critic Chicago tongue two seconds foreign foreign foreign huh oh my God I think beneath egg who the creepy guy is it now you’re just wasting food what what that square thing is that Jello oh he putting on Rice okay okay foreign are you

blind woman spring onion oh he chopped a whole chunk of spring onion earlier and then just use one handful finally she tasting what what did did she just orgasm what she coming from just egg and rice what what gonna happen if she eat ramen her gonna explode this this is so unrealistic if woman comes so easily my ex-wife Auntie Helen would still be with me he’s a nephew aspect is Prof cool down and then make into jello form and by the way as Pig also Uncle Roger favorite type of picture to receive yes and sake

give it bit of sweetness all very common broth ingredients but it’s not gonna make woman calm it’s just normal broth Uncle Roger 52 year old now I never say woman come from foreign is she coming again foreign what what who who this creepy baby and and why they’re attacking her stop stop don’t show this to people this for children no no stop hurry uh no so dirty Uncle Roger trying to run family-friendly Channel this anime is supposed to be for children how can show this kind of what what is this not aspic this LSD I

think this guy put some drug in her foot did you just build Cosby this woman hi uh this is not egg fire rice this egg Spike rice this region so dirty Uncle Roger has to put my leg down from chair like it’s supposed to be just cooking video suddenly what happening Saturday Michael a disgusting yeah it’s disgusting correct this whole video disgusting niece and nephew don’t watch this anime it’s giving you all the wrong idea now you think it’s this easy to please women Uncle Roger have many nerdy niece and nephew Uncle Roger have many

nuts Uncle Roger have many words why why why so sexual like this you’re just cooking food for her suddenly got roses and hahaha oh coming just from egg and rice it’s not gonna happen when you eat ramen your gonna explode

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