Vitilan i7 Pro Electric Bike Review – Best Fat Tire 750W Folding Ebike?!

what’s happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back in today’s video we are checking out the i7 Pro electric bicycle so this is a folding Fat Tire electric bicycle we have 20 inch wheels on the front and on the back and also four inch wide tires the fat tires as they are called this bike is powered by a 750 watt motor that’s located in the rear wheel here we also have dual suspension so we have a shock on the back and suspension on the front end we also have hydraulic disc brakes on the front

and on the back these are also the largest disc brakes that I’ve seen on any e-bike up until now with that being said let’s start by doing a bit of an unboxing just so I can show you how the bike comes packed in the box and what you have to do to get this ready and on the road all right so the buy comes in a box that’s a bit smaller than most other e-bikes that I’ve seen in the past but this is also a pretty heavy box so the bike itself actually weighs about 35

kilos so even though you can fold this you’re not going to be able to carry this around too much because it is a pretty heavy

bike now out of the box you basically have to put the handlebar together and the pedals so the bike is kind of assembled right out of the box so very easy to put this together so about 20 minutes to get this ready and on the road taking a look at the bike itself well this looks more like a motorcycle than a bike I’m gonna say and of course that has a

lot to do with those fat tires now if you’ve seen any videos for any angry bikes or any pvi bikes well this looks pretty similar to those bikes so of course having these Massive Tires will also help whenever you go over uneven terrains so if you go over bumps or anything like that you’re not really Gonna Fill those bumps because those big tires will soak up those bumps when you pair those with the front area suspension you will get a very smooth ride so whatever you’re riding it’s gonna be smooth basically starting on the back

of the bike here on the left hand side we have the kickstand this is made of a combination of plastic and metal and whenever the bike is on the kickstand it doesn’t seem to fall even if it’s windy then we have the hydraulic disc brake this is also larger than most other um this brakes that I’ve seen on other e-bikes in the past and the braking power from this bike is really really good the probably the best that I’ve actually had on any e-bike up until now the brakes also don’t squeak or make any noises

as well so I think I’m gonna go ahead and say that this bike has the best braking system on any e-bike that I’ve got to try up until now on the back here we also have a bike rack this is made out of metal I personally didn’t put anything on it but if you have a bag or something like that you could definitely carry a bag there then we have the mud guard the mud guard is made out of plastic and I’m happy to say that the mud guards the front and the back ones don’t

actually make any noise when you go over uneven terrain we also have a rear light here that will turn on whenever you turn on the headlight the rear light also acts as a brake light so whenever you are braking you’ll get an extra light on the back there and we also have signals on this bike so you can signal left and right but that’s only available for that rear light on the right hand side here we have eight gear Shimano shifter and shifting up and down is done flawlessly you don’t actually have to adjust this

out of the box so the shifting system works pretty good as it is out of the box the 750 watt motor that we have in the rear wheel here has a peak power of 1200 watts and I have to say this is a very powerful motor once again one of the most powerful of any e-bike that I got to try up until now so it doesn’t matter if you’re riding on a flat surface or if you’re riding on a hill for example this is a pretty steep hill here you can ride up hills no problem

I’m actually going to show you a quick example so you can see how the bike does when you go uphill basically so we have a pretty steep hill around here I’m not sure if you can see it on the camera but it is um pretty steep so I’m leaving it in assistance level three and I have the bike in first gear so it can go up a hill like this no problem at all if you want you can also accelerate just to the throttle and that’s why I said this is the most powerful e-bike that

I got to try up until now so I’m not actually pedaling I’m just accelerating with the throttle on a hill that’s pretty steep so this is quite um impressive another bike that I tried them can actually do this so power is no problem whatsoever on whatever surface you’re riding so if you’re riding on a flat surface or if you’re riding uphill this bike has plenty of power so you don’t actually have to put that much effort into pedaling talking about pedaling so the pedals are made out of metal they’re also foldable so you can fold

them and basically make the bike a bit smaller I’m gonna say in the center here we have the rear shock and of course some this will help mostly when you go over uneven terrain if you’re riding on a flat surface of course you’re not gonna notice it as much but if you start doing jumps and stuff like that to the bike you’re definitely gonna notice that it helps with the overall Comfort I’m gonna say the seat here has lots of padding maybe not the most padding that I’ve seen on a seat but overall it is

pretty comfortable for longer rides as well and of course you can adjust this in height so it goes pretty high and pretty low as well talking about adjustments so The Handlebar here can also be adjusted in height and this is very important because the riding position is better when you can actually adjust the handlebar because you’re going to be sitting straight like this instead of being crouched like other bikes so I’m very happy that you can actually adjust that handlebar in height in the center here we have the folding mechanism so as I said the

beginning of the video this bike is foldable it takes a couple of minutes to fold it and you can also remove the battery pack so the battery pack is located in the frame here now it takes about six hours to fully charge this from zero to a hundred as for range well I guess it really depends how you’re riding so if you’re just using the throttle to accelerate so you don’t actually put that much pedaling in you’re gonna get about 50 to 55 kilometers on one charge but if you also do some pedaling so you’re

not only using the motor you’re gonna get about 80 kilometers on one charge so this is a fairly big battery pack in this particular bike as well moving on to the front of the bikes so first of all the handlebar here is also foldable let me just do that so this easily folds of course that’s going to help whenever you’re folding the entire bike because this so you can like carry it easier maybe you can put it in the car trunk and stuff like that but as I said this is a pretty heavy bike so

um keep that in mind so we’ll fold this back then we have the front suspension here this is about three inches of travel and it does work really good you can also lock the suspension in place so if you’re just going on a flat Road maybe there is no point in having that unlocked but there is a bit of an issue so whenever you are going over bigger bumps the screw that holds in place the front light actually touches the fork here I’ve seen this with two other bikes in the past I guess you could

fix that by replacing that screw it’s such a shame because it scratched the bike on the front here so it’s not not expecting that but overall the front suspension does work really well as well the front light is bright enough to be seen during the day and of course at 90 to light the path ahead of you really well on the front here we have the same plastic mud guard that we have on the back guard as we have on the back and of course we have the hydraulic disc brake as well and as I

mentioned earlier the braking power from this bike is exceptionally good moving on to The Handlebar well The Handlebar is wide enough so you’re riding nice and comfortable you’re not crouched them in there of course we have the brake levers here as I mentioned a couple of times already these are hydraulic these brakes and you can also adjust the brakes some from here as well on the left hand side here we have the throttles so with this bike you can pedal and the bike will assist you or you can just go with the throttle it is

entirely up to you if you’re a bit on the lazier side like me maybe you’ll use that throttle more then we have the power button a few on the left hand side here and then we have the screen in the center now the screen is not the brightest screen out there but you can still see it even on a day like today when it’s super sunny out on the other side here let me actually power this on we have the signal so as I said earlier you can signal with that rear light and then we

have the horn not the loudest Horner out there but it definitely works so overall I’m very happy with the riding position and the quality of the materials some used for this bike all right so I’ll quickly show you how you basically ride this bike we have the power button right here I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see the screen on the camera it is quite bright out and from here we’ll change modes we’ll go to assistance level three basically so now as soon as you start pedaling the bike will start assisting you or

you can just Accelerate from the throttle here for our first run we’ll just pedal you’ll hear the motor in just a second so very easy or if you want you can just Accelerate from the throttle here so you don’t actually have to put any effort in pedaling at all and we can also check out the brakes because we are going downhill here so we’re going to drink about 17 miles an hour so nice and smooth braking but if you pull on those levers you can definitely lock those tires so turn left and we’ll go this

way so that easy to ride this bike don’t actually have to put any effort into riding it so that simple so we’ll do another brake test right here so as I said you can definitely lock those Wheels if you want so to quickly conclude this video the i7 Pro is one of the better built um electric folding fat tire bikes that I got to try up until now absolutely love the brakes on this bike definitely the best braking power that I had on any bike up until now the materials used all over the bike are

really good and my only thing about this bike my only complaint about this bike is this screw that holds together the light that scratches the fork if it wouldn’t be for that the bike would be pretty much perfect but well there is that but as I said it is a fairly easy fix some I think so there you have it this is the i7 Pro thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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