West Side Story (2021) – Movie Review | Better than the Original?

ladies and gentlemen the legend the master 
steven spielberg is back directing another  
feature film for the big screen as he is one of 
my favorite movie directors of all time and this  
time he is doing a second feature-length 
adaptation of the 1957 stage musical  
of the same name west side story so is 
this movie as great as the best picture  
winner of the 1961 west side story and 
is as good as the 1957 stage musical  
of the same name or is it just a big 
load of crap let’s find out in the review
welcome back film fans this is let’s be real brad 
today in the channel i want to talk about the  
brand new musical romantic drama film called 
west side story growing up i had no idea  
what west side story was until earlier this year 
when i heard that west side story was going to  
be coming out in december and i knew i needed 
to watch the original 1961 classic film i was  
able to watch the 1961 version for the very first 
time a day before my screening and i loved it so  
much even though it is very cheesy and definitely 
outdated it is definitely one of the best musicals  
i have

ever seen i was floored away by it 
so i was very very excited to check out  
the brand new west side story film because one of 
my favorite directors of all time steven spielberg  
is making his first ever musical and doing it 
with west side story in this remake format and  
being able to be more socially aware having a 
lot more representation and just being able to  
make his own version of west side story with 
still keeping it what makes westside story so good  
was exciting for me and after i saw 
this at the early imax fan screening  
i have to say i loved this movie spielberg just 
does it again especially directing these musical  
numbers that were fantastic all full frame you 
knew exactly what was going on everything was so  
clear to the eye i absolutely loved it so much 
and that is also due to the fantastic editing  
that this movie has that is almost seamless i was 
quite shocked of how good it is considering that  
west side story is definitely one of the best 
edited movies of all time for the original 1961  
film what i love so much about the music in this 
movie is that if you love the original west side  
story musical or the movie you are going to love 
the music in this movie because it is faithful to  
the original source material but it sounds so 
revamped exciting explosive i was on the edge  
of my seat and this is because spielberg and the 
casting director and everyone who was involved  
with this movie took their time to cast the right 
actors to get the right people working on this  
movie and it shows because all the performances 
and all the singing just sounds flawless and i  
mean flawless i don’t use that term all the time 
but that is exactly what the musical numbers are  
and i could watch these all day long speaking of 
the performances i thought everyone in this movie  
was absolutely fantastic especially because there 
was a lot of unknown actors in this movie because  
you add a lot of unknown puerto rican actors and 
i thought they were fantastic in this movie and i  
thought being able to add representation to this 
film unlike the original 1961 film was definitely  
the best change this movie could have had and it 
never felt like it was shoved into your face or  
trying to make a statement it is just trying to 
add representation of what this story actually  
is with great acting great performances 
great dancing i think that’s all you could  
ask for one of the biggest standouts for me is 
rachel zegler who is in her feature film debut  
and i cannot wait to see what other movies she’s 
going to be in next because she killed it as maria  
as i loved every single scene that she was in 
along with ansel elgort who was also great in  
the movie as tony but the biggest standout 
has to be ariana dubose as i think she will  
probably be nominated for best supporting 
actress at the academy awards because she  
was triumphant she was so good as anita and it’s 
really awesome to see that she could definitely  
win this award just like the original anita 
won for best supporting actress one of the best  
aspects about this movie is the screenplay 
because i love the direction that they took  
this story because it is very similar to the play 
and it actually is considered a little bit more  
accurate to the play than the original 1961 movie 
was but i also like a lot of the changes they made  
to the story as i actually think they improved 
all the characters by even adding just some small  
details to everybody now let’s dive into my one 
negative that i do have with this movie which  
is the same exact negative that i had with the 
original 1961 movie and that is around after the  
second act where there’s a big event that happens 
and we’re trying to go into the third act and see  
what’s gonna happen next i feel like that 
this takes way too damn long especially  
in this one i know it’s supposed to have 
more emotional character moments and i do  
appreciate those i don’t know if anyone 
else has the same issue with the movie but  
watching it both times in a row i just saw 
it every single time and i definitely felt  
out of the movie of sorts overall guys the 
2021 west side story is a fantastic well-made  
put together movie that has explosive musical 
numbers amazing performances perfect directing  
amazing cinematography that spielberg clearly put 
his heart and soul into this movie as i feel like  
this is one of his best movies he has made in 
over 10 years or so making things better than  
the original 1961 movie but also preserving every 
aspect of why we love the original west side story  
so i will be giving west side story a strong 8 
out of 10 but could easily boost to a 9 out of 10  
on further thought thank you guys so much 
for checking out my review and i want to  
know down below in the comments section what 
is your top 10 favorite spielberg movies but  
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