WFMY News 2 Movie Review | Wish

Here’s a new Disney movie for you and the family to watch for Thanksgiving. It’s called Wish. And it follows a sharp witted idealist who makes a wish so powerful that it is answered by a cosmic force and that force turns out to be a star and the duo must confront a formidable foe. Our reporter remaining Franks lets us know if it’s news to approved magic Mirror. That’s news too. Is this new Disney film one to view? Oh, you were asking me? Oh, I’m the magic mirror. Curiouser and Curiouser. Well, then strap yourself in, roll the

tape. I have grown up with Disney. I gave that away, but I’m also a firm reliever that no matter how old you are, Disney is for everybody. The only requirement it must be good. And with Disney celebrating its 100 years of existence, it’s releasing its newest film wish into theaters. A film that is at its best mediocre and at its worst, a creatively pale imitation of their prior work. So I look up at the stars to guide me. I wish rush into every warning sign. Oh, you spoil us with your magic. I didn’t do it.

What set in the magical kingdom of Rosa spirited 17 year old, ASHA deeply loves her community as she works under King Magnifico, a powerful wizard that seemingly protects the dreams of

its denizens. Yet when ASHA begins to see that Magnifico may have a darker intention, she will literally have to wish upon a star to save the kingdom that she loves. Thematically speaking. A wish hits home in encompassing the entire essence of the House of Mouse, dreaming your dreams and wishing upon stars. It hits all of those sweet Disney beats and that’s the problem. You see

flashes of greatness such as a couple of ridiculously catchy songs as well as the vocal performances all around with particular praise leveled at Chris Pine’s delicious charm and Ariana DeBose, effervescent energy. But they’re all drowned out by the nagging sensation of predictability that borders on periodical for a movie marketed as bringing in 100 years of Disney, which plays like a musical artist of yesteryear that continually harkens back on their previous material. In order to just survive. In this case, the previous work is undeniably good and there are many acute references and callbacks that will give

you the cinematic warm fuzzies, only the characters, their songs, the visuals, the story all feel archetypes. They merely remind us the audience of better Disney movies. Wish dares you to dream, dream of a better movie. That is OK. That’s a little harsh, but Disney can do better. We have seen it even recently with Zootopia Moana Incanto and others. No film is perfect but with so much hype bestowed upon this 100 years of Disney with wish it’s just disappointing y’all. I’m giving wish a for you to decide you can currently watch it only in theaters.

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