Uniqlo Wide Ribbed Bra Top Review! ユニクロのワイドリブスクエアネックブラタンクトップレビュー!

hi guys so today I’m gonna be reviewing
this uniquely ripped bra top that I
recently purchased from their store I
got three different colors of thumb
because I just thought they would be so
there’s so many different outfits so I
thought I would be sharing you guys what
I think about this outfit what I like
and what I dislike about this top as
well as the kind of outfits I would pair
this tank top with so yeah that’s that
let’s get on the video so the first
thing that I love about this talk is
their neckline their neckline is a
square neckline which I find the most
flattering out of the other lines such
as the round max energy mix the square
next get the most space around your neck
which means that it elongate your neck
and gets it on eloquent or informational
vibe to the top the neckline and the
space that it allows around your neck
also helps when you’re wearing or why
bottoms because why hobbies can tend to
overpower your frame especially for
petite and the neckline allows it to be
to stay a bit more organized and clean
and not so overcrowded the other thing
that I love about this top is their
dress their straps are so sturdy and
I don’t have to worry about it but when
I’m carrying a bag or just walking on
your news journal so I think the straps
have perfect balance between being too
tight and being too loose because it is
the perfect spot where you can still
move around freely without being worried
about the tracks falling the thicker
stuff straps also give it them yours top
looks and a tag column or undergarment
look so there’s maybe a little obvious
because it’s called a bra top but this
top is also padded which was my favorite
thing about this top it’s so hard to
find a talk that is padded but at the
same time so really cute and this top
just did it for me you can imagine this
top panel kind of fashionable store
about the same time it has the function
of a normal bra and gives you the
security that a bra does and to have
that but to have those qualities just
merged into one and still we look at
your little flattering it was a huge
selling point Freeman which is why I
just love this house
this is the topic I think this is my
favorite color and I raised right eye
because it’s a very unique but at the
same time simple enough – there were so
many compliments and it’s a bit more
brighter than black which i think is
necessary when it’s summer and bite
but these people don’t do much for babe
you got something a little extra
some of the some of the downsides for
this talk is I think I mentioned this
earlier but it because of the rip
calling a feel of this fabric it has a
bit more hot compared to other other of
únicos about hogs that are more breezy
and waterproof this this fabric will
show sweat when you sweat on this fabric
which may not be ideal for the summer
but I think it is something you can have
to compromise when you do choose a
cotton field and cut a look to a top
another downside for this top was the
sizing which was actually brought to me
my sewing this brought to my attention
through someone I mean I personally
didn’t have a problem with the sizing
but as a lot of bra tops the proportion
of the bra size and the way size
increase together gradually but as you
may all know a larger bust does not mean
along from the waist for many people
some have larger waist and a smaller
bust while some may have a larger bust
and smaller waist and when you do deal
with different proportions it may be a
little hard to find the right size for
you because if you decide to go with
your bust size to find the perfect size
for your top it may be a bit loose
around the waist which could make
tucking in this top a bit more hard
when you’re wearing pants and skirts
over it and it can also leave a bit more
fabric around the waist making it a look
of the Amer loose and less clean and
fitted and at the same time if you go
with the top that looks clean on the
waist without any fabric starting to
pile up your past amazing look at my
tight and not as comfortable which is
honestly I think it’s the thing for all
bra size bra tops in general because
they have to deal with two different
measurements and but still keep to a
uniform SML size without having all the
flexibility that Estrada’s it can tend
to be hard to find a perfect size to
find the perfect size for your body
shape and that is it for today’s video I
hope you guys enjoyed this video and
found it useful let me know if you do
end up getting at the crown Santa’s I
personally really like this haul and
I’ll be wearing it a lot over this
summer so we will be
yes thank you for watching

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