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Last Dance time we’re going to get some bully Maguire moves going today that’s what I’m thinking we’re doing ladies and gentlemen we got ourselves the Venom the last dant trailer yo yo yo John how you doing I’m good I’m good something to do with Spider-Man oh K how

are you K is ready love Venom we are Venom caveman leave a like on this video reject Nation there’s literal spit coming out of my mouth drooling moisture I have woken up due to morbius cup G fuel thanks G fuel for awakening the day i’ like to take

your hydration formula post-workout sometimes pre-workout too for 6:00 in the morning you know this bad boy’s kicking in and a necessity for the Gregory tell us what you think about this Venom trailer let’s watch it guys Eddie Eddie my own has found us oh whoa no the pieras

you should he’s in the shirt he was wearing a no way home I have a really dark un unpredictable side to me yeah you do stop speaking I’m giving you a chance sweetie sweetie when double wielding fun fun I still get so excited to see the cion man

oh my God he’s John Wick in this what are you we are we Venom we areen yeah need to work on that all the heads

all the heads all the finest places I need oh my God I I love the humor of these movies man Tom Hardy just

gets it always knew it was impossible whoa this took a different turn we anous we were alone in the UN Temple yeah oh the life Foundation symbiotes you would that an event see them all it was Danny Roos it’s a Ted ler reunion oh wow cool oh this

is a full-on hunt yeah in the the dream my friend you mean it whoa led by cheel interesting going full spot Mrs Chen is part the Last Dance there has to be a reason there was that re I think it was reaons yeah oh my God Edie ven

has found us that’s crazy are we getting there’s an army coming that cannot be beaten you’re going to need Venom on your side oh yeah St back full circle will we may not make it out of this alive buddy Ed the time has come serious stuff guys wow

their bond is real I am your buddy be honest with me how fast do you think you can get that thing we’re going to get a symbiot horse hopefully to one way to find out oh my God yesol yes yes that’s pretty awesome let’s go that’s pretty cool

let’s go not going to lie that shit’s awesome man they do some stuff in the SYM in this one that’s got some momentum If Ever I Saw absolutely W they are doubling down on the humor they’re doubling down on the Bromance the tagline is till death do they

part got to love it you’re both going to die when I heard it was called Venom the Last Dance I thought it might be a little bit more silly I mean it’s a pretty silly trailer it’s pretty silly series but they still had it with uh you know

the the Epic Stakes of the what is coming so okay it seems like the plot of this movie Venom is a fugitive they’re on the hunt but then when more symbiotes are coming to invade they’re going to need someone on their side they’re going to need an ally

allies and we’re going to get that in the form of Eddie Brock and Venom to help save the day and maybe and Stephen Grahams coming back do you think he’s probably going to but Stephen Grahams look symbiote infected yeah he’s ined was he was he symbiote poit scene

he had those eyes had those eyes you got to rewatch your Venoms yeah I’ve only seen them once I need to rewatch love Let There Be Carnage come on man but yeah that was a really fun trailer I mean if it looks solid I think they did the

right thing in tone by going like well if it worked let’s go 11 with it like I think it’s smart to make a very I don’t know brazen trailer yeah I mean it looks like really uh a clean I don’t know how else to put it like it

feels it feels like a little bit more steady in the way it’s being directed I would say you know yeah and and longtime Venom writer Kelly Marcel is stepping into the director’s chair for this I I do really like the aesthetic that they chose like the the visual

of using Venom in very like tactile ways like everything those lockoff shots are really cool soz you can play in the frame you could tell what’s going on I think one of the big problems in the first two Venoms is when it gets really dark and it’s just

a lot of movement kind of like the old Hulk movie this looks really bright and then it’s like let’s use the symbiot to cause violence but a hold on it so you can actually see what’s happening in the frame yeah there’s a lot of scope to this film

yeah you know it looks like they’re going to a lot of different locations and they’re going to be embracing even like the The Fugitive spy element a little bit yeah so I’m I’m actually excited he’s going to be like a bit of an agent under Venom perhaps and

it looks like in the first two films you know you you’re on Eddie side of perspective on he’s The Loner he’s missing out on like what his life became and this one it looks like we’re in a Venom’s perspective on like his planet and him leaving and him

being hunted and I think that’s going to like be the bond between the two of them is they’ve both been Outsiders the whole time and it’s become more of a love story so now when we get till death to his part I I think it’s going to be

more of like they really understand each other they’re kind of one being the symbiosis has fully occurred and that really funny scene in my opinion that the the we are Venom moment I think is going to be like one of those last beats of like full symbiosis like

they’ve been off for a bit and then they find themselves in love yeah yeah it’s a really deep Trilogy of films these Venom films it is what bonding I mean it looks it actually looks like a film compared to what usually Sony’s doing yeah that’s the best compliment

I could actually give it I honestly it looks like an actual film I think this trailer get people that are like I like the last two but maybe not like this feels like a good cell yeah I think so yeah they’re coming here from his home planet to

call a loser to his face what more could you want and the life Foundation moment like I got excited cuz we have seen some of the life Foundation SYM it’s obviously the life foundation in the first film but we haven’t seen like a fully formed scream uh we

could get Agony we could get like some of the symbiots that have been teasing Lasher L that was the rumor Lasher which is apparently people’s favorite symbi that I was like all but and then they’re like the the characters from the separation anxiety story line like in the

military Garb I wonder if they evolve into wearing the like different colored suits they do in the comics this could get like super comicy obviously it’s a very comicy trailer I think the balance between the high high comedy and the ridiculous imagery is what venom does best so

if you’re going to do one last ride like go all the way in I mean I got to say too guys this trailer unlike the other Venom trailers was also uploaded directly on the Marvel entertainment channel so a lot of times we’re theorizing you know like Hey will

this Venom actually connect to the MCU and now we got a little bit of a tease with when we thought he was really going to play a part of no way home which he didn’t it was kind of pointless but but maybe there’s something maybe there’ll be something

here that I feel like will actually directly tie into cuz a lot of times that an association with Marvel thing you kind of laugh at but with the fact that it was uploaded on Marvel entertainment’s Channel actually does have me thinking that this might tie in a little

bit more to the MCU than prior I really hope the rumors about young Peter Parker aren’t as true and there is something with Peter Parker like any of them they’re going to have Ben Parker they’ll have Adam Scott show up and then they’ll do a little M web

tie in yeah well I I love the extremity of it because like the Venom horse reminds me of like some Ghost Rider you know oh good call that’s a really good point and I think that’s the movie’s like playfulness is it seems like symbiotes are going to do

a lot more than just be on humans it seems like there’s going to be a lot of insane visuals that are fun to just punch up yeah and they’ got the budget like these movies made so much money yeah absolutely yeah they deserve a little bit more money

I mean this looks this looks solid that actually looks solid this movie coming out this year it’s like the other two Venom trailers the movie kind of messy this looks like that’s what I meant by Clean like it it actually feels like this could be a pretty even

though it looks like a very predictable movie it feels very focused at the same time you know and Tom Hardy is just happy like I don’t know every time I watch a Venom trailer I’m happy for Tom Hardy which is the weirdest you know like you see an

actor and you’re happy for them to be doing what they want to do whenever he plays Venom I’m just like look at Tom go I got to point out too the plane action scene Spider-Man homecoming had a plane action scene look out they’re going to cross over they

invented plane action scenes guys and now it’s come a full circle see a stub tail oh look out it’s a it’s an airplane tail it’s an airplane tail it’s all coming to fuselage there’s just something about the artwork for this man like that poster looks so dope and

you know I think they one thing they’ve really nailed down this is made to be 1920 by 108 across your desktop I I think they have to have some type of Spider-Man tiin it seems like last they have to well like it’s my my big question because it’s

like it’s such a glaring thing that it seems like especially if this is the final ride you would want to maybe acknowledge somehow at least to be like hey we did go to an alternate Dimension and see this kid on TV for a hot second maybe he gets

the white suit you know the white spider from just seeing Spider-Man like we get at least the visual of full venomized Venom and I was hearing rumors that this one’s going to be rated R the trailer apparently in some countries was rated 15 which is their equivalent R

so it’d be awesome some countries rum he did eat some heads well well sometimes in some that could just mean like sometimes a PG-13 out here is considered R-rated in in other countries like like John said he did bite some heads but the movie seems who cares the

movie did you see all the blood he’s the movie seems so big though like bigger than the other ones that I I have a hard time believing that they would go R-rated well and they need to probably make a their they guarantee their money back on this because

they’ve made a lot of stuff that doesn’t necessarily always make its money back and they’ve been pushing craving around and who knows whether that’ll be a success or not this could be the last Cry of the Sony whatever it’s called un whatever as we know it right now

this could be the last you know kind of iteration of that before it gets a massive well as much as as much as Venom didn’t play a part in no way home it is obviously taking place immediately after the events of the post credit scene of no way

home yeah yeah him in the outfit is pretty much like well let’s see where we take off from and it looks like he’s in is that Mexico Puerto Rico Spain where was Danny downtown Los Angeles yes argentin yeah yeah it was just down the street from tros tacos

uh anyway guys what you think about the Venom trailer that was pretty cool cool stuffy neat cool stuff all around better than I expected and I love these movies so I I think it’s the highest praise I can give it I am an active Venom Defender and this

looked better than I expected I know it’s so well lit full love story CU in the first movie it was about them becoming symbiotic with each other and then in the second movie it was like they need to be more symbiotic with each other and this one they

become this one now they’re so symbiotic according to the Epic Trilogy Of Love We yeah I was going to say we got the origin then we lost our powers for a little bit now we got the ultimate power guys there’s the before Trilogy and then there’s this when

it comes to love stories frankly link later should take some notes what I liked about the action too was there was a bit of that uh tag teaming where you have like Venoms actually thrusting Eddie out there to like double kick people and stuff like that stuns so

there there’s actual like tag teaming going on between the two of them so it does look pretty cool in that action anyway guys what you think about the trailer I give it a 30 out of out of 10 it is that good it is 20% higher than 100%

in my eyes John wow oh God I give it a 45 out of 10 least epic loved it I give it 299 out of 10 because Venom’s actual first appearan is in the final frame of issue 299 people think it’s 300 but 299 is actually more valuable than

you think it is because it’s top mcfarlan’s second appearance as penil who wanted to get him back in the red suit the reason Venom exists is because Todd McFarlan signed on to write and illustrate Spider Man an order to drw in the red and blue suit and only

because he wanted him out of that suit did Venom come to be because he’s like I don’t want this thing symbiot Eddie brockless make this whole story and now he’s got one of the most iconic characters of all time out of a passion to draw her in blue

suit passion I love hearing all these thoughts they definitely engaging all righty guys we’ll see yall

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