[UX Book Review] Designing with Data | UX 讀書會 – 善用數據幫你打造好設計

it’s just both what’s up guys welcome
back to my channel today I’m gonna share
a book them reading recently which is
designed with data improving the user
experience with a be testing as you may
or may not know the company and current
working with is a ecommerce site so we
love using every testing and data to
evaluate our design now back to the book
this book is packed with great a be
testing principles and they have driven
examples from companies like Netflix and
Spotify it’s very informative the only
thing I don’t like is I feel some
chapters are a bit redundant so today
I’m gonna share my three key learnings
from the book so stay tuned the first
thing I found really inspiring is the
quadrant dimensioning book on this
quadrant the x axis is your problem
space from local to global the y axis is
your project phase from exploration to
evaluation your global problem space
could be huge and demand a lot of
resources say launch a new feature for
your product and the local problem might
be just fine-tune your call to action
button color one way we can utilize this
quadrant is Before we jump into any a/b
testing we should take a moment and
think if we are doing the right test
maybe you want to do an a/b test for
your site a button color which obviously
is a local problem scale in your
evaluation phase but you think this part
where it’s worth considering other tests
that can be done in the exploration
phase in a global space the second key
learning is that if you’re a be testing
doesn’t make any more significant impact
on your key metrics that’s probably a
that your test reach what the author
called local Maxima which means you can
move on to the next province base or
it’s time for another exploration phase
since the local fine tuning didn’t bring
you more optimization the third and
final takeaway is to make good use of
your proxy data and always think about
the next step if one of your current
test sales fails for example I’m a
youtuber and my goal is to increase my
channel subscriptions however a person
to subscribe a channel or even turn on
the little bill is a huge commitment and
it’s not easy to see those data moving
please subscribe and turn on the
notification but maybe in the past I
found there’s a positive correlation
between watch its high and the number of
subscriptions and it’s super easy for me
to monitor the watching time of my
channel on a day to day basis the watch
time to me would be a perfect proxy beta
and let’s say in a parallel universe
I can’t assign 50% of my audience to
watching this video with my cat as my
video background and the other half
without bikini background let’s see the
kitty background performs better come on
no who doesn’t like a little ball
through YouTube then of course I need to
think about what’s the next background
that I would use to compare with my kid
background alright that’s it for today
these are my three key takeaways of this
book so far because I’m still reading it
please give me a thumbs up if you like
this video and don’t forget to subscribe
I will see you next week

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