vivaia shoe unboxing + review *sustainable & recycled shoes*

hello everyone oh hello everyone and welcome back 
to my channel um i’m back with another unboxing  
video and today i have a very exciting one because 
i got some shoes sent to me by a very nice company  
called vivaia yeah i’m not 100 sure if i 
pronounce it right but i i’m pretty sure  
it’s vivaia so i’m just going to stick with that 
they uh reached out to me asked me if i wanted to  
pick out a pair of shoes and make a 
video about them and see if i like them  
i was very excited about this one because there’s 
something special about these particular shoes  
because they’re made out of plastic bottles so 
they’re recycled they’re good for the environment  
and they’re also like they had some very like 
unique pieces that you know were pretty cool  
and i picked out a pair that um i liked and 
i’m going to unbox it for you guys today  
yeah pretty excited i’m just going to jump right 
into it so let’s get started i already opened the  
package so nothing much exciting about that this 
is the box the shoe box that i got so the box  
yeah um it’s a box i never really know what 
to say about a box

but it’s an icebox it says  
step into conscious comfort stylish sustainable 
fifaya yeah i’m just going to open it let’s see
first of all there’s a cards with some 
information about how to clean them  
don’t write clean don’t blame blah blah and 
there’s a qr code where you can get 20 off  
that’s nice uh also i have a discount code for 
you guys to buy your own pair of shoes i’ll be  
giving you that at the end of the video i really 
like how they pack the shoes it’s very like chic  
i guess and that’s like the overall 
vibe i get from the brand it’s pretty  
fancy i actually got a pair of shoes that 
i don’t already have i don’t really wear  
a lot of heels or sandals or whatever i decided 
to try it out for once there’s definitely some  
occasions where i dress more fancy than 
i usually do so i can use them for that  
there’s a measuring thing in there i’m not 
quite sure why vegeta jewels this is cetera
for your insoles if you need them i 
don’t know well there’s this thing  
measuring thing i’m not quite sure why that’s 
cool it’s cool oh also the box says two pair of  
shoes or no one pair of shoes equals six plastic 
bottles uh thank you for helping our ocean and  
recycling six plastic water bottles uh preventing 
them from breaking into millions of micro plastics  
and harming marine life please note our insoles 
are made of natural latex which may cause allergic  
reactions well i hope not but we’ll see about 
that i’m just going to take them out of the box
very nice i absolutely love 
the color that i picked out i  
kind of wanted black because i always 
go with black but they were sold out  
so i i’m kind of happy they were because or 
else i would have gotten black but you know  
a different color for once is it’s nice to have a 
different rotation in your wardrobe yeah adults oh  
just casually dropped in the box alright 
so these are the shoes that i picked out  
they’re called the oh yes that’s what i thought 
i wanted to say jade rose i’m sure okay the jade  
denim blue it’s denim blue not black for once that 
was nice alright so they’re called the jade shoes  
they have different colors black i think also 
you know yeah they’re different colors okay so  
different colors but i got these the reason i got 
these was because they kind of remind me of like  
what they don’t remind me of but they give 
me y2k vibes and i’ve been wanting a pair  
of shoes like that so it’s pretty cool 
they have like a square toe and the heel  
i have no idea how to describe this because i 
i don’t know how to describe things as a person  
who does a lot of unboxings i’m pretty bad at 
describing things but i mean i do it anyways  
so this heel pretty cool pretty cool details 
it’s a square block it’s like a 90 degree angle  
it’s like a weird shape and i think that’s 
pretty cool and then there’s like this another  
shape there’s a lot of shapes that’s cool and 
that’s why i like them i just thought they were  
pretty special and unique uh so yeah i already 
tried them on and they do fit i’m very happy  
with this brand because they do have sizes they 
that’s amazing because i have uh 38 and a half  
and i always need to either size down or up and 
then i never really know what my size is with  
shoes and with this i just got a 38 and a half and 
it fits perfectly so kudos to them for doing that  
more shoe brands should do that pretty excited 
about these not quite sure yet like how i’m  
going to style them and stuff but i’ll see my 
boyfriend will help me with that i guess yeah  
yeah because he’s a stylist kind of you are kind 
of okay but what’s also cool i see discount on  
the website if you buy multiple pairs you have 
a stacking discount okay that’s cool you can  
also get a discount from me yeah so yeah i’m 
very excited about this brand i’m very excited  
about these shoes uh if you want to check them 
out please do i will leave everything down below  
the link to the shoes my discount code is 
lotta and you get 15 of your entire order  
the shoes aren’t that expensive i must say i mean 
i have to see if they’re like good quality of  
course but they’re recycled plastic and that’s 
amazing it’s like better for the environment  
mostly things like that are more expensive and 
so i was i was pretty surprised about the price  
because it’s not expensive at all and it’s 
even less expensive if you use my discount code  
everything’s linked down below i just want 
to thank fifaya for sending me these shoes  
thank you so much for partnering up with 
me yeah i hope you guys enjoyed the video  
if you did make sure to subscribe to my channel 
hit the notification bell if you never want to  
miss whenever i post a new video and i hope 
to see you guys very soon alright bye bye

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