Who are The bandidos MC? Inside The Bandidos Interview Review

in this episode we review an interview from the bandidos outlaw motorcycle club a national speaks out this one is called inside the bandidos and we get into it on this episode a demons row tv and oh yeah we ghostin baby is big shout to the ghosts and the ghostettes welcome to demons row tv the holy grail of mc culture where we cover everything motorcycle and motorcycle club involved I’m sose the ghost I’m your host for the evening and today we review the bandidos the inside the bandidos mc interview where national speaks out this is a

club that never comes out to the media and they got a national rep speaking on this interview I have never seen it before so imma give you my honest opinion of what is said and what goes down let’s get into it it’s a look inside a world you’re rarely allowed to see this is the banditos motorcycle club at a gathering of its members in san Antonio Texas in the summer of 2008. the bikers have a notorious reputation as a band of criminals on wheels we are not a criminal organization john Portello is one of the

club’s top nationals all right so this thing this is why interviews need to come we need to do it on demon’s role or Hollywood or somebody that’s going to

actually show you some type of respect and this is the reason why it’s so hard to get an interview the first thing they say is criminal criminal criminal and then the first thing he says is we’re not a criminal group it’s like can you at least show a little bit of respect when you get people on and I’m not just saying it because it’s mc’s I’m saying

in general just show respect to people that are coming on your platform this is why they never want to sit down with anybody and they always say like let me talk to the higher-ups and like a lot of times it doesn’t go through because of this stigma we’re not a criminal organization john Portello is one of the club’s top national leaders he admits some in the group have criminal records including his own conviction for drug possession here we go as soon as listen the man has not even spoken a couple words yet and they’re giving

you the rundown on his criminal record like we all have our past but I mean the first thing is crazy he just said all he said was we’re not a criminal organization and the first thing these people did was start breaking down other people’s situation and then saying that he got a rap sheet like you you can’t make this shit up but tortilla insists the bandidos are not some huge organized criminal enterprise that is not done as a club if a brother is caught uh dealing dope or anything illegal that’s individual achievement that’s that’s he’s

on his own we don’t condone that I’ve been saying this for years since I started demons row if someone in the club listen make no mistake about it there are people in certain circles that hustle this is what they do if you’re from the streets you know people that they the way they get their money is selling drugs but to make it seem like emcees are criminal organization like they sit down at the table the president gives word to another president and they have like a whole operation that is not the way it is and

that’s how they keep membership down and still it grows they want sheep this is what they want a whole bunch of sheep walking around that’s their problem with mcs it’s any type of organized situation where it’s men standing together that’s the truth outlaws wear patches which say things like expect no mercy but they’re not what you expect when you meet them when we were started back in the mid 60s it was after the Vietnam war most of the guys had that do whatever you feel attitude if it feels good do it whatever it didn’t matter

illegal legal what have you nowadays a little bit different this 21st century we know we can’t live like that anymore most of us are all businessmen or have jobs do you hear that businessmen or have jobs a lot of people are under this impression oh how do I be in a club they’re not going to understand I’ve been trying to tell you people it’s real like this is real life this isn’t the movies people have to work having hollies and fixing them and all that it costs money you can’t be broke to do this and

the club is not paying you dues for you and they’re not paying for your gas to go everywhere and go state to state and stay in different places and all that they’re not paying for that their wives and girlfriends consider themselves property and call themselves proud bandito old ladies the banditos talk a lot about their love for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and for each other my brothers invite me over for dinner if it gets late they offer me a bed to sleep in my car is broke down I can call any one of them up and they

come down and help me out it’s unlimited what they’ll do for me I mean it’s like closer than family in fact I’m closer to my bandito brothers than I am to my immediate family the banditos claim they’re just misunderstood there’s a perception out there for most of us and it’s not always correct and I think if you talk to one of us one-on-one man-to-man you’ll find out that we’re really just just another man at the event a then san Antonio city councilwoman showed up to give the bikers a proclamation from the city for their charity

work this proclamation comes from the city of san Antonio it is hereby it is official congratulations to the northwest chapter bandidos motorcycle club this san Antonio-based chapter has an impressive record of supporting benevolent charity charitable causes your dedication to the community has not gone unnoticed do you see how it is when the alpha males are in control charities think about that protect the neighborhoods the old school way neighborhoods they want sheep they want weak people that are controlled they want you in your house on your phone addicted to porn addicted to Facebook Instagram all of

that stuff they don’t want you out riding with your brothers being a man that’s what their problem is with clubs because you could see if it’s organized think about if clubs just got bigger and bigger and bigger how much power would they have how much control would they have that is exactly what the elites don’t want and that is their problem with mcs but everybody being divided is how they keep us weaker worthy of recognition and praise the members of the city council of the city of san Antonio extend their sincere congratulations while most people

are afraid of the bandidos the councilwoman didn’t think they lived up to their dangerous reputation so the fact that they said that people fear them most people fear them in a moment where they’re handing out charity it shows you like no matter what you do they could throw a negative stigma on you they are in the middle of getting rewarded for for giving out charity to people that need it and still they’re throwing that little word in and this is why mc’s it’s hard to get certain interviews because it is these head pieces well I

was one of those and i think that this is a this is a step in the right direction if we can let the public know that they’re not bad people they’re good people and that even though they make a lot of noise but the proclamation mc’s make a lot of noise union which at the time withdrew its support for the councilwoman’s reelection bid forcing her to apologize law enforcement says the banditos are a criminal organization with hundreds of members who engage in everything from drug dealing prostitution gun running and sometimes even murder over the years

the bikers with their biggest chapter based in san Antonio have had their run-ins with local police I think they need to take a look in the mirror look at themselves I think if you look at the history here in the last 18 months of uh in san Antonio there’s been more cops arrested for sling and dope than it has been bandidos and not to mention other things that they’ve been arrested for they make the paper a hell of a lot more than we do and the bikers make it clear they take things into their own

hands when things go down in what they see as bandido territory I’m gonna give you an example my home was broken into I don’t call the police department I will handle it myself it takes them 30 days to do what I can do in a day this is the way he said right there too he handles it himself they are demonizing you handling your own business because you’re supposed to be a sheep you’re supposed to get beat up not fight back and then call the police and wait for them to help you and take their

sweet time to come do whatever but if you got brothers and you handle it on your own you’re wrong that’s how they want us to live I’ll find out who did it I don’t need them we have actually we handle our own business in the streets I grow any extent to be with my brothers when we’re burying a brother when bandito Javier Negrete was gunned down outside a bar in san Antonio in 2001 hundreds of the club’s members from across the country came in to say goodbye Negrete was buried with his bandidos patch leaving behind

a wife and children and hundreds of brothers later the alleged shooter who killed Negrete was found dead with multiple gunshots to the head a former bandido admitted to the revenge killing which he says the club ordered but bandido leaders insist they played no park sanctioned or not the killing of someone the banditos believe murdered one of their brothers sent a loud and clear message that the bikers are not to be messed with at the time of our interview in 2008 the group had not yet experienced the intense attention of the national spotlight created by the

recent deadly shootout in Waco but they said then as they still do today that they’ll continue to wear the banditos patch and be willing to die for what it represents to them we’re not going away we’ve been here 42 years we’re going to be here another 40. we’re not going away brian callister investigators so there you have it another hit piece another time that they ruin us getting more knowledge about the culture and I’m going to keep doing my part when i sit down with somebody I’m never going to exploit them and and just highlight

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