Venom: Marvel Crisis Protocol Unboxing and Review

Hey, it’s Chase from On the Table Gaming
and today we’re going to take a look at
the Venom Character Expansion for Marvel Crisis
A popular character in the comics, with his
own cult following, in this video we’re
going to take a look at the physical components
provided in the Venom Miniature box, as well
as explore Venom as a character, in general, in Marvel
Crisis Protocol.
The Venom character expansion includes one
multi-part, unassembled Venom miniature, instructions,
Venom’s stat card, all the necessary tokens
for play, and 2 tactics cards.
Venom was first introduced as a living suit
in Spider-Man #252, and made his full debut on the sculpt.
in Spider-Man #300.
While there have been several hosts for the
Kylntar symbiote, Marvel Crisis Protocol sees
the alien life form paired his most iconic
host, Eddie Brock.
You can tell right off the bat, just looking at the sprue, that there is a high level of detail on the sculpt.
While all the pieces laid out on the sprue
might look daunting initially, it’s actually
a very simple assembly process and the included
assembly guide reviews all the steps you need
to get your miniature looking great and on
the table.
If you’re a fan of this infamous villain
and anti-hero, there’s a lot to like with
his character in Marvel Crisis Protocol.
Venom is a bruiser through and through and, although he is slow,
with only a short move, he has plenty of damage
potential with both of his ranged-three attacks.
Venom’s first attack, Symbiote Tendrils
can be used to gain power and this attack
can apply a bleed effect just for attacking
your opponent. Helpful in just pushing out damage and giving your opponent something to worry about.
For 3 power, Venom can strike with We Are
Venom, healing for each damage his attack
causes to his victim.
At 7 attack dice, this attack and its subsequent
healing can help keep Venom in the fight and
accounts for a significant portion of his
Right, yeah, so, So Many Snacks is a reactive
power which allows Venom to perform a counter-attack
to an enemy attacking him within range 3 once
per turn.
This a great way to increase Venom’s damage
output, and with enough power, you can transition
into a We Are Venom counter-attack, potentially
undoing the damage you suffered in the initial
If you’re thinking about engaging Venom
in combat, be prepared for a war.
Right, and don’t forget that with Symbiotic
Instincts, enemies Venom hits can never modify
their defense die.
That includes rerolls and cover.
I particularly like how it shuts down the
Web-Warriors affiliation, which is thematically
in line with how Venom doesn’t trigger Spider-Man’s
However, there are some defensive abilities that Symbiotic
Instincts will not shut down, like Iron Man’s
Invincible Ironman passive, or Black Panther’s
Vibranium Armor. So just be aware of that when you are sizing up your opponents.
Venom is slow, but his Kylntar Rage and Web
Snare give Venom area control capabilities,
respectively throwing or pulling enemies closer,
making Venom a great disrupter.
Positioning him centrally during deployment,
or with a specific area you’d like control
in mind will go a long way in maximizing his
Well, not entirely.
Venom is weak against fire and sonic attacks
and his Marvel Crisis Protocol stats have
him weak against Energy damage.
You’ll want to watch out for enemies with
long-range energy attacks. Like Iron-Man or Captain Marvel
Venom’s slow movement and reliance on We
are Venom to restore his health, make him
vulnerable to being kited.
Furthermore, the combo of So Many Snacks and
We are Venom can give a false sense of security.
Heroes like Blank Panther or Ironman are likely
only going to take one damage from this attack,
and thus only granting 1 heal to venom.
Even against heroes with physical resistance
4, this 5 point combination will often net
around 2 damage and healing – which is great,
but there may be instances where you want
to save your power to web snare and snack
on a more vulnerable target.
The expansion also includes 2 tactics cards,
which are Venom specific.
Lethal Protector allows Venom to become the
target of an attack targeting an allied character.
Letting him soak damage that he can later
heal with We are Venom.
This makes him an excellent escort for your
softer targets. And makes opponents
have to think about what exactly is going to be the order of activation when they engage.
Uneasy Allies allows Venom and an allied Spider-Man
to both take 1 damage to add 3 to the dice
roll of the attack, provided Venom and his
web-swinging friend are within range of each
other. While that might be more challenging for Venom, it’s not too challenging for Spider-man to get in range
and sing this with We Are Venom will net you
10 total attack dice on an attack, that also
heals Venom for the damage he inflicts.
Going forward, there’s a lot of great combos and
synergies to explore with Venom, let us know
in the comments below what some of your favorite
tactics are and special thanks Mike Meeple
for letting us use a picture of his painted Venom miniature
in our video, and I’ll be using his guides and
tutorials to help me paint up all my Crisis Protocol Miniatures.
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