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They’re torturing the first day at home.. Who’d lie more? Lie could be.. It could probably be me. You dwarf.. What? We’ve got to sit down? They’re gonna play. It’s a game. Yes join in.. I’ve got to sit? I’ve got to throw this there? What’s that? Keep it in the middle so you can do it easily.. -What’s with you girl? You’ve got to push it. Push it the other way. That’s it? I didn’t know.. I’ve got to throw it on her? You shouldn’t let her fill it. Okay come you do it. Yeah that’s enough, that’s enough..

Stop… -No let her do it. Don’t throw the rice out.. All these rice is on the mat, so this won’t be wasted. They’ve take all of that and use it again. So you don’t need to worry that it’s being wasted. I’ve just got to feed her right? But would she eat it? She’ll eat.. But they’ll try to make sure she doesn’t eat it. Why? Yes! You shouldn’t close his mouth. -You didn’t mention any such rule. It’s good? Yeah you’d find it good. This seems to be a new kind of game. I’ve never seen a game

like this. There are 4 of you guys there but there’s only 2 of us here. and that’s why they’re closing my mouth. Uncle help her out. and what are you

looking at? You’re doing the video? Help her out.. Accept it.. Then he’d also do it the 3rd time right? You’ve got to eat it. Whom are you messing with? It’s salt.. It’s completely covered in salt. They’re torturing the first day at home.. Anyway I’ve got to give up right? Why should I play? You do it.. I’ll let her win? What sort of a game is this?

They’re asking me to give up and then they ask me to play. Sanghi? -There’s Sangu(Conch), keychain and many toys are in there I you pick a conch you get a boy or if you pick a key then it’s a girl It’s a boy if we pick a conch and it’s a girl if we pick a girl. and if we both pick both these things then? -Then twins. Keychain.. Girl. We got both.. Okay. Put it back in. I got all the key chains. I took out everything. So look it’s gonna be a girl Guys after the

marriage we eat and then we came here and spent some time here and then they made us play some of these games. You’d seen those games. It was weird but it was fun and it was nice. and as I promised the rice wasn’t wasted. It was a fun game and I guess they’re gonna cut a cake after this and there’s another game then. So these are the ceremonies that happen in home and they’re doing all that… You’ve added something like salt or chilli in this? You shouldn’t put it on her face.. Don’t do it.. I

did it first.. I knew you were gonna do it anyway. I’m wearing a new dress, so don’t do it. No, no that’s enough.. Give him a tissue.. No, no I don’t get it.. No you wipe it and I saw that.. Don’t touch me.. There’s another game after this. So we’ve ask you some questions and you’ve got to answer if it’s you or if it’s Asi.. That’s it. Very nice.. A game with shoe. I’ll start? -Yeah Who’s more emotional? Okay next question.. Who fights more? Who uses phone a lot? Who dances very well? What dance? Who

dances better? -It’s me. Who sings well? Who lies more? Gosh! Lie could be.. It could probably be me. Who cries while watching movies? Who gets emotional and cries? She doesn’t watch a lot of movies but it’s her.. They didn’t even get one answer wrong so far.. Who loves food more? I think everyone knows the answer to that. Who can’t keep a secret? Okay who asks sorry first when you fight? It’s me. Who does a lot of bad jokes? Even that is correct. Question paper got leaked.. Who’s more studious? Who reads a lot? Who can drive

the car better? WTF What question is that? That’s so easy. Who is always late? Who gets more angry? Okay.. Who has driven a flight? After this they’ll ask who’s the Youtuber? Who’s name is Asifa? Who shops more? I think it’s me. Who’s more clean conscious? Who’s more hygienic? No she always goes on about it. Who wakes up early? -Early? Who takes more time to get ready? How would we know that? -Think about it.. She already answered. Who takes more time to get ready.. Wrong? Didn’t I tell you it’s this? Who takes leave from taking bath?

Who’d feel sleepy first? Who’s more caring? It’s me. What question is that? I’m always the caring one. Good cook? Who remembers the special dates better? Last question.. Who’s better at planning surprises? Game over.. We can give them 9/10, they’re the best couple 9.5.. -Yeah 9.5 This was fun. -Right? They thought of something new and they did that and it was fun. But look how I got it right.. That was amazing. I’m saved, so there’d be no problem now.. -They tried to get you in trouble. Yeah they tried to get me in trouble but I escaped,

so.. I’m good, I’m saved. Look here guys they’ve filled the madi now.. So the deal with that is.. We’ve got to bring that there. If you drop it then you’ll face a lot of problems in your life. Look here.. You also stand in.. She said it’s my son’s reception and she said it’s my brother’s reception. and I’ll say it’s my brother-in-law’s reception. Mom you shouldn’t say it’s only your son’s reception, you must say it’s also your daughter’s reception. So I said that silently.. I would have said that out loud if I wanted to. Look there’s

that guy who looks like Wilspat -That guy? he’s my uncle’s son. Uncle’s son.. he looks like Wilspat. Hadi.. You look like Wilspat it seems, Irfan bro said so. -Thank you bro. Thank you? That’s not something to be proud of.. It’s my brother-in-law’s reception.. Without you there won’t be any reception, so please make it. That’s a very good point. Try getting invitations to everyone like that.. Look how many invitations we printed and.. A good family like ours.. Guys the deal is that after our marriage we came here right? Now they say we’ve got to go back

to the hotel that we were staying in.. and once we go back to the hotel they’d come to hotel again and invite us. and they say I’ve got to come back to their house again tonight. That’s because they’ve got to invite 3 times they say. It’s for 3 days.. So it’s in their tradition that they’ve got to invite us 3 times. and because we’re Chennai they asked us to go to the hotel and we’ll come there and invite you again. and then we’ll do that again, Okay fine.. It’s already pretty late but still we’re going

back for their tradition. and then we’ll come back, okay? We will come back soon. Okay guys bye. See you in 5 minutes.. Saying bye to come back here in 5 minutes. Hey! Afrah.. You’re sitting in between us? That’s how it’ll be after this. You already feel sleepy? -No I’m just yawning. Which room are we going to? Take us there sooner and stop talking to them.. Come let’s go.. Gosh! Look what all my mother does.. So this is like our house.. So they’re coming to our house first. Then welcome us. -You just imagine it. This is..

They filled the madi and they’re exchanging it. What do you have to do? and then? -I’ve got to take that back. We could rather not do that at all. We’ve got to give it to them once we go there. You’ve got to hold that until then? -No, no I’ll set it down. That’s what I thought, I was scared. Hey someone actually gave this.. What’s this? It’s a watch in titan right? Guys shall we open this watch? Shall I open it? -Yeah It’s a sneak peak for the gift opening video. -Yeah a sneak peak for gift

opening video. That’d happen another day. It’s a watch? That’s what I thought.. How would a watch look like that? This isn’t a watch… It’s something like.. I’ll spray you. It’s good, it’s actually superb. Don’t wear all that.. I getting irritated. How did you add salt to that? -They added it to the halwa. They put it in the halwa? -So when you pick it for the 3rd time you pick that halwa. So you had it all planned.. and mom you give her that.. Sit down.. You can give her all that respect from tomorrow. I don’t want

that.. That one looks good, give me that. That one below it. What’s that? -Chandarakala Mom for me.. Mom give it to me. You’ve got to feed them.. Please.. I’m sorry. It’s too sweet. You could have bought me that laddu right? Why do you do this? yeah that laddu.. That moti laddu right? -Yeah that was awesome. That one is even better You want some tea or coffee? -Order tea, the tea here is good. Order horlicks for her -I don’t want it. I won’t drink now. It’s fine have something.. -No Look you’ve come to our house for

the first time and if you don’t eat anything then.. Horlicks is food? Okay what food do you like the most? No, no they’ve ordered it in home. No you’ve come to our house right? -The tea in our house would be good. In his house? He’s only had the tea so that’s why he’s saying that. So he’s pointing out that we only gave him tea after he came to our house. No I meant this place bro. You mean our house? No here, here.. This here is our house for now. Forget the house in Chennai. -The house

in Chennai would be our house from tomorrow. I’ve eaten there. -Yeah we’ve eaten there. What would we do after we go home tomorrow? -We’ll sleep. No, no I meant for dinner. Savage.. We could use ‘The Boys’ theme there.. Irfan gift. That box? -That’s for Asifa. Okay I’ll take it, I’ll take it.. Okay we’ll leave? We’ve crossed seas to invite you.. -Yeah, yeah. Did you take a tea break on the way here? -Yeah I said I feel tired we’ll sleep and then go but no one listened to me. What happened? Is she crying and asking you

not to go? She also wants to go.. -Already it’s alright I’ll come back tomorrow We’ll unwrap those gifts now. Afrah look you’re crying today and Sowmya will cry tomorrow. So you can take breaks and cry.. So you can cry one day and she’ll cry the next day Yeah we’ll go.. You wouldn’t listen to me? -Mom please.. Look here… -Look at your uncle.. Mom please!! He’ll come back tomorrow. We’ll go back home tomorrow. Why is it such a big deal to her? Did she think that you’ll never come back? -Yeah that’s what they told her. Afrah

look there are chocolates for you in that. Okay we’ll follow them? Let them leave first.. Even I’ve got to go actually.. I’m sending them off saying see you.. Poor girl.. Okay guys bye, see you tomorrow. Tata!

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