Using a TABLET to Draw on Your PHONE? ~ Gaomon S620 Review, Unboxing & Testing Programs

Meow, welcome to our restaurant, what would you like to order?
Hewwo, hmm what about a Gaomon S620 Tablet?
No problemo! 30$ please.
Oh, thank you so much! Hmm, yum yum yum
Meow and welcome; not to a restaurant but
to this tablet review. Gaomon asked
me to do a review of their newest tablet again
and this time it’s a special one even if
it doesn’t seem like that at first
glance. Let’s actually see what’s in
While I’m unboxing I’ll talk about the
tablet’s functionality and at the end you
can watch me drawing while talking about
the pro and con of this tablet. Also I’ll
try it on multiple devices, which is
pretty interesting. Here, as always, we
have the emerald packaged in happy
environmental friendly Amazon carton.
Greta isThunberg is definitely proud of you…
At the top there is the tablet itself.Even if it’s so small, it supports
8,192 pressure levels, but honestly from
3000 or higher you don’t even really
notice the difference anymore, so there’s
probably not that much of a big change.
Still it makes the lines look better and
gives you more control. It also has a
high pen resolution of 5080 lpi, which
is almost double as much as the Wacom
Intuos S – just for comparison. The working
area is 6.5 x 4 inches big and has a
nice texture – actually the best I know so
far. By the way, this picture is not
accurate, because no, it doesn’t look that
big and is way smaller, as you can see.
You have four express keys up here and can change their functionality in the
tablet driver. This is the signal output, which
is micro USB. It’s easy – just plug it in
and you can start drawing, animating or
sculpting. By the way, if you shake the
tablet you can hear some sounds, which
come from the expressed keys, because
they’re a bit loose. I don’t know about
you, but they make pretty loud clicking
sounds, which I personally like. But some
people might feel like it’s something
cheap. Now it looks pretty thin being
only 8 millimeters high and it only
weighs about 250 grams – so like a
package of butter. I had an internship
for a week in a graphics
design company and always took it with
me, so you can carry it in pretty much
anything. But what’s the build quality really like?
Now you should actually not
do it – it’s really not recommended! But
let’s bend it – I mean, who would do this
to their own baby?
So, as you can see, it’s stable for normal use, but if you bend it,
this could happen: the bottom area goes
off, especially on the shorter sides, but
to be honest I always want to know how
it looks like inside… Also on the bottom
in each corner is one rubber to support
the stability and prevents slipping all
across the table. Underneath it – digging
even deeper into the mine – we have the
cable and glove. I love the glove, because I
always wanted to have one and now my
biggest dream came true. Anyways I think
it’s not necessary when using this
tablet, because of its texture, so sweat
doesn’t stick to it well, which is also
very good. And I must say that this glove
was not made for left hand users – rest
in piece – I mean, you can still wear it,
but if you wanna flex that hot Gaomon
logo, you gotta be a right hander. It’s
a nice idea since for the price of only
about 30€ you get so much extra
stuff. Then we’ll find a chest filled with iron
and plastic. Here we have one pen and
eight pen nibs and the pen nib remover – in
case it wears off. If it does, it will
scratch the surface and you know – protect
child :(The pen has two buttons – all
customizable and there is no eraser on
the back. For the pen buttons I recommend
setting the upper one to right click and
the other one to space tab. It’s really
helpful when you want to move across the
canvas and so far I didn’t have any
tablet or pen, which was able to adjust
to this setting.
Thanks for the latest technology, we
don’t need anything like charging the pen
anymore, because it’s battery free. That’s
also why it’s so lightweight. Honestly as
I said in other videos before, I prefer
heavier pens, but that’s alright. Most
artists like to hold lightweight pens.
You can hold it well, because the part
around the buttons is made of rubber.
I also like the pen case. I already have
a pen nib case by another company and this just fits
perfectly. You can use it anytime as long
as you have a connection to a supporting
device like a Mac with Mac OS 10.12 or above or a Windows PC with Windows
7 or above oooor – this is the special part –
an Android phone with Android 6 or
higher. Now you’re bitten Apple phone is not broken,
it just won’t work, which is interesting,
because usually Apple gets
everything first when it comes to Apps or other features. There’s a function
called OTG which basically allows the
tablet to control your Android phone.
Usually it’s already enabled and your phone
doesn’t need to be rooted. I used it on
both Windows and Apple. The driver
download and activation is really easy
on Windows but I had big issues doing
that on the Apple Mac. I don’t know, maybe
because I’m an apple noob, but still it’s
very complicated and could be much
easier. On the internet
I didn’t really find anything helpful and
had to read multiple articles, so if
you’re having issues with downloading the
driver on your Mac: you could ask me,
because I found it out. So here we have
the OTG adapters, two of them for USB 3.1
C so for the latest phones and micro USB
OTG adapter. (Gosh, such a virgin) They can also
be used on the phone and your computer
keyboard and mouse even if it’s
Bluetooth. I tested it on multiple
Android devices and the only thing you
need to do is connecting, but if you have
a look on the website you notice that
the cable looks much shorter than it
actually is.
It’s actually pretty long and depending
on your working space, it could get in
your way. For example, I have a keyword
right in front of it and I have to
squeeze it somewhere underneath or so. My
children, don’t believe everything you
see in Ads… One thing I like about the
cable tho, is the velcro fastener to
roll up the cable. Very good idea. As soon as you
connect this tablet to a computer or
phone the LED lamp in the triangle on the
A of the gamin logo will be activated.
If the pen comes close to the surface, the
orange intensifies. Orange is Gaomons
brand color, that’s why…
Actually a mouse cursor should appear on
the screen but I don’t know what problem
Samsung has. The weirdest thing is: I tried
something out. I connected my Samsung
phone to a different tablet with this
cable. This tablet is not made for being
used with mobile devices and it didn’t
work properly, but this time it actually
showed a cursor, so there’s some real issue
here with the cursor unless you use it on a
Samsung Note device. There you can see
the little dot on the screen which also
shows up when you use the Samsung Note
stylus, if you activate it in in your
settings. It even works on my old Note 2,
which is like Android 4.4 or so. So yeah,
that’s really weird and I’m not the only
one having this issue. Even Gaoman
doesn’t know what the problem is and
heh… Samsung? Doesn’t want to comment on
that. Now I won’t draw anything on any
phone, because it’s hard for me to get
used to it, especially if I can just use
my computer to work on. So still, here
I’ll show you how well it works in
programs like MediBang Paint, ibis PaintX,
Painter and FlipaClip using free
Samsung phones, one LG phone and Asus
phone. Sorry I robbed my whole family. As
you can see, it works really well and
depending on your app it also supports
many pressure levels. You can only
draw on the left half of your tablet,
because it has to adjust to your phone
screen size. The only problem I’m having
here is FlipaClip. If I use it, which
doesn’t happen too often, I turn my phone
around to have a bigger canvas, but if
you do that here, the working area on
your tablet won’t turn around. You can
turn around the tablet – I tried
everything – and it’s impossible! You can
use FlipaClip only when holding the
phone like this.
On the computer I’ll show you the real world now: the driver settings.
It works in any program. In SAI you have
to change something though. SAI never
worked with any of my tablets, but I
found out the solution: if your screen
freezes as long as you have SAI open,
you can go to options – under others – and
to digitizer support. I recommend
setting the clicked detection pressure
below 50 or even 0. If you have a
hundred, the digitizer, so tablet, won’t be
recognized by SAI. To demonstrate the pen
pressure, I’ll scribble a bit in SAI
before switching to MediBang Paint and
draw a character from Hazbin Hotel.
So I’ve watched the pilot and chose this
character from a background, I just think
she looks pretty. I won’t comment much on
the pilot, because yes, it has its flaws
but to be honest it gets more hate then it
deserves, especially for mistakes some
artists working on have made in the past.
Many people also believe stuff, which
isn’t even true and don’t look out for
any solid evidence, like I’ve seen
someone asking “yo show me your sources
for that accusation” and they seriously
said “haha lol which source I am the
source”. I know it… like how dumb must you be?
However, for a YouTube project it’s an
original idea and you don’t find that
stuff often on YouTube. You can see that
the animators loved working on that and
I think it’s pretty good. Also some
people who don’t understand shidd about
animation or the characters just
rant about it, call it a review… But a
review should also point out the
positive stuff, but instead they call you
retarded, if you think some jokes are
good, like humour is different and just
because you think it’s not funny? There’s always something, which could be
done better and which is good and positive.
That’s why I’m going to summarize now
what I think is good and not so good
about this tablet as well.So let’s go:
First, I’ll talk about the positive stuff.
I like the simple design of the tablet
and how well it responds to pen pressure.
It can even be used on big screens. The tablet
is lightweight, won’t slip across the desk
and can be used on the go, even on your
phone when you’re on vacation for
example. The size is just right and it
looks kind of cute which, means you don’t
have to move your hand so far,
So working with it is comfortable, especially
because of the awesome texture.
The pen is lightweight and good to hold
and doesn’t even need to be charged. You
can use it on Windows, Mac and – most
outstanding – on your Android phone or
tablet. This means, even artists who can’t
afford expensive programs or computer
and the tablet, can create digital art
with a pen. I also like the extra stuff
like the glove or the pencase and the
two adapters.
Overall I liked the added extras and for such a
low price is pretty amazing and you
can’t expect such things by brands, which
much more expensive stuff. For example,
some big tablets by Wacom aren’t
delivered without a stand and you have to buy
that thing extra. It’s easy to connect,
because it’s only one simple USB cable.
Either settings options are good, but I
wish there was something like shortcuts
for different programs. As we know –
products from Adobe are made on
different planets with different
shortcuts each time. Sure you can change
the settings and programs, but this
option in the driver would be great too.
And with that, we come to the contra, to
the bad stuff or not so good stuff… The
cable is pretty long and can get in your
way, maybe some people would say that it
feels like a cheap slide of plastic or that
the buttons are loud, but I don’t think
so. As long as you don’t do experiments
like bending it, it’s alright.
I think this feeling can also be caused
by the tablet’s light weight in general.
Pen nibs wear off faster than on my
other pens, like I only used this one
for about a month and I can already see
that the tip is not the same. It also has
big cursor issues on Samsung devices,
which I don’t understand since my
computer mouse and a different tablet,
which was not even made for that use, showed a cursor.
Downloading the driver on a
Mac is way too complicated and
unexperienced users would get confused
easily. I am lucky because I’m
experienced, but even this time it was
pretty hard and if we talk about Mac.
Apple users are unlucky, because they can’t
use the tablet on their phones. However,
even on Windows it had some problems.
Every time I turn on my computer I have to
click on the driver first and connect or
disconnect the tablet sometimes, because
it won’t be recognized as a tablet and
the cursor would look like a little star
and express keys won’t work as well. It’s
not the biggest problem, but it can get
annoying, because I turn off my computer
pretty often and sometimes you also have
to run the driver as an administrator.
Conclusion: it’s a great tablet with
awesome functionality and features,
especially for that price, but then you
also have to deal with some
connectivity issues and if you’re having
a Samsung: cursor issues, so if you have a
Samsung, which is not a Note, really don’t
buy it. Maybe they solve this problem
in the future, but for now it doesn’t
look too good. But if you’re using it on
your computer there won’t be any cursor
issues and you can experience the great
texture and pen pressure while drawing… So
guys, that was my honest opinion on this
tablet. I’ve been using it for months now,
because I’m very busy or well I am lazy
All the links for further information or for
buying this tablet are in the description.
In case you’re interested
Guys, thank you so much for watching and
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