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looking for change looking for a plane
pulling a mob pushing a train i’ll never
stop stick to a lane pick up the pieces
and go rearranger i’ll be the best above
all the rest put me to the tester expect
nothing less your checkers i’m chest i’m
tapping in that [ __ ] got the venom a
tangible weapon no coming in second this
life is a lesson he got a new engine
from pain that’s a blessing new focus no
guessing just hold an obsession all in
his possession you got their attention
i’ll leave an impression and take a
redemption just kill my discretion your
mind is a weapon 11 11 it’s time for
you don’t wanna
so he’s been looking for somebody who
could save him instead of searching
inside for what they gave him a strong
will strong mind causes mayhem we could
change the world change times we arrange
them staying on pace running the race
life is a chase i don’t want a place i
wanna be first work till it hurts deager
the thirst

till i’m gonna hurt song high
ambitions and the right mind can take
you so far it’s like you lived a few
lifetimes take off from a break off from
the weak minds they can stay soft you
can change lives you create thoughts
never waste time you got one shot you
got one life better pop off what do you
like make a dream job no non-vibe no
mean boss just my life and free thoughts

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