WeCool G1 – 1 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Wireless Remote | Unboxing & Review

hello guys welcome back to our channel my name is 
dev and today we are here with an unboxing of a  
one axis gimbal this is the wii cool gimbal g1 the 
model is given handheld gimbal stabilizer this is  
a 360 degree rotating mount and let me just show 
you around the box then i will go ahead with the  
unboxing so smart stable so just one axis so it 
horizontally it will stabilize your mobile phone  
this is for mobile this also has a built-in tripod 
this is a remote control bluetooth remote control  
we’ll be seeing all these things in a little while 
this is made of aluminium 360 rotation and this is  
compatible with android and ios so that’s one good 
thing uh in this in the sense why it’s compatible  
compatible is you have to connect your wireless 
bluetooth so for that reason it’s comfortable  
uh specifications is premium 
aluminium mount holder is 70 to 100 so  
that is sufficient for all the modern smartphones 
for today uh six inches seven inches everything  
will be um everything will be scavenger mounted uh 
collapsible length is this 190 extended length is  
420 mm product is 210 a little bit more but it’s 
expected since it’s metal battery is

the battery for the remote control and it is 
replaceable that is one good thing you can when  
it goes out you can replace it so that is a very 
important thing all right rotating locking button  
will see all these things okay let’s see uh the 
specifications the brand is we cool color is black  
modelling is gimbal g1 the mrp of this 7999 but 
i got this for on 2500 you can get this for 2500  
700 uh in amazon at any time it’s always 
it’s mostly it’s on sale so selfie stick  
and blah blah all right so this is this 
is the cheapest gimbal that i can find  
in amazon right now uh the two axis ones are 
cost around uh six thousand and whereas the  
three access gimbals cost on fifteen thousand 
so this is the cheapest that you can get online  
all right so let’s go ahead and do the 
unboxing and let’s see what we have in the box
okay right out of the box 
we have the charging cable  
micro usb so that’s i’ve seen this for a long 
time usually it’s all usb usbc these disks so  
yeah it still uses micro usb all right we have 
a user manual so in this case you will have to  
read the user manual because otherwise you won’t 
be able to configure this and remove and replace  
the remote okay how to change the battery remote 
and obviously how to connect so this is given  
i will i will um show you how to do that and in 
the end i will record some footage with my mobile  
using this gimbal to show you the quality of the 
stabilization so stay till the end if you want  
to see that so there’s a tripod mode so that’s 
good we’ll see that also how to pan tilt okay  
selfie stick mode so this can also act as a selfie 
stick all right there is a warranty but you have  
to register it on the website within 10 days 
to avail the warranty i think the warranty is  
six months i think i’m not sure okay so we have 
the product itself made of plastic not the best  
but not that bad either considering this is 2500 
this is the cheapest gimbal but i would say this  
is okay this is this is quite nice all right so 
let me just extend this so this is how it looks  
there is a lever here using that you can lock 
this here so it’s locked now and this is the  
remote that we have it you can pull this out 
and to turn this on what you have to do is  
you have to long press for three seconds 
you see there will be a light a blue light  
yeah you can see this is flashing so once it’s 
flash you can simply pair it with your mobile like  
you pair your uh let’s say bluetooth bluetooth 
speaker or a bluetooth earphones as simple as that  
and it will it will show up in the list of your 
google devices you can simply tap it and explain  
and then clicking this button you can take 
photos or you can start and stop a video so  
it’s as simple as that all right coming to the 
bottom this is the tripod so that’s really good  
and this this is collapsible as i 
said this is made of aluminium good  
quality aluminum so there are two levels of it
from the handle to the stock this is fifth is 
50 centimeters and the total length of this  
just remove this just see it better and from 
the uh from the bottom to the tip this is  
26 inches or 66 centimeters so i would say 
that is quite long that is more than two  
feet it’s it is more than enough for all your 
needs if you go out if you want to use it as a  
selfie stick it’s more than enough all right 
let me then just collapse it back all right  
also just to give you an idea once this is open 
this is how it looks so this is very good i would  
say for 2005 this is a very good value for money 
product to get a tripod you get an extendable  
selfie stick and on top of that this is a gimbal 
also all right let me now let me just give you an  
idea about the stabilization for stabilization 
on this side we have this micro usb c i have to  
charge it using that because there is a there 
is a gyroscope inside that you have to do that  
and on the other side there is a button again you 
have to long press this for three seconds and then  
the green light is on and i can 
feel the motor moving around  
i have to unlock it all right another thing is 
there is a lock button here so once it’s locked  
this acts as a normal uh selfie stick but you 
have to unlock it like this now this is unlocked  
and you can see this is moving around and you can 
choose your angle like this to manually do that  
and this is now fixed in place now you see this 
stays in place and just to show you let me just  
turn this off just to show you that 
this is not some gimmick so you see  
now this is turned off now this is not adjusting 
in any way you see now let me turn this on again  
let’s turn on and see this is stabilizing 
stabilizing itself in one axis and  
also let me show you this is 
how you have to open the flap  
and you can put your mobile in between and if 
your mobile doesn’t fit no problem this is just  
from both sides this comes out 
from both sides in any amount  
any size mobile smartphone will fit into this okay 
what else i really like this collapsible design so  
you can very easily uh pack it in your bag 
and move around let me just turn this off  
now and this is how it looks so let me just 
measure that also it collapses to around 20  
centimeters so collapse this is 20 centimeter 
easily packed usually it will fit in your bag  
and once it’s fully expanded this measures around 
66 uh centimeters so or more than two feet so that  
is really good all right guys now let’s go 
ahead and i will record a sample using this  
gimbal with my smartphone so that you can get 
an idea about the stability of this so let’s go
now let’s try this again with 
stabilization off here we go
okay guys uh that’s it for today i hope you like 
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and uh i will see you in the next 
one till then stay safe and check  
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i’ll answer each and every one of you

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