Video Camera Sunglasses or Spy Video Glasses – Unboxing, Review, Demo & Trial Videos & Photos

Hi guys,
recently I ordered this item from Kogan. I want to make it clear.
No one pays me to create this video. When I received the item,
it happened to have a minor issue and asked the customer care team to address it. Good thing,
the customer care team had done a great job and resolved it swiftly.
And now, I got the replacement of my order.
Let’s check if the item is worth for the price of 40 Australian dollars or 1300 Philippine Peso.
We got here the box of video camera sunglasses.
I also ordered the 32 gigs SDHC MicroSD card.
These camera sunglasses storage supports up to a maximum of 32 gigs.
As the seller highlighted, with the Video Camera Sunglasses, not only you can ditch the bulky and annoying camera equipment,
you also get a unique view of the world!
Everything you see and hear will film so you won’t miss a moment!
The video camera sunglasses record to a MicroSD card
and can use the USB to transfer photographs and videos directly off your camera to your PC or Mac.
Let’s see and let’s start unboxing!
We have here the sunglasses case,
hard zipper-type with a belt clip.

/> From the manual, the battery is a built-in lithium rechargeable battery,
so before you use it, charge the sunglasses for more than 12 hours for the first three times.
Seller warranty card, quick guide, you can access the user manual on the seller website,
cleaning cloth,
video camera sunglasses
and USB cable or transfer cable.
The video camera sunglasses frame material is ABS+PC, around 50grams in weight and has a folding dimension of 14.5x
6.5×4 centimeters.
MicroSD memory card slot, USB port,
and the microphone.
We have a polarized lens, shining black in frame colour with CE, FCC certification.
The frame features small contour design, with a durable UV-resistant finish.
All buttons to operate the video and camera have placed in the left temple part of the sunglasses.
Later, I will show you how to operate the video and camera.
I’m not aware that 4gigs SDHC MicroSD card has included.
Be careful in the orientation when inserting the Micro SD card.
The video camera or camera has hidden between these perforated design in the centre of sunglasses.
The video image resolution has
720 x 480
at 30fps in avi format while in photo image resolution
it has 1.3MP or
1280×1024 in jpeg format.
So, I have an extra 32gigs MicroSD card.
Let me show you how to operate the device. The video camera or camera has located in the centre of the sunglasses
with holes next to it, designed to make it hidden. It can use to spy,
but please do not use these glasses for any illegal purposes.
Make sure the MicroSD card has inserted before operating the device.
To start press and hold the power button for three seconds and then release.
Red LED indicator will light up, means it’s in standby mode.
In standby mode, press the camera button to take a photo. The blue LED indicator would blink once.
Press it again, if you like to take more photos.
For video recording, in standby mode, press the camera button for three seconds,
the blue LED indicator blinks three times if blinking continues means the recording started, and to stop recording
press the camera button. The files will save automatically.
To turn off the video camera or camera, long-press the power button.
I will show you the video recording in motion and stillness.
Video recording during driving,
and jogging.
I took some photos as well.
Overall, I like the product. It has a reasonable price and quality.
I’m surprised it perfectly fit in me especially I’m not so gifted in the nose. I hope you enjoy this video!
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Thank you for watching.

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