so Todd has a lot of mascaras on their site like a lot of them so what I did was I went out and I grabbed a whole bunch of them a couple of them I’ve already tried and I love but I’m gonna be doing comparison video today we’re gonna go through each one I’ll show you a demo on how each of them perform what’s good about the mascara what’s not and then I’m going to share my favorites at the end from first place to last place so let’s do it to save my eyelashes so that

they all don’t fall out I’m gonna do one mascara per eye so I think we’re gonna start with my favorite well it’s my favorite right one of my favorites right now from tarte a couple of these I have not tried so we’re going to be trying them first but I got this beautiful packaging this is the lights camera lashes and it typically comes in this purple packaging but they have some limited edition packaging every so often and it was on sale and it’s just gorgeous so I decided to go with this and this claims to

be a four in one mascara and I got it in Black this is a push-up bra for your lashes lights camera lashes lengthens curls and conditions

lashes vitamin Rich formula conditions with each coat 360 degree Magna lash wand for an instant lash lift one coat is on I’m going to go in with the man eater this is supposed to be a voluptuous mascara this is one that I have tried I think it’s very similar to the Lash paint one which I’ve also tried I just picked up the little mini but we’ll kind of talk about

the pros and the cons to that so here is the man eater packaging you can see the wand is very different from the lights camera lashes wand it has more plastic bristles with a couple of different sizes on each end it’s really good at kind of getting in there in the nooks and crannies and really coating the lashes the benefits are massive volume infinite length and extreme curl makes eyes appear bigger and lifted with one coat the formula on this is definitely waxier it’s not as soft and fluffy we’re gonna do one more coat and

then you’ll see the comparison what I love about the lights camera lashes is that it layers so so good I’m very picky about my mascaras I feel like it’s just so personal for everyone like what’s gonna work for you is not gonna work for somebody else it’s kind of like perfume and jeans and just all that kind of thing it’s not really a one size fits all and also getting a mascara that works really well for your top lashes to work for your bottom lashes that’s a challenge in and of itself one more with the

man eater on the other eye and as I’m using the man-eater I use the one side of the wand and then go back and kind of rotate it and then use the other end this is a custom 500 plus bristle brush coats which separates each Lash so here it is two coats of each two generous coats of each I think that the man eater is definitely darker I don’t know how it’s going to translate on camera it’s definitely waxier I prefer I would hon I like both of them but if it was between these two

like which one I would purchase I would probably go with the lights camera lashes just because it feels softer on my eyes but I’d still love to use this I still do use it I have like a little trouble of it that I use all the time and these would probably work like magic if you wanted to layer them I would go in with this first and then go in with the man-eater after to get that really like separation that darkening that lengthening overall like there’s really not much difference I just feel like it this

side builds a little bit better and that’s why it would be my preference right now they’re both right up there at the top and they last all day I’ve never had any issues with like flaking or anything like that because that’s always annoying with mascaras next I think we’re gonna go in with a tubing mascara which is something that I’ve been wanting to try I don’t know that I’ve ever used a tubing mascara so I’m a little nervous um it’s definitely like very heavy packaging which is nice it’s very heavy oh that’s weird the weight

is definitely in the cap of the wand so here’s what the brush looks like I will be right back I’m going to remove this mascara and then come back in we’re gonna do the tubing mascara on the one side then we’re gonna do the big ego which is another one that I haven’t tried I just got the little sample size of it which matches my sweater I really like that so then we’re going to go in with a big ego on the one side let’s open it up oh did you hear that pop so this

formula is very dry I can already tell that it’s very dry the bristles are very similar to like a better than sex or like a L’Oreal lash Paradise like very like hourglass shaped and full on each side so I’m gonna get this mascara off and we’ll come back and we’ll move on all right that was a lot to have to remove the mascara and kind of touch everything up but it’s all for the video it’s all good go in and curl my lashes again so we can prep here for round two all right going in

with the tartelet tubing mascara a lot of people Rave about this mascara I can see why if you have shorter lashes you’d probably love this I’m hesitant to go ham on it and I could see this getting them a little too like spiky or wonky looking and so far it’s not my favorite of the group I am very hesitant to put it on my bottom lashes but maybe I’ll love it for that let me just try to clean this up a little bit I’m gonna let it dry and give it a fair shot but if

you can see it’s just kind of clinging on to certain lashes making them look very long and the other ones are kind of just left there like a stick in the mud that’s the only way I can describe it really but I know a lot of people love it so let’s let it dry down a little bit we’ll go in with a big ego on my left eye and then maybe when we go in with a second coat I will have a different feeling about it this big ego is a very very dry dry formula

I feel like it would be really good for like Feathering and teasing and if you use false lashes it would also be a great mascara to kind of marry your lash and the false lash together I actually like the big lash as a bottom lash mascara and I love the color like look at that but let’s do a second coat now that this is kind of dried it’s still tacky that’s when I like to layer if it’s too dry then you’re not able to really get in there yeah just too thick too clumpy don’t love

it for my lash type it might be one of those cases where once it dries down a little bit like you ever buy a mascara and you hate it at first and then like a month later you love it it’s all because it’s like so wet still so I’m wondering if my opinion will change like over the next month or so if I continue to use it as it dries down but right now it’s just too much like it’s gonna get very messy very quickly for my type of lash so let’s go in with the

second coat on this side and see how it layers so it layers very nicely it’s like very fluffy is it supposed to be flake free 16 hour wear maximum pigment and volume that this one I do like a lot better I think it is very similar to the formula kind of of the lights camera lashes with a different bristle maybe a little drier of a formula not as wet but out of these two I would repurchase this one like I would wear it I think it’s nice I just honestly I love all these mascaras but

if I had to pick like one or two that’s why I wanted to do this video we are down to our last two that I’m going to be trying today and that is the Lash smoothie which I absolutely love this stuff is amazing it’s more of like an everyday mascara you can keep it in your car keep it in your bag whatever and just kind of pop it on it is one of my favorites so it’s a volumizing hemp mascara what I love about it is that you’ll see here in a second when I pull

it out the bristles have a really really short separated defined on one side and then on the other side very long and like to create that volume and really curl them now the Lash paint I’ve tried I did have a full size I didn’t end up repurchasing it it’s a very wet mascara similar to the man eater but the bristles are a little bit different here I’ll just open up for you now the bristles are they’re kind of similar the Lash paint is on top and the man eater is on the bottom the spikes are

like the the bristles are a little bit more pronounced on the Lash paint than they are the man eater all right so I’m gonna stop talking I am going to gently take this mascara off and hopefully I will have lashes left tomorrow I just need to be careful in this area because I feel like every time I wash my face or whatever like you know your lashes fall out it’s just part of the natural lash cycle that tubing mascara was a pain in the to remove let me just tell you that was not fun all

right so here we go this packaging reminds me of that Covergirl lash blast the orange one that I was talking about earlier but I love this mascara we’re gonna do this one on the right and we’re gonna do the Lash paint on the left I first got it in a sample like a little sample size that was sent to me I think like Ulta or something or maybe from tarte directly I can’t remember but at first I popped it in my pocketbook book because I needed something to like keep in my pocketbook for on the

go and I used it and it was like I’ll describe it as I thought it was good enough and then I thought okay maybe it’s because it’s like the sample size it’s not that good and then a few weeks later I was wondering like why aren’t more people talking about this what I love about it is it’s like a hug for your lashes it just grips them so well and then once you go in and you rotate the bristle it really like separates and elongates them I think it is so underrated out of their whole

mascara line maybe I have to go back in and look at the reviews but here’s the bristle you can see on the one side it’s like very short and sparse and then the other side it’s significantly longer that’s what I love about it and if you saw before like I was saying I was struggling so bad with like inside here of my lashes especially after taking that tubing mascara off but it really coats each and every Lash and just kind of makes the best out of you know what you naturally have without it looking too

like clumpy or just too much and it layers really well this is going to be tough when I rank them at the end but I have a pretty good idea where that one is going to be coming in all right let’s go lash paint it’s been a couple of years since I’ve used this so I can kind of remember my thoughts but it’ll be better once I go in and kind of see here the bristles are like a fine-tooth comb that’s what I’ll say they are so they’re like very scratchy you know how sometimes you

do your mascara and you kind of get your tight line area like it will scratch against it so going in with the second coat here I’m like that’s all you need and then if I were to go in with my lash curler over this and it would just like really kind of crank things up a notch this mascara is so good let’s go in with the second coat of the Lash paint yeah the Lash paint it’s good again I think it’s going to be one of those things that I will like more like in a

couple of weeks but it just it’s giving me like limp lashes if that makes sense I think because the formula is so heavy I think you have to build a little bit at a time if you let it get too saturated with product it’s going to get heavy and kind of stick together and Clump or kind of like flop to the side I’m gonna leave it at that because I don’t want it to get too messy the more you put more on sometimes you just ruin the whole effect and then you’re like wow I wish

I didn’t just go in again so let’s do a quick Roundup of my top five starting at the top is going to be the Lash smoothie in first place for me then lights camera lashes then I think like man-eater and big ego are gonna tie I kind of feel like I like big ego a little bit more and then we’re gonna go lash paint and then last just because it doesn’t work well with my type of lashes is the tubing mascara which is an awesome mascara like people Rave about this I’ve seen the before and

afters it does work but if you naturally have a longer lash or a darker lash this can quickly get very just messy and just too much too quick if that makes sense so that’s obviously why they make so many different types of mascaras because you know everybody’s needs are different so that’s to be beauty of it I made a drugstore mascara video like all of my favorites it’s a little bit outdated a lot of them would remain the same on that list there might be a couple new additions that I would add to the video

maybe one maybe two at most so check that video out if you’re interested and I’ll see you guys next week bye guys foreign

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