What time does Super Bowl LVIII start? Kickoff time, TV info

Well, the Super Bowl is only one night away. And for many of us Super Bowl, Sunday means spending hours on the couch eating snacks in front of a big screen and typically begins with the anthem and fireworks, maybe a flyover and of course football. But what time does the game actually start as NB C’s Noah Pransky says it’s a mystery for fans for decades. What time does the Super Bowl start? 6 p.m. Eastern, 6 30 40 minutes after the hours, 45 Eastern time. Why is it so hard to find an exact kickoff time? They want

to have viewers tuning in throughout that 6 to 630 Eastern and a half hour. There’s a lot of dollars in that. I mean, it’s one of the very most googled questions on the entire planet for one week in the year and only one week in the year as Google trends confirms. So I went on a bit of a journey to find out when America’s biggest sporting event actually starts. I found a couple of guys who might know my name is Eric Weinberger. I was the executive producer at the NFL Network for 15 years. He now

runs a podcasting company called Believe. Hi, I’m Dennis Dan and Jury. I spent 25 years as a production executive at, at ESPN and he now teaches a

Super Bowl course at Syracuse University. What time does the Super Bowl start? Why is it so hard to get an answer on that? It’s the biggest showcase for the NFL to get across all of the things it stands for. They’re hoping that Deba will tune in as early as possible in that 6 to 6 30 hour Eastern time and, and catch most of the messaging that they want to

deliver. The NFL wants as many of those 200 million viewers as possible to take in that pregame and a few extra commercials every second of the lead up to kickoff is scripted. They need the anthem person to be out there. They need the, the fireworks to go off. They need the coin toss to happen. It is rehearsed ad nauseam and they hit it every time. So the exact kickoff time is exact. But this year’s broadcaster for CBS is keeping those details close to the best. When I reached out to the network, a spokesperson responded with

a press release that revealed the pregame coverage begins at 11:30 a.m. Eastern 8:30 a.m. Pacific with entertainment beginning at six Eastern and the game 630 ish. It’s 632 it’s 633 something in that in that area. 634. That’s my educated guess, lesson learned. We’re all gonna tune in anyway. And don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Noah Pransky NBC.

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