hello my lovely people today is vlogmas day 
9 and today’s video i am doing an unboxing  
i treated myself for my birthday early 
birthday gift week ahead i got my nails done
got my nails done and i brought myself 
something so i will be unboxing it today  
i have brought in the orange i 
don’t know if i’m saying it right
the orange brush
i’m excited to be using this um can’t wait to 
use it i had the revlon one um i had brought  
the revlon one a while ago and i used it a few 
times and i liked it um i just heard some bad  
reviews about it so i had to get rid of it um so 
i wanted to get one that’s going to do less damage  
to my hair and i believe this one’s 
supposed to do less damage to your hair
i don’t really use products like this that 
often so i shouldn’t do that much damage  
it’s in a nice cute looks 
like a shoebox doesn’t it  
nice box looks like a shoebox 
oh it’s so pretty look at that
so fancy
okay so take it out
it’s huge

is huge
it’s nice i like that this is um like ceramic 
or plated or whatever you want to call that  
and it has two bristles uh two 
types of bristles it has the
you see the ones with the little round 
tip and then the other ones that we use
it’s really nice then you 
have this for the settings
can’t wait to use it
and then thingy looks pretty long you see how 
long it is and it’s got all these ties still  
it’s very big though light that was not really 
heavy it’s very light i love the color it’s cute  
i can’t wait then it has a thingy where 
you can tie it back up it’s very long  
look how long it is i can put away over 
there yes it’s definitely long very long
easy grip
because like everything else that
comes with the little booklet
just the instructions and
that type of stuff
basic stuff seems like you got another 
box within the box but it’s that’s it
oh look at this i almost missed this
it comes with a little comb because this 
is to clear out um to clean it i’m assuming  
this is probably to clean it little bristles to 
clean it you know you usually open these things  
up and clean them you use it after so many 
uses it has a high low and cooling off high  
low cooling off it’s really nice i’ma try it out 
for y’all and i will give y’all my honest review
yeah this is my brushy and
so i’ll be coming back with my i’ll 
be coming back with the results
i’m back and this is the results from using 
it my hair is very thin so i’m sure viewers  
is thicker it’ll look a little different but 
yeah this is the results um i think i like it um  
i really do think i like it i it feels soft but i 
don’t know if it’s because of that product i mean  
you know the blow dryer or is it the products i’m 
using now because i’m using like a garlic shampoo  
and i’m using uh i always use heat protectant 
but i’m using like a little shine thingy um the  
shampoo itself makes your hair soft i believe 
so i don’t know if that’s contributing to the  
you know the softness it’s really 
soft like it feels like silk um  
it took no time at all to um blow dry and 
like i said my hair is thin so what i noticed  
between this brush and the revlon brush 
that i had before was this one was smoother  
it would definitely felt lighter um it felt like 
it heated my hair like dried my hair quicker i  
didn’t feel it pulling my hair like i don’t know 
um whoever i have used a revlon brush it feels  
like sometimes they’re like pulling your hair this 
one didn’t feel like it was full of my hair at all  
i’m not an expert so i’m sure like if 
somebody else that knows how to blow  
dry hair professionally and and better they can 
you know make it look even better than this it  
took me probably i would say a good 15 minutes 
if that and my hair was completely wet usually  
they say it’s good to have your hair damp or 
dries more dry than wet my hair was completely  
wet um i washed it and went straight with the 
blow dryer of course you know tile dried it but  
that’s it’s what is it was really wet and it still 
just took me 15 minutes and this is the results  
so if y’all would like to see a tutorial of 
me doing it um it was i wanted to do one today  
but i don’t have like the right um camera angle 
to do it myself i would have needed someone that  
hold it for me i believe or something like that 
so um if y’all would like to see a tutorial me  
actually blow drying my hair let me know um and i 
would do it but um yes this is the results i love  
it another thing that i notice um when you blow 
dry your hair whether it’s with a straightener or  
sometimes a blow dryer whatever sometimes your 
hair has that kind of like burnt um burnt smell  
even if you have a good shampoo that smells good 
and everything it the the heat kind of gives your  
your hair that little bit of stain not like fully 
stink um but they don’t give it that fresh clean  
no touch heat at all hair smell is what i’m saying 
and mine’s right now other than when you were to  
draw a booty supply unless you put in a thousand 
products in your hair and i don’t do that i just  
put a little bit of well some heat protected and 
then a little bit i mean like a little a literally  
unless like a pea size of this oil that i brought 
um for your hair to help it um i forgot what it  
was saying but i just recently brought it i 
probably used it like three times um that’s  
all i put in my hair and i just put a little 
bit more so on the ends i just put the aftermath  
on my hair here and i put it before i blow dry my 
hair not after so the two products that i did put  
was before i started blow drying my hair so this 
is it with nothing on after i blow dry my hair  
so i am you know i would give it uh i don’t 
know if there’s nothing better so i don’t  
have nothing else to compare it to but from the 
revlon and this brush i would say this one is uh  
a lot better i would say they both do the trick i 
like i said when i did my hair with the revlon it  
looked nice as well i just feel like it pulled my 
hair um while i was blow drying it and it made it  
it didn’t make it feel as this off and then 
surely um after i washed it i noticed like it  
felt rough so i don’t know we’ll see when i wash 
it how it feels but right now it feels like silk  
and i’m happy with my product i will be keeping it 
this is not a sponsorship in no way shape or form  
i just brought this because i like to have my hair 
straight as well as curly but for me to have my  
hair straight it requires a straightener or blow 
drying you know things like that uh a doobie uh  
when you put a wrap i can’t just have it straight 
naturally so um i wanted to find something that  
was easy because sometimes blow drying isn’t 
always great for me i’m not good at it it hurts my  
hand because i you know the angles and stuff like 
that this was quicker easier and worked just as  
good so if not better because i’m sure i wouldn’t 
get these results if i was blow drying my hair  
so yes this was my gift to myself don’t 
get it twisted i buy myself things all the  
time i’m just using that as a skin to have 
some money on this product because i just  
gave away one to buy another one so um yes 
that was a birthday gift to myself and i’m  
happy with it it was not that expensive like i had 
thought it would be for being that brand because  
they talk about it all the time 
like that that’s a good brand  
it was reasonable price and the results were 
pretty decent and this was vlogmas number  
nine thank you so so much for watching have a 
wonderful day and i will see you next time bye

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