[W24] Asian Top Band: Review 3 (ENG Sub)

You guys remember? We had a new arrangement
and then we decided to change all of it
And each member had brought a new theme for the song
We had a meeting
and there was an idea about rearranging the song in a Latin style
So we changed all of it
But that idea didn’t come out right away
During the first meeting each one brought a keyword
And then we decided to search more about the singer Hye Eun Yee
We were talking very freely but suddenly Howon said
“But I think maybe a Latin but sad kind of sound would be…”
When he said this for the first time, everyone didn’t understand
Because, through this song “Passion” we wanted to show
A more rocking sound, since the song is called “Passion”
Also since we are good at showing our energy when we do strong rocking music
And we have not yet shown that side of us to the public
So we wanted to appeal to the public in this way
The new arrangement wasn’t that bad but
It kind of seemed that it didn’t go well with the song “Passion”
Our manager suddenly said “Remember what Howon said?”
Brainstorm more about

So that’s when we started to think about it to think about it
It was a really good decision to do so
And right after our Latin American Tour, I was really into Tango
When I was in college I always liked Jazz music
I had forgotten about that,
but remember how they did the Tango show live?
I really really liked it
(Especially the piano player. I had searched him online that night hahaha)
So that’s why we decided to use tango and it really went well with the song
So that’s how the new arrangement became a Tango version
Also, the chord arrangement was unfamiliar to me
The chords are not regular, Tango chords are different
Thankfully I had the experience to play “Livertango” before so
All the chords and everything just matched up
I was really surprised and amazed
I think this type of arrangement will be very unique
-Before the song started, what was Howon thinking as he was closing his eyes?
Did you sleep? When is this going to end~~
Honestly, remember how we had to arrange three songs for this competition?
Among all three songs “Passion” was the hardest song for me
The reason behind it is because??
As Aaron was explaining
We talked about Hye Eun Yee’s life

And really getting into her history
To sing this song after all that
It was really hard for me
It was hard
It was hard to get the feeling of song right?
I was thinking about
“How should I make the listeners get the feeling of the song?”
After closing my eyes,
the only thing I was thinking was
“I’ll get soaked and into this song”
I was reminding myself of the things I had practiced and honestly

If you just listen to the guitar sound in the beginning you guys can easily get into the song
Dreaming guitar?
I was trying my best to get into the song with the guitar sound
-Could you explain the melodion
Because we can’t play the bandoneon
In tango they use the instrument bandoneon
It’s the base of the genre, not piano
Bandoneon is the base instrument of this type of music
So I started to think about what instrument would go well that has a similar tone
And actually in the background sound I had already put strings
And I had actually put the bandoneon sound
But I wanted to give a more of a live sound
And when someone actually plays it live with sentiments, it’s different
So that’s why I chose the melodion, and I think it fit well
-Aaron was crying by the end of the song. What were your thoughts?
(That day, when I actually got up on stage…)
When I went on stage my energy just came back up
And that day was the day that I most got into the song
And honestly, I think I saw hours of videos of Hae Eun Yee
And you know how the lyrics to the song “Passion” is energetic, but sad as well
I was able to feel all that that day
-What were your thoughts after hearing the judges opinions?
Well firstly, they complimented us about the new arrangement
Hyun Jin Young said that he had listened to many different versions of this song but
He said this kind of arrangement was a first
We were unable to do a pre-interview before the performance
Especially for “Passion”, we wanted to talk about the reason behind the new arrangement
but that day was pouring down rain.
We were unable to explain anything before the performance
But we were surprised that all of messages we want to show came out from the judges comments
They said that we had found the perfect arrangement for this song
They even complimented us on how we were able to focus on performing
even though it was really tiring that day
Personally, I think I was expecting more compliments
Because I was really confident about this arrangement
Even now, I think “Passion”’s arrangement is the best one out of all
Especially I get the chills when the song progresses to the latter half
But honestly, I was not satisfied with our performance
When we had practiced the song, there were times when it was perfect
I just felt bad that we weren’t able to show all that
Even though the arrangement was done well
I think we had some flaws when trying to perform live
But still, even though we were in bad conditions
I think they gave us nice compliments
-You guys won by a land slide to 5:0. How do you feel?
I was actually embarrassed because I was not satisfied with our performance
I even said this on the interview after our performance
All results aside, I just felt bad for not performing to our fullest
I wanted to show at least 10,000% of us during each performance
-What did you guys talk about after finishing the performance?
“Good work guys”
+ “Self-Reflection”

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