Who Is Malala Yousafzai? / Kid Book Review / 'Who is' Series / Dinah Brown / 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Hi everybody,
It’s me Jenisha Stanley again. Today I’m
going to review the book
‘who is Malala’. Malala
was the youngest winner of the Nobel
peace prize
at age 17. Can you believe it,
17 years old. This book was written by
Dinah Brown, and this book was
illustrated by Andrew Thompson.
This book is 105 pages, and 10 chapters,
including the timeline of what happened
in Malala’s life
and the timeline of the world. Malala was
born on July 12, 1997. Two years later,
her brother Khushal was born. They
celebrated Khushal’s birth,
but they didn’t do it to Malala, that was
very unfair.
For Khushal, they brought gifts and they
brought poems, and they brought food,
and they sing songs, and then when
Khushal was five,
and Malala was seven, they got
a new brother, Atal.
Malala lived in the swat valley, and the swat
was controlled by the Taliban, a group
of terrorists, and
the Taliban said, girls should not
go to school, and they burned and
destroyed more than
150 girls schools, and teachers and
principals that continued to teach girls
were beaten or put to death,
and Malala sneakily made a blog
called ‘Diary

of a Pakistani school girl’,
and she used a fake name, not her real
The Taliban members watched her blog,
and so, they wouldn’t find her
and hurt her anymore!. Isn’t that sneaky?.
In 2012, the schools were reopened
and Malala was happily going to school,
but on October 9th,
2012 something bad was awaiting her.
Two people from the Taliban stopped her
school bus,
and then one of the people went in and
‘which one of you is Malala?’, and
most of the girls were staring at her,
and then…
and, he shot the girl, the girl that
the other girls were staring at,
probably was Malala, and… and he
shot her right in the neck, the head,
and the back. She was moved to different
hospitals three times,
and the third time she was moved to
England, more than 4,000 miles away from
She really missed her home and her
But then they got… they came back,
they went to Birmingham. Everybody was
by Malala’s shooting, first in Pakistan,
then all over the world. It took Malala
almost a year to recover from
her shots, but after she recovered
she decided to speak up for herself
and girls all around the world, like
Hillary Clinton,
and she went to the United Nations
and spoke, and on her 16th birthday
it was declared ‘Malala day’. Then she said
‘they thought the bullets could would
silence us,
but they failed’. When Malala was 17,
she won the Nobel Peace prize, and became
the youngest person to win it.
Now, isn’t she lucky!. Malala believed
that ‘every child should get the right
to go to school’, exactly the reason
why she was shot, and there’s…
there is a website ‘www.malala.org’,
you can visit and there are three other
and you can read this book to learn more
about Malala.

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