VANS World Roblox Game Review and Tutorial

greetings friends and robloxians thanks
for watching a little kingdom production
today we’re looking at roblox vans skate
world it’s a lot of fun and we’ll just
give a brief overview and walk through i
mean skate through if we can stay on our
board that is
this is the main page of the roblox
website vans skate world was created in
april 2021 and has had several updates
it’s currently on a winter christmas
theme update and has hundreds of active
to move around use the w a s and d keys
on your keyboard like in most games
on the bottom of the screen you get more
specific controls by pressing t on your
keyboard you get on and off your
pressing the numbers 1 through 4 will
perform the corresponding trick you can
get more tricks by purchasing them in
game using robux
but i have plenty of tricks i think with
these four options
there are quests in the game on the
right hand side of the screen in the
middle it says quests and it’s telling
me i need to perform these tricks when i
complete them i am rewarded with
experience points

or stat points as the
game calls them use the stat points to
purchase upgrades such as more speed
higher jumps and other things like that
there are these rank and status
information boards at that game’s entry
i’m not on any of them yet
at the bottom of the entry there are a
bunch of shops check each one out you
can purchase in-game items in these
shops some give you free stuff i got a
pair of shoes can only wear in the game
and i got a vans backpack that i can
also wear in other games such as my
favorite game islets but right now i’m
looking for the player upgrade shop
this is the one it says van’s tricks
customized character here i use the
available stat points i’ve earned five
so far to customize my character to have
faster acceleration ramp power and oh
yeah let’s get a bigger ollie for higher
back on the street i pressed the t to
get on the skateboard i’ve also learned
that holding the space bar to jump or
one of the other trick buttons it powers
so when you release the key it performs
that trick
notice the little status icon showing
your tricks power up
the more power the higher your jump and
trick will be i really notice my ollie
jump is higher since purchasing that
upgrade with my stack points
make sure you have a clear landing when
doing these tricks or else
i’m okay it was deliberate i meant to do
that this is so much fun though
there will be pop-up notifications that
you can join a contest they might be a
race or skating at a specific park here
i’ve accepted a competition at a park
and now wait for the countdown to start
want to perform as many successful
tricks as i can in one minute oh i’m in
first no i’m in second place third
okay i’m not doing so well now i’m in
sixth place i’m trying too hard trying
to perform as many tricks as possible i
want to get combinations of tricks to
get a higher score at the end of the
epic oof as i get sixth place oh well
i earned 50 points and 50 waffle coins
for the competition and i had fun
you can see the game has me ranked as an
expert but that’s just because i’ve
played a bit the more quests you
complete and the time you spend in the
game the higher this rank gets that
title makes me feel good though
as you skate around looking for
competitions also complete the quests
they’re listed on the middle right side
of the screen do all those tricks to
complete the quests gaining you waffle
coins and xp points
here comes another competition
notification this time for a race that
makes me wish i had used my experience
points to upgrade speed more
but let’s just do our best with what
we’ve got
if only i was faster it looks like i got
second place and hit eight of nine
checkpoints i didn’t realize i missed
one oh well again that was a lot of fun
i think you guys get the point it’s all
about skating in the mega skate park all
about vans it’s a well-constructed game
i think it will be evolving and gaining
in popularity maybe even one day the
quests will be more involved like
perform a scavenger hunt to get some
cool game merch or maybe a storyline
please leave a comment in the video
telling your experience with this fun
game also please hit that thumbs up and
if you haven’t already subscribed do
that thank you so much thanks for
watching remember have fun and keep it

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