Weekly Review of Forgiveness for Self Love & Loving Kindness towards Self

we welcome you all to today’s session of
this is the weekly review time we would
be doing
review for self love loving and kindness
ourselves So sit in a comfortable
close your eyes
and review your last week or last two
did you take out time for yourself
did you do something that brings joy to
if not go back
and imagine that you you are doing
things which you like you’re making some
writing a journal some short stories
you’re writing
playing a musical instrument
or doing anything else that you love to
be kind to yourself
this is your ME Time every day
now think again
did you recognize yourself did you give
yourself recognition
we are always very quick to acknowledge
the achievements of others
but slow to acknowledge our own
so if you did not acknowledge yourself
go back
and say this has to stop Become aware of
your achievements
and your recognitions
when you do something which you are
proud of
stop for a minute and dwell on it
praise yourself and relish the
compliment yourself and pat yourself
and say “kudos to me”
so next time if you don’t acknowledge
do all these things
now think again
did you cultivate your inner advocate
we are all actually familiar with the
inner critic
whenever we do something the inner voice
the little voice in our head
is very quick to judge and is always
ready to put us down
so go back it is time
for your inner critic to meet your inner
it’s another voice in your head one that
defends you So whenever next time your
inner critic
comes to criticize you your advocate
will come
and put your point across and present
arguments on your behalf
be kind yourself by cultivating your
inner advocate
now think again Did you forgive yourself
in the last week
for the mess you had created whenever
you created some
things and messed up
if not
go back and relive that moment
if you did not forgive yourself for
doing something in the past
which you’re not proud of or perhaps you
failed to stand up for yourself
and you let someone else get the better
of you
or you missed a great opportunity
because you got scared
or maybe you failed to follow through an
important goal
if you’re angry at yourself
you need to show yourself
stop blaming yourself
resolve to do better from
now on and forgive yourself
now think again
did you take good care of yourself
if not imagine yourself going back
and see yourself having enough sleep
eating right fruits and vegetables
doing some form of exercises regularly
and of course grooming yourself
Relieving your stress and looking after
your appearance
all these small things they pep you up
now think again in the last week
did you show respect to yourself
self-respect is valuing yourself for who
you are
and not allowing others to dictate your
it is trusting yourself thinking for
if you did not do it go back
imagine showing self-respect
and promising to yourself and following
through your promises
be kind to yourself by deeply respecting
the world looks at you the way you look
at yourself
if you show self-respect people will
respect you
now think again how did you treat
yourself last
did you do something which you’ve been
planning to do for a long time and kept
postponing it
if yes imagine yourself going back
and following your favorite passion
whatever you wanted to do
you are doing that it might be as small
shopping something which you’ve been
planning to do for a long time
but these things make you happy
last week you must have had any rough
maybe you got into an argument with
someone some co-worker
or some friend or maybe you
bombed your presentation
could be one of those days when
everything went wrong
did you soothe yourself for that
if not go back
imagine yourself being kind to yourself
imagine you are sitting in a bathtub
pampering yourself
Massaging your Scalp
make yourself some hot chocolate fudge
or whatever you like some hot coffee
lock your bedroom turning on the music
no one knows better how to soothe
only you know it
now lastly did you remind yourself for
your good qualities in the last week
if not go back
acknowledge yourself for all the good
stuff you have
lift yourself up do not tear yourself
and say I am enough
I am enough just as I am
I am worthy I deserve to be happy
I deserve to have everything I want
in addition tell yourself that nothing
has to happen to make you worthy
you are already enough
so make this a practice of reviewing
your week and better it is if you review
every day before going to sleep just
make a movie out of your
entire day see how things
went reflect on the good things
and congratulate yourself for that or
pat yourself
and whatever wrong you’ve done Do the
and imagine yourself doing the correct
thing the next time
this will really help you to maintain
your inner joy
and of course your health inhale slowly
exhale inhale again
exhale we’ll be starting with the
please keep your eyes closed. You may do any chanting of your choice

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