Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? / Kids' book review / 'Who Is' series / Megan Stine

friends, and welcome back to my channel.
It’s me
Jenisha Stanley again, and today I’m
going to review the book
‘who is Sonia Sotomayor?’. This book was
written by Megan Stein,
illustrated by Dede Putra. This book has
108 pages,
and nine chapters including the timeline
of Sonia Sotomayor’s life
and the world. Well who is Sonia
Well Sonia Sotomayor was the third woman,
and first Hispanic woman on the supreme
Sonia Sotomayer was born as Sonia
Maria Sotomayor on June 25th
1954, to her parents
Juan and Selena Sotomayor. When Sonia was
three years old,
she had a younger brother named Juan.
She attended a catholic school, and then
in her spare time she watched this TV
It is called Perry Mason. So there’s, this
lawyer called
Perry Mason, defending innocent people
who are convicted of murder, and then
every week
he has been winning a case. So by
watching that TV show,
sonia wanted to be just like him
innocent people. Whenever Sonia was 8
years old,
something bad happened. She fainted in
and then she was rushed to the hospital
immediately, and then the doctor had some
terrible news. She had type 1 diabetes,
and that is very bad, and whenever
people have type 1 diabetes they need to
put a shot of
insulin every day, that
hurt. But that didn’t stop Sonja. She was
“oh, I have diabetes, I can’t do anything”,
no way.
She never said that. She just kept on
working harder,
and harder, and harder and then she
enrolled into three schools,
and then she was accepted at all three
of them.
Sonia got accepted into three different
law schools
Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.
She chose Princeton, and after studying
at princeton
she became a lawyer, and started
attending the court
in the 1990s. She went up sky behind the
In 1992 she was appointed as a federal
by president George Bush, and then in
she was appointed judge of the Court of
Appeals by president Clinton, and then
in 2009, she was appointed
a justice of the supreme court by
president Obama.
Sonia was one of nine chief justices,
there were two women supreme court
justices before her. But lots of people are
talking about Sonia,
why?. Is because she was the first
justice and she had a lot of problems
during her childhood.
But still she never gave up. So all of
you children, if you have any problems
never give up and work very hard, and one
day you might even achieve your goals
like Sonia Sotomayor. everyone
go and read this book to learn more
about the real Sonia Sotomayor.

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