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Hello friends i am chef lucky and welcome to my page @icheflucky
A big problem is spread on the internet, let’s talk about it today
Today we will talk about those food items, which make us feel like this,
These days whenever we come online and watch reels and shorts, We see food vloggers and weird food everywhere.
We do not aim to insult any vlogger or food vendor, I will tell you as a chef, how is the scope of this food
Many videos have been made on same topic, by carry minati, slay point and many other big youtubers
I’ll just tell you how as a chef I sees these things
Everything is not bad and we can’t say good as well, we show the middle way
And the first item comes, seeing which I beat my head, that is Fanta Maggi
How can someone make this thing, means watch this video
It’s over me, if we talk about combination
Flour’s combination is made with sweet but as far as Maggi is concerned
its a big No, why to do this with something we have eaten spicy and tasty since childhood?
I have also seen many videos in which roohafza and ice are added.

/> Big nooooo for Fanta Maggi from my side
Item No. 2, fritters made out of oreo biscuit
Yes, nowadays we are getting the pakoda of Oreo in the market.
why is this happening
yes we can give you a lot of innovation and combination in fritters
But a biscuit that is crunchy n has cream in it
You are applying gram flour on it, no sense is made of this practice
i don’t support this thing,But it is okay that the vendors are making this, maybe they are making good, but it will not be from my side.
Item No.3, We Found Gulab Jamun Samosas
There is so much negative written on the internet about this samosa that I could not bear it.
Look, we are from Indore, sweet samosas are also available here
But coconut powder goes in it, dry fruits go and after dipping it in sugar syrup, they served to customers
I cannot tell the taste of this gulab jamun inside the samosa.
I believe if it is dipped in syrup and then garnished with proper dry fruits n all then this dish can turn out very good
And sweet samosas acceptable, for this innovation yes from my side
It’s not as bad as people are telling it
Item no. 4, Tawa Ice Cream
The making started by beating on the stone but now it has started being exploited
Because now Chhola Bhatura Ice Cream and Idli Ice Cream has arrived along with chilli ice cream
There are many innovations acceptable in tawa ice cream, such as the combination of chilli with sweet tastes very good.
But I do not understand the combination of Chole Bhature and Ice Cream as a chef
let me know if you understand this
50% yes and 50% no for this
My scales for tawa ice cream are in the middle, what do you think I will tell in the comment
Some combinations come out very well like, I once saw beer ice cream, it must have been very good
Chilli is also good but has Big No for Chole Bhature and Idli Ice Cream
Item no. 5
Here comes milk cola
Many vloggers have gone here and this shop is also famous
They mix coca-cola in milk and make it their special recipe.
There is a mixed review for this on the net, many people who have gone, praise them and everyone else….
Here is my suggestive, this recipe is acceptable but with some conditions
for example mcd also serves cola with ice cream
Their combination is made with coke
I will definitely give this combination a try, Thumbs up for this item from me
Item no. 6
How can we Indians not exploit Gol Gappa when all the items are being exploited?
Tower Wala Gol Gappa AkA Bahubali Golgappa
There is also a challenge in eating this, eat it in one go and you will get many gifts.
There are some very unhygienic works going on in the market, I will not talk about that in this video
We are just talking about innovative food
After adding so many potatoes to the golgappa, neither the taste of papdi remains nor anything else.
Ok this is a fancy food item but if I say it like a dish, it is not much special.
It is very good for those who are panipuri lovers and I will definitely try this when I get a chance.
For this also I will go to balance the scales
Item no.7
here comes fried ice cream
Now this item is being abused on the net, it is not at all like this, it is a very good item
if you want i will share a recipe for it
This is a very nice and innovative dish,
Thumbs up from me for this
Item no. 8
Gulab Jamun Paratha comes on 8th
Exploitation of parathas has also started in the market, I have come across an item, this Gulab Jamun Paratha.
All of you will be surprised to know that this item is acceptable from my side
Because in our childhood we all have eaten Ghee Roti and Shaker Paratha.
If we tune the paratha with sweet then we get very good result.
Mawa paratha and dry dry paratha are also available in many places these days
I can’t say what the exact taste of Gulab Jamun Paratha tastes like but this item can be made very good
We can also place ice creams and creams
Thumbs up for this food item from me
So this was today’s video, hope you enjoy it
And if anyone feels bad then sorry
I have just told the food items according to me, I did not have any intention to hurt anyone
Maybe your view is different, that too is right in your place, if there is food then there will be innovation too.
Innovative food is what is developed in cuisine
please like share and subscribe ,love you all good bye

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