WEEKEND IN THE LIFE | beekeeping, baking, & book review!

hello hello I hope you all are well it has been a beautiful start to the day here we had some sunshine it has been a gloomy wintry week here in Florida I feel like I’m always hesitant to talk about the weather because of course we have very beautiful and warm climate even during the winter but relatively it’s been chilly and gloomy so I was thankful for some sunshine this morning and now I’ve been stocking up on ripe bananas because I’ve been wanting to make banana bread for quite some time I haven’t made it in months

and months and something that I’m trying to do this year is have a fresh baked good every week just ready to go ready to snack on for quick breakfasts or afternoon snacks I just think it’s so lovely I ordered a cake stand with a glass dome cause I just love the notion of having it on the countertop when people come over offering a slice or a piece whatever it may be so the past couple of weeks the first week of January I made granola muffins which we love granola muffins I’ll put the recipe they’re really

yummy and then last week I made peanut butter oatmeal chocolate bars they were decent they weren’t the best so I’m going to try to make a different version

of them and then I’ll update you if I find a good recipe but today we’re going to make our tried and true banana bread and then later this evening I just need to get some work done today before the weekend and why I really wanted to film a vlog this weekend I don’t usually Vlog on the weekends but we have a special day tomorrow we’re taking a full

beekeeping course so we’re going to a local apiary and we’re going to spend I believe 6 hours there and we’ll really get to go in depth and learn about the art of beekeeping see if it’s really something attainable for us to dive into because we are really interested in becoming backyard beekeepers so tomorrow will hopefully provide a lot of clarity and be a really exciting day so I definitely wanted to take you through that process but first let’s make some banana bread we still have some maple sugar from when we went to Vermont in October

it’s actually called Maple snow it’s so cute it’s absolutely delicious we always sprinkle it on our lattes but I’m going to use some for a recipe you don’t have to use quite as much cuz it’s definitely sweet best part chocolate chip banana bread is baking it’s starting to smell so delici delicious so we’re wrapping up some work before we get to enjoy it and I wanted to take a moment to thank Squarespace for partnering with me for this portion of today’s video I’ve gone on and on about Squarespace but I truly do love Squarespace and

I’ve loved being able to create a website and continue to update it throughout the years if you didn’t already know I’ve had my Squarespace website since I started in college which how many years ago I think six years I I need to do the math and get it right but it’s been a while long time and my website has been able to evolve with me throughout the years which I really appreciate and Squarespace really does create a userfriendly platform which for me that has been so appealing to me because I’m definitely not a coder or

really fluent in website design so the fact that they already have these incredibly beautiful and intentionally designed templates that I can make my own is such a great resource and Tool and I really do love how you can streamline your social media profiles to your website and automat Ally push website content to your favorite social media channels in my position especially that is very convenient so I do appreciate that and if you’re interested in selling products on an online store Squarespace can help you achieve that whether it’s physical or digital products through the years I’ve

sold different digital products from Lightroom presets to physical products as well so that has been something that I’ve personally tried with my business and appreciated that Squarespace had the tools to make that happen definitely a big Squarespace span around here and if you’re if you’re interested in creating a website for your personal brand or business whatever it may be you can go to squarespace.com Allison Baker stop to save 10% on your first purchase of a website or a domain so definitely a great place to check out if you are in the market for a website

but one thing I’m personally excited to continue to update on my website is my travel tab if you are ever looking for some travel inspo hopefully this is a good resource for you but in this season of life we definitely are hoping to squeeze in some trips that have been on our bucket list and make some memories traveling that has definitely been one of our favorite aspects of marriage and just the season of life is getaways and exploring so I love to update my website with where we went some bucket list items for each destination

where we stayed it’s just hopefully a good resource and then of course the travel Vlogs that go along with that so looking forward to some upcoming trips we have soon our anniversary is at the end of this month 5 years 5 years we’ve been married it is just wild to think about we’ve been together for over 12 years is it 12 years I believe so we’ve been together for a very long time but to just think that we’ve been married and our wedding just 5 years ago it’s pretty wild but really excited to go on

a little getaway as much as I enjoy this dress it’s time for an outfit change because I’m going to movies tonight with some of my friends we’re going to go see any one but you it’s the new chick flick I’m excited it’s just so fun to go to the movies I love going to the movies getting popcorn candy my favorite combo is popcorn and snow caps snow caps is such a random candy but my mom always ordered it whenever we went to the movies and that’s probably why I love it so much I don’t think

the movie theater were going to have snow caps though so I’m going to improvise maybe I’ll take some chocolate chips or get M&M’s or maybe popcorn I know this movie theater has caramel popcorn and regular popcorn I’m wondering if they could do a half and half situation that sounds really good I have a book review before I stick this in our little Library it’s the Bookshop on the corner by Jenny colan I’ve been meaning to read this since Autumn time and I finally did it and I really enjoyed it I was explaining this review to

a few of my friends and it is like a more complex review to me this is almost my perfect book it’s not necessarily that it is the most impactful or really made me feel deeply not at all like I didn’t cry I didn’t feel especially inspired after reading it which you know my favorite favorite books really dig deep but this is my perfect book in the sense that it was a relatively light read felt very cozy and comforting reading it before bed was a great experience because I would fall asleep right away it’s not one

of those books where it’s a page Turner and you just want to know what happens next so you don’t end up sleeping very well cuz you’re thinking about the book or you just spend hours reading instead of sleeping so it’s great in that aspect and then also if I read during the day it was easy to pull away and continue during work cuz the caveat to having a book that you really really love and that is a page Turner is that for me it’s almost all consuming I feel like I can’t get it off of

my mind and I just want to sit there and read all day and so I don’t get anything else done so in that sense this was my perfect book because it was cozy comforting captivating enough but not captivating in the way that it took over my life so that’s my review and she has other books I don’t know if it’s a series but they’re all about bookshops I believe so I don’t know if the characters are tied together I believe they’re different characters but I definitely plan to read all of her books because again I

did very much enjoy stunning so true we are on our way to the apiary how are you feeling okay we’re feeling Buzzy we’re excited beautiful day dring be clear we have not been drinking we’re just excited wo there’s a lot of people here I don’t think this is it that’s that’s big daddies we’re going to big daddies there’s a farm called big daddies where you said like strawberry picking that’s cool strawberry do that after yeah maybe after okay exciting we’ll update you on how it goes you wow all suit it up keep pumping do not

stop pumping how pour out of here now if it’s not that out right put it right at the entrance give it nice good three Puffs now I always do this first thing and then I get myself ready I give it like a few seconds for the smoke to kind of you know get in there and then to be aware of it we have a lot of hives so whenever I’m working hives I’ll also smoke the one next door and around it just so that everybody is calm the top when you’re popping it off because they

will propis it down they might not have done it um too much on this one cuz I just opened this one up a couple of days ago um but you don’t want it to pop so you just put your hive tool in on a nice hot sunny day they’re basically like drunk on food and you can almost make no mistakes but they don’t like the cold which I totally understand take it off and you want to look at it you want to make sure your queen is not on the top she typically won’t be but

I always okay so then whenever you open up your Colony the first thing you’re going to do is look at the top of it you’re always starting from the edge always from the outside and then you can take your hook and you can put so that you can leverage it up so this is very very helpful this is my favorite tool I’m able to hold this tool and the frames in my hand frame colony and busting you’d have to be really careful here not to roll be and goes super super slow it’s not so I

don’t I didn’t need to do that a little harder to see yeah this is full egg let me look at the next CU it will be harder for you guys all right put your finger out she’s right there am she got the B spile on the back of her head and she makes 2,000 babies a day you be bald too huh amaz am I having a good time it is the day after our beekeeping Extravaganza we were there for what 6 hours or it was 9 two 5 hours day 5 hours it was incredibly informative

very insightful I feel like the The Beekeeper was just wonderful to listen to cuz he’s so passionate passionate and knowledgeable but also humble to the whole experience that he’s always learning more and he just definitely wanted to make sure we were set up for success to potentially become beekeepers so we’re feeling pretty just about it yeah like probably most things you just jump in kind of learn along the way but there’s a nice little Foundation set at least yeah to build upon yeah definitely have more confidence and hopeful that we’ll be able to do it

but also know that it’s nature it’ll have learning curves and got to find some beekeepers around us yeah we do us we do that’s the best way to learn he was Haring on that other ones who are already doing it yeah absolutely it seems like a really cool Community with great objectives to just protect the bees and support them so we’re excited it probably will be yeah and eat honey of course honey come it’ll probably be a while till we have any other updates and we’ll see what happens but it’s definitely been really fun thing

to learn about yeah and spend time yesterday yeah it was great and then we went to a plant nursery browsed around went to Hawkers for a date night it’s fabulous fabulous way to spend time but thank you so much for watching this Vlog I really hope you enjoyed it and I’m excited to see you next bye bye

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