Vacation Friends Movie Review – Movie Recap

film opens as a couple, Marcus and Emily,
arrive in Mexico for a romantic getaway.
Marcus is a bit neurotic, as he wants to propose
to Emily and wants everything to go right.
When they arrive at the hotel, they find their
room has been flooded because the couple in
the presidential suite above them overflowed
their jacuzzi.
Marcus tries to get another room, but the
concierge, Maurillio, can only find them a
crappy Best Western hotel room nearby.
To make things worse, Maurillio let it slip
that Marcus was trying to propose.
Left with no choice, Marcus proposes to Emily
on the spot, and she accepts.
Cheering them on is another couple, Ron and
Kyla, who happens to be the couple in the
presidential suite.
They invite Marcus and Emily to stay with
them, and despite some reluctance, they go
along with it.
The two couples get together in the suite,
where Ron and Kyla give Marcus and Emily margaritas.
Only after they drink it do they learn that
the “salt” around the rim of the glass
was actually cocaine.
Later, Marcus and Emily want to go on a whale
watching tour, only to find that the boat
for it is packed with tourists.
Ron and Kyla invite them to

go out on their
own boat, so they head out, and Ron lets Marcus
steer the boat.
Unfortunately, Marcus doesn’t see rocks
ahead of them, and the boat flips over.
The four are airlifted out of there, and while
Marcus wants to repay Ron for the boat, he
and Kyla thought the experience was awesome
as opposed to regular old sailing.
The couples spend the whole week hanging out
and partying.
On their last night there, the couples are
out on the beach, where Ron feels that he
has come to view Marcus as something of a
best friend.
Ron and Kyla then come up with the idea that
Marcus and Emily should get married that night.
They take the two to a cave where they meet
a shaman that performs a Mayan ceremony to
marry Marcus and Emily.
Afterward, the two couples jump off the cliff
into the ocean.
They go back to the hotel room for more drugs
and drinking, and Marcus passes out seeing
Kyla on top of him, thanking him for the experience.
The next morning, Marcus and Emily are super
hungover and head over to the airport to catch
their flight.
When they arrive, Ron and Kyla are already
there, just hanging out, making inappropriate
jokes about Marcus and Emily as security is
Ron and Kyla want to continue seeing Marcus
and Emily, and they ask if they can give them
their numbers, but the latter couple pretends
that their phones broke, so Ron gives Marcus
his business card.
Seven months later, Marcus and Emily are planning
for their official wedding.
Marcus, who manages a construction company,
finds that his employees have gotten a suit
for him.
He laments not being able to invite them because
Emily’s parents want to keep it “intimate.”
When they arrive at the venue where the wedding
will take place, Marcus is surprised to see
that Emily’s parents invited all of their
family and other wealthy friends.
Marcus has tension with her family because
her father, Harold, doesn’t particularly
like him.
He also has issues with Emily’s brother
Gabe because Marcus punched him in the face
one time.
Later that night, Ron and Kyla come crashing
through the gate of the venue and pretend
to angrily confront Marcus and Emily for not
inviting them, before they burst out laughing
at the gag.
Harold approaches them, and Ron immediately
wins him over by showing that he is a former
Green Beret.
Harold allows Ron and Kyla to stay in the
one room that was available – the presidential
When Marcus and Emily ask them what they are
doing there all of a sudden, Kyla reveals
that she is pregnant, and they imply that
Marcus had a big part to play in this, and
based on what he remembers from the trip,
he freaks out.
The following morning, Harold invites Ron
to join him and the others for a fox hunt,
which doesn’t actually involve hunting a
fox, but rather chasing after one even though
nobody has seen a fox around therein forever.
Marcus and Ron go off together, where Ron
shows Marcus which items to forage for food.
Meanwhile, Harold expresses to Emily and Kyla
that he didn’t get along with his own father-in-law,
and Emily notes the same thing is happening
with him and Marcus.
When the guys get to a special mushroom, Marcus
eats it before Ron can explain that it is
an extremely potent, psychedelic mushroom.
Marcus starts to trip balls almost instantly,
so Ron eats one mushroom to help him.
The two space out until Marcus is pounced
on by what he believes is a fox attacking
He nearly grabs a knife to kill it until Ron
stops him to point out Harold and his group,
revealing that the “fox” was actually
Harold’s dog playfully pouncing on Marcus.
Harold tries to approach Marcus with respectful
intentions, but Marcus’s hallucinations
make him see Harold as a clown, and he is
unable to stop laughing.
Ron steps in and saves him by saying that
he knows Marcus wants nothing more than to
make a good impression on Harold.
Ron later joins Marcus as they go golfing
against Gabe and his buddy Bennet, while Kyla
continues to hang out with Emily and her family.
Emily gets nervous because Kyla is giving
“special” medicine to her Grandma Phyllis,
who is typically quiet and doesn’t move
around too much because of her condition.
While on the golf course, Ron appears super
drunk, and they keep missing every hole they
come across.
In the middle of the game, Ron takes out a
lot of money, which he reveals he got from
pawning off Marcus and Emily’s wedding rings.
Marcus is livid until Ron wagers with Gabe
and Bennet for all the money, plus Bennet’s
Ron pulls off an impressive swing on the last
hole to get a hole in one.
The guys go to the pawnshop just before it
closes, and Marcus gets the rings back.
Ron sees a bird flying overhead, and because
he earlier told Marcus that he knows when
a bird is going to poop, he pushes Marcus
out of the way just before he gets crapped
on, and this causes Marcus to drop the rings
down the sewer.
He begins to freak out on Ron for causing
all of this, and Ron starts telling Marcus
that he helped Kyla conceive a child after
doctors told him that he is sterile, seemingly
confirming that Marcus really is the father
of Kyla’s child.
That night, the family hosts a party, where
Marcus’s construction buddies show up after
being invited by Ron.
Ron and Kyla then go up on stage to announce
to everyone how Marcus has lent a hand in
helping them have a baby.
Before Kyla can finish her sentence, Marcus
tries to own up to it himself and declares
to everyone that he is the father of Kyla’s
baby after they had the drug-fueled sexual
It actually turns out that this is not the
case – after the couples did their cliff
dive, Ron thinks that the impact the water
landing had on his balls caused him to undo
his infertility, and so he successfully impregnated
Emily stands up to admit that it was she who
had sex with Kyla, and they were just on top
of Marcus, who wasn’t involved in it.
Harold angrily berates Marcus, who then reveals
that he lost the rings.
When Gabe tries to berate him too, Marcus
punches him in the face again.
A brawl then breaks out between Gabe’s friends
and Marcus’s construction buddies, and Marcus
leaves dejectedly.
On the way out, Ron and Kyla try to talk to
Marcus and Emily, but the two of them snap
at the other couple and say that they were
never friends and deliberately avoid keeping
in touch with them because of how crazy they
Ron and Kyla are hurt and agree to leave.
On the morning of Marcus and Emily’s wedding,
the two believe that there won’t be a wedding.
Harold then comes in with the construction
guys, all of them very drunk.
Harold has loosened up and admits to Marcus
that he has been hard on him, but he is willing
to give him another chance, which Marcus accepts.
Emily is then visited by Grandma Phyllis,
who is now able to walk thanks to the medicine
Kyla gave her.
She gives Emily a note and gift from Kyla,
which is an apology to her and Marcus for
ruining their wedding, but also an admission
that the two of them felt like their best
friends in forever, especially because Ron’s
own best friend passed away.
He didn’t meet another guy like that until
Marcus came along.
In the box are the wedding rings that Ron
spent all day fishing out of the sewers.
Marcus and Emily feel really bad and set off
to go find Ron and Kyla.
Emily remembers that Kyla mentioned she and
Ron like to go to Waffle House, so she and
Marcus go to multiple Waffle Houses until
they eventually find Ron and Kyla.
Although the two are still upset with Marcus
and Emily, the latter two apologize, and Marcus
kisses Ron’s forehead, which he had earlier
said is the ultimate sign of respect.
They forgive Marcus and Emily, and they still
want to name their baby after Marcus.
They agree to go to the wedding on the condition
that Marcus and Emily go to theirs.
Months later, Marcus and Emily return to the
cave in Mexico along with both their families
(and Baby Marcus) to watch Ron and Kyla get
The couples then all jump off the cliff into
the ocean again.

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