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Hey everybody, welcome to talking cars Today we’re back in another convertible. Another city, another convertible, another evening We’re in Bombay, Driving through Bandra The car is a Porsche 911 Version one Look, the new beetle Unfortunately, we can’t show you that Today we’re driving a 1975 super beetle convertible This one belongs to my friend Hassan And has a bit of history to it. We’re out for a casual evening, So thought of getting some wind in the hair So beetle, where do we start We have actually talked a lot about the beetle, About the three that went

for the Himalayan drive, Even Hassan was part of it, In his bay window bus He has driven to goa in this car, And we spent some time with it. We have talked about beetles’ history in the past. Everyone is aware of it. It was a post-war vehicle from Germany It was designed or called for by Hitler. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Hence it has Porsches favorite layout, Boxer engine, rear engined rear wheel drive, Air-cooled. We’re driving the super beetle, which from the standard car is an advanced– Look, look pullover Ok, we can’t tell you what it

is. So we’re sat in a 1975 super beetle. The super beetle is a standard beetles evolution. There’s an ad showing a 1940s model and a 2003 model. Basically no

differences but still loads of differences. Historically beetle has undergone 2, or 3 major refreshes. This one is such a model that got a major update, The super beetle. I thought super beetle was a supercar or something when jayd talked about it This is a superior version of the beetle. . The beetle when first launched was a proper economy car. In the 40s after the war. Well, it’s

development started during the war. Launched as a peoples car which is Volkswagen. Now even rich people can’t buy it. so not people’s car anymore. So it began as a ” people’s car” project. Hilter called for it. He basically hired Ferdinand Porsche. As the name suggests, he is the man behind Porsche. He designed it and the car was made around his concepts. His favorite layout rear-engined rear wheel drive flat-four or flat-six boxer in Porsches And even today that formula is still being followed in 911s. They had to make it water-cooled later to meet emission norms and

due to other reasons. But the flat-six, rear-engined, rear-wheel drive layout is still being followed. So essentially, this is Porsches forefather, the one which came first This car, the convertible is a special model. The folding mechanism sits outside the car. There’s an old ad that says “We kept the roof outside the car so we didn’t have to take two people outside the car” The rear seats are still there which wouldn’t have been possible if the mechanism was inside. If they had increased the wheelbase it will not be a little bug anymore. And it doesn’t bother us.

Actually, it’s cool similar to the mechanism in horse-driven carriages. It comes with a cover if we put that, It neatly packages it without getting dirty or anything. The first models came with split window, then with the oval window Are you talking about the rear window? Yeah We can identify each model based on the window on it. They got bigger over time, the bigger it is the later model the car it is. This car has a specialty, the front windshield is bigger. Correct, I had noticed that It’s curved. When did they introduce it? So, from the

early 70s. It was in 68, the oval lights got replaced by round ones. What I have is a 69 beetle. It was the beginning of modernish-looking beetles. A major refresh after that model is this car. Super Beetle. Super beetle as Vivek thought is not a supercar or anything. I thought models with bigger engines are called super beetle. No Basically, due to American norms, crash safety norms, by the 70s rest of cars became modern Tortoise-shaped cars were gone and boxy cars were made. Still, they continued making beetles Yes. They didn’t have any other models back then.

Only the beetle, and models made with its platform The type 3, variant, bus 67 was the last year for the split-window bus. What I own is a 67 split-window, In 68 they introduced the bay window bus. Which was a comprehensive refresh. Here we’re talking about the front window, right? Yes But we also talked about this front window. Ok So, super beetle it’s a model that came in the early 70s. The front end, which from the tortoise-shaped previous models, became less tortoise shaped The front got a bit higher like the honda city— Yeah, a flat-er front

end. So, the spare wheel in the previous models was placed at an angle. and the wiper washer was placed inside it. If you use it for long, the tyre will lose air. Really? Yeah Later in the 70s, some rules were changed in the US. If you’re mounting a spare wheel it has to lie flat. ride height had to be changed because headlights were supposed to be at a certain height off the ground. So, the company thought it was time for a comprehensive refresh. and the car had torsion beam suspension and the brakes were drum. So

on the super beetle when they redesigned the front end, they got space to mount the wheel flat and changed the suspension to McPherson strut, hence it drives like a modern machine. Disk breaks were also given at the front. The engine was 1.6L which even the normal beetle got as an option. There were 2 super beetle models. Flat windscreen which was given initially and got replaced by laminated curved glass, because of new laws. This is the curved windscreen super beetle. Very rare car. Imports gradually got low and people started buying other cars. Hence, it’s very small

in numbers And this one is even rarer because it’s convertible. This particular car has got a bit of history to it. This car originally came through cochin port it even had Kerala plates. The owner was settled in Delhi, so it went to Delhi, later to Bombay by the first owner himself. And got registered here. That wouldn’t be necessary if BH registration was around back then. Yeah. The car spent time in Nepeansea Road later my friend acquired it, 10 – 20 years back. He dailys it. Most of the parts are still original, beadings, trims, lights, interiors.

So this is the most modern, original beetle, right? Yes Has the dash been always like this? Yes the super beetle brought this style of the dash And everything got integrated into the meter. Somewhat of a 70s modern car. The one before this or the late 60s, my car had modern dash but not same as this one. Older shape, a much flatter one Basically standard beetle’s dash with dash pads. A padded dash was given for crash safety. Again, it was a new regulation Were the seats the same Yes Are these original? Yes I sat at the

rear for a while, It’s really comfortable. To drive as well. Look, it even had EGR What is that EGR? Exhaust Gas Recirculation Really? Yeah, to comply with American emission norms back in the day Ok And what does it show on the meter It will turn on with ignition It will also light up if EGR is blocked From that period Yeah Ventilation, heating is also given You know it’s great to drive around, still. This car to my knowledge has been driven to Goa thrice. During volksweekend. He’s been driving this regularly. When he got it, it had

run only 9k miles. He has driven around 100k now. I am not surprised, because it’s such a car. Today we went to his home to pick it up. It’s been sitting idle for 3,4 months. We cranked it and now we’re here. Bombay enjoying the evening. We’re in Bandra beach now. Hanging out with the big boys. Yeah Big boys were here for a while. Supercars, fancy SUVs were passing by. It’s an old car but it feels right in place. That’s the beauty of a beetle Everyone can appreciate this car. a 10-year-old kid, they’ll also be happy

Yeah everyone is happy to see it. This is one of those classics anyone can associate, connect and appreciate Even after all these years. Some say beetles are hard to use as in it won’t run. Air-cooled will overheat. But from my and Hassan’s experience, Air-cooled is the most reliable. Yeah, because many unnecessary parts are not preset, Radiator, fluids, leaks, we don’t have to face such troubles Only mechanical parts. And I think if you maintain it well, it will keep on going Yeah, this one is still keeping on going. So you know This is an almost daily

car, it was parked since its monsoon. Are you happy, coming out after 3 months. So in this car, the rear badge says 1303, 1303 LS One might think its 1303cc but it’s not Then what is that So early beetle was identified as VW1200 VW1300, VW 1500 What I own is a VW1500 later when the super beetle came, they ditched it. So even back then they were weird. 25TSI 30TSI Earlier it was like, 2.0 TDI, a badge that everyone understood. Now they changed it to an abstract number 45 TSI 43 TSI So they were always like

this 1302 and 1303 are the two super beetles. The curved window is 1303 And LS? Equipment, trim level Ok Small bits like, look Fasten seat belt warning light, brake’s warning light. Gear shift pattern is shown. My car has it in the center near the ashtray. Did all models have the Wolfsburg logo? Yes, it is original. Another fact, while sedans were built by Volkswagen, Cabriolets were built by Karmann. The same company which built Karmann Ghia. This was a coach-built car. There’s a badge on the front right fender. You know, its a really special part of history

To be honest we didn’t plan to shoot this video. People are used to it, since we do this often. Jayd comes with such special cars after work to relax, usually in the evening, and ends up shooting an episode. Windows have Volkswagen’s and auto union’s logo, Audi’s first logo. This relay is original, Even the spare relay is original. Made in Germany. It even came with day-night mirrors. Most cars under 10 lakhs wouldn’t have it today. Peoples car Such safety features have always been part of German cars. And you know its great. We have quite a distance

to drive now. We stopped here to avoid distractions while driving also, there was another distraction at the front. Yeah Guess what it was. We should film it one day. We’ll wrap up today’s video here. Thank you so much for watching and joining in for our casual evening drive. If you haven’t already subscribed, please so consider clicking the subscribe button. If you liked this video, do like and share. thankyou so much for joining in guys and have a great day. BUH-BYE

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