Why DeAndre Hopkins to the Buffalo Bills makes sense


DeAndre Hopkins is no lon and the Buffalo Bills. We manager, Brandon Bean sho calling deandre Hopkins a join the Buffalo Bills an would be a marriage that for both sides. DeAndre H couple of months. Every t to talk about a different he brings up the Buffalo just a couple of days ago say these are some dope q would love to throw me th part of my career. Oh, th I will have to say, uh on that I’ve, I’ve been watc in the league is Josh All me of it reminds me of an of a new

school, Andrew L I love Josh Allen. So Hop but are the Bills? That’s now goes, would Brandon B spend big money and to ha players on their team to player. I think they shou gives you an element that in a long time. Imagine i defense trying to stop Jo deandre Hopkins, Gabe Dav insurance if you have an or to Davis, one of your After that, there’s not a Trent Sherfield, you like you don’t know if they’re that role this year. It’s Super Bowl or bust, but i Bills are a contender and when you need to

go all i when you’ve got your quar your window, you need to it. The Bills have been t I think this is the year be super aggressive and I be, which is why deandre of sense really for the p

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